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“Shut Up” VFP Explains – No More Answers

The latest from “best relief shelter” doing Katrina relief:

Veterans for Peace Hurricane Relief    

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Updated: Tuesday, September 20, 2005 7:00 PM

Our Message Board is Unavailable at This Time

Moderating the message board from a disaster area has proven difficult to say the least. We are regrouping and working on a more reliable system for getting information from the ground to volunteers from across the country. Thank you for all your love and generosity.

Together, we will continue to deliver to the people of the effected areas.

Please e-mail your queries and offers of help to coordinator@vfproadtrips.org

Thank You!

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The truth is the VFP’s pathetic efforts and in-fighting have become too obvious. So they decided to pull the plug even on their heavily moderated message board. It’s rumored they even fired all their moderators.

Of course this message board was never anything more than the most preposterous study in incompetence and disinformation.

Weeks later, the moderators still couldn’t tell people where Camp Casey III was or what they were doing. Mainly because Camp Casey III was never really anywhere and never did anything, except take credit for other people’s hard work.

Recall that the VFP were asking for the most lavish media, computer and internet equipment, to "support" the hapless Red Cross with their communications.

As we see, the VFP still constantly blame everything the difficulties of making phone calls or and even getting on line. (I suspect they learned this dodge at the feet of Mother Sheehan, who regularly develops "connection problems" when she doesn’t want to answer questions.)

But I have been in daily contact via both cell phones and land lines with the Red Cross in Covington, as well as others there, including the police and regular civilians. And none of these people have access to satellite phones like the VFP claim to have.

I have also been able to email folks in Covington, and talk to them on the phone about the VFP’s online activities as they look at their own computers. No one has ever mentioned having any problems accessing the internet. Whilst the VFP claim to have a $5,000 satellite mobile internet unit, which they pay an additional $200 a month to access. But they complain that they can’t ever get on the internet.

But now with the VFP message board shut down, where will all those selfless VFP "volunteers" ask about where to send condoms or how to cadge gas money and some free room and board?

Moreover, the VFP are not satisfied with just shutting down their own discussion forum. They have spread their information blackout to other sites, where they have made sure every post and ban every member who has asked questions or posted information about their doings gets disappeared.

Even posts from their former lawyers, Anita and Dylan Garcia, aka Annie and Buddy Spell.

Can you image what kind of country this would be if the Veterans For Peace ever got into any position of real power? They could teach Stalin a thing or two about airbrushing out inconvenient facts — and people:

In fact, I would advise the Spells to avoid any VFP comrade they see carrying an ice axe.

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