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Shutdown Keeps Eagle From Being Sent To Indians

From a tear soaked Associated Press:

Government’s work stacking up a week into shutdown

By CONNIE CASS | October 7, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — Across America the government’s work is piling up, and it’s not just paperwork. It’s old tires and red Solo cups littering a stretch of river in Nebraska. Food poisoning microbes awaiting analysis in Atlanta. The charred wreckage of a plane in California, preserved in case safety investigators return.

Meanwhile, at least 83% of the government is not shutdown. But maybe this should tell use that the federal government has its fingers in too many pies.

And it’s the dead eagle in Wendi Pencille’s freezer. Pencille tends to injured birds in her upstate New York home. When a bald eagle dies, she sends the federally protected remains to a special eagle repository near Denver that ships feathers and carcasses to Indian tribes for their sacred ceremonies.

But the federal bird shippers are on furlough while much of the U.S. government, like her fallen eagle, is on ice.

Oh, the tragedy of it all.

"I couldn’t send it, because it would just rot in a mailbox somewhere," said Pencille. So the volunteer wildlife rehabilitator put the 9-pound bird in the freezer alongside food for the owls, hawks and two live eagles recovering at her Medina home. "I’d like to get it out of there," Pencille said. "We definitely need the space."

A week into a partial government shutdown, some messy stuff is stacking up.

Toxic waste is on hold at the Environmental Protection Agency’s Superfund sites, although work continues at those deemed an imminent threat to human life.

The toxic waste cleanup has been going on for about 33 years. (The Superfund was created in 1980.) If they have to pause for a couple of weeks we are all going to die? And never mind that it’s somehow survived 17 previous shutdowns.

The federal shutdown is fouling up some state and local clean-ups, too. For example, volunteers ready to pick up trash on sandbars and islands along 39 miles of the Missouri River in northeast Nebraska were told to stand down when they lost the use of federal boats.

Oh, the humanity. Volunteers can’t pick up trash along a river. (Where there seems to be a shortage of boats.)

The Labor Department delayed its monthly count of how many people are looking for work, which was due Friday and highly anticipated by stock traders.

Which would be grossly inaccurate and revised for the worse several times.

The Agriculture Department stopped cranking out tallies of livestock auctions and crop yields, which are vital numbers to farmers and buyers. The Centers for Disease Control isn’t tracking the nation’s flu cases, just as the season is getting started. Other diseases are going unmonitored, too, such as microbes that could signal a multi-state outbreak of food poisoning…

The Centers For Disease Control was created in 1970. The country somehow survived for a couple of centuries without it. But the House wants to fund it. Just as they also want to fund the USDA. Details the AP somehow fails to note.

Timber will wait to be felled if the shutdown lasts much longer, since the Forest Service is starting the shutdown of logging operations this week…

Isn’t that a good thing, at least according to the left?

IRS refunds and farm subsidy checks are backing up. The future is on hold for some immigrants, because hearings that could lead to their deportation have been postponed…

Deportations have been delayed? How horrible!

The somber work of federal safety investigators has nearly come to a standstill. In California, the wreckage of a private jet that crashed into a hangar at Santa Monica Airport, killing four people, is being preserved off-site for National Transportation Safety Board investigators who packed up and left when the shutdown began Oct. 1…

Because no funds could be shifted to them. Oh, the House wants to fund them, as well.

Compared with what furloughed federal workers must deal with, the eagle in her freezer is just an inconvenience, Pencille, president of the Bless the Beasts Foundation, said Friday.

A bigger worry for her: What will happen to wounded eagles and ospreys in the nearby Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge while the shutdown keeps hunters and birdwatchers out?

"Without people over there," Pencille said of the birds, "if they get injured, nobody is going to find them."

Is this really the best the AP could do?

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8 Responses to “Shutdown Keeps Eagle From Being Sent To Indians”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Mean, mean people.

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Nary a day goes by when I think that all the federally-funded “non-essential” things that these tookis-kissers are writing about would all be much better handled through privatization.

    The bonus for that is that they would not be shut down. Or would they?

    Seeing as how they tried to shut down Mt Vernon and all.

  3. Noyzmakr says:

    “What will happen to wounded eagles and ospreys in the nearby Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge while the shutdown keeps hunters and birdwatchers out?”

    They’ll become food for other animals as nature intended. Think of all the scavengers that are getting good meals this week. For the children……of buzzards….

  4. Astravogel says:

    The Circle of Lunch replaces that of …Life.

    • captstubby says:

      they preach to us that…

      Humans are destroying the Worlds Climate,
      But Nature can’t operate with out the Governments guidance?

  5. untrainable says:

    What will happen to wounded eagles and ospreys in the nearby Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge while the shutdown keeps hunters and birdwatchers out?

    I thought hunters were evil. I thought ANYONE with a gun was evil. Let me get this straight… government lets hunters into a national wildlife refuge when they’re working, and keeps them out when government is shut down. Does that sound incredibly bass-ackwards to anyone else? Plus, if it’s an animal refuge, why are they letting hunters in? Doesn’t that totally disregard the word REFUGE? And now how much more money are they spending keeping hunters and bird watchers out than they would have letting them in. I think I’m having a stroke…

    Our government’s head is so far up it’s a$$, I don’t even understand what language it is speaking anymore.

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