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Shutdown = Bombing Innocent Civilians

From the Washington, DC Fox affiliate, WTTG:

Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton Upset Over Treatment of DC During Shutdown Resolution Talks

Thursday, 07 Apr 2011

WASHINGTON – Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton (D -DC) was on fire when she spoke to FOX 5 Morning News Thursday about how Washington, D.C. residents are being treated as work to avoid a government shutdown continues.

“We are absolutely outraged. This is the functional equivalent of bombing innocent civilians,” she said.

“It’s time that the District of Columbia told the Congress to go straight to hell,” Norton continued after explaining how an attached rider to the latest bill prevented D.C. from spending its own money on abortions for low income women.

Not to pick nits, but don’t abortions kill "innocent civilians"?

By the way, is it Washington’s money or the taxpayers?

And speaking of taxpayers, lest we forget, Ms. Holmes Norton never even bothered to file her income taxes before she ran for her (unconstitutional) job as a delegate from DC. Where she gets to raise taxes on all of the rest of us.

“If these Republicans insist that, if they don’t get the whole pie they’ll take the whole country down with them,” she continued, “then we have got to make them pay the price.”

Gee, that almost sounds like a threat. Where is that new ‘civility’ we have heard so much about?

And exactly who is holding whom hostage here?

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8 Responses to “Shutdown = Bombing Innocent Civilians”

  1. Mithrandir says:

    22.5 million total government workers in America = 225 MICHIGAN STADIUMS filled with people!

    Plenty of things and people to cut! But the government’s immune system reacts like this:

    ~Close whatever you like: museums, parks, monuments.
    ~Don’t pay veterans.
    ~Cut child services.
    ~Cut health and research services and experimentation.
    ~Withhold tax returns.
    ~Stop issuing passports.
    ~Withhold police and fire services (especially in high crime areas)
    ~Release prisoners.


    It’s not politics, it’s an excorcism! ~Remember that.

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    It’s really pathetic when national socialists keep drawing a line in the sand…and then they cross it. This, and the previous assemblage Steve has constructed over “shutdown-gate” illustrates the ownership of the message by the left. And, as has been noted on numerous occasions, the media will spout most loudly about that which they fear the most. The number of government employees to manufacturing jobs right now is a staggering 2 to 1 ratio. That tells me we are in a socialist state. We used to laugh years ago about “If everyone worked for the government, who’d pay them?”. Now I know.

    This crawl to the state for employment is perhaps the most shameful thing I can think of regarding my own generation. Military service is one thing, even if it’s a federal job, as it comes from the selfless and dedicated people who understand a much larger picture. But I doubt that some bureaucrat would be willing to endanger their own life to see that form 2291/A was filled out correctly. For all the fun we used to make about bureaucrats years ago, we still seem to have acquired a lot of them.

    Sadly, to reverse this trend, if we started now, would require the same 40+ years it took to get us here. I’ll be 90 then. I really can’t wait that long.

    • tranquil.night says:

      The leadership remains passive to the lie&smear machine. Every time Harry emerges from behind closed doors, the Democrat caucus and the MBM are in full PR attack mode while John and Eric dither behind closed-doors, still under this stupid impression that they’re negotiating in good faith with adults who actually have anything else but their own political interests at heart. Fools.

      If anyone kills the Republicans’ political future (along with likely that of the nation), it will be themselves.

    • proreason says:

      Boehner and the rino Republicans are the Dim Dems JV team.

      They aren’t good enough liars yet to make the varsity.

  3. canary says:

    Democrats laughing about Government shut-down.
    Democrats laugh at Harry Reid’s “Joe Biden wasn’t flustered but he was damn mad”


    And of course Obama continues to say it’s not the president’s job to get involved. He was to stay our of what the House was doing. Can’t believe the media is buying this.

    Obama can’t stay our of keeping up with sports, but he stayed out of a government shutdown?
    Obama has a knack for cleverly blaming anyone and everyone for anything he does. Like a mob boss.

    I’d like to see a video of Joe Biden’s profane bloopers over this.

  4. canary says:

    Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton (D -DC) should take a vacation to Afghanistan or the Middle-East where she will be safer with her outrage and bombing expertise.

  5. JohnMG says:

    Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton (D -DC) is one of a unique and growing list of individuals who, when being treated for hemorrhoids, has to report to the dentist. Or maybe I’ve got that wrong, and those folks report to their proctologist for dental work.

    Now you may take that however you wish, and I’ll let you draw your own conclusions, but either way you look at it, she’s talking out of her ass.

    As for abortions in DC, she looks to have survived one, or is the poster-child in an argument that they be allowed retroactively. She’s breathing air that someone else could put to good use.

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