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Shutdown Workers Back Pay Sails Thru Congress

From The Hill:

House approves back pay for furloughed workers

By Pete Kasperowicz | October 05, 2013

The House voted unanimously Saturday to retroactively pay back federal workers who are not receiving a paycheck because of the government shutdown. Members approved the Federal Employee Retroactive Pay Fairness Act, H.R. 3223, in a 407-0 vote, with 25 members not voting.

This bill will almost certainly pass the Senate unanimously, as well, and Obama will sign it without a murmur, even though it is ‘piecemeal funding.’

But, as we have often noted though it is never reported by our media guardians, federal workers have always gotten their back pay in all of the previous 17 shutdowns. But the media doesn’t want us to know that, in order to continue their sob stories.

Workers will not be paid until the shutdown — now in its fifth day — ends. About 800,000 workers have been furloughed.

And almost have of whom have now been called back to work — with pay.

By the way, CNN and other media outlets have reported that these furloughed workers have applied for unemployment benefits. Are they going to give those back? Or will they have been paid twice for staying home?

The vote was a rare showing of bipartisanship in a week filled with fighting and finger-pointing over the shutdown, the first in 17 years. The bill drew praise from the White House this week, and the Senate could pass it as early as today when it reconvenes at noon.

Some ‘piecemeal funding’ is more equal than others.

In the debate preceeding [sic] the vote, Republicans sought to score points in the broader fight by arguing that Democrats were more interested in ensuring that workers were paid than in opening the government.

"This week, they said ‘no’ to opening up our national memorials or opening up our national parks like Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon, but they’re saying ‘yes’ to paying federal workers," said Rep. Candice Miller (R-Mich.).

You see? Telling the plain truth is an attempt to "score points" when the Republicans do it. (We don’t know what it is called when the Democrats do it, since we have never seen it happen.)

Miller was referring to a series of measures moved by the House this week that have funded specific parts of the government.

The White House and Democrats have opposed the measures, arguing Republicans should pass a measure to fund the entire government, not just some portions of it.

"’No’ to veterans benefits, but ‘yes’ to paying federal workers. ‘No’ to women and babies on food assistance, ‘no’ to children with cancer treatments, but ‘yes’ to paying federal workers," Miller said.

What a weasel she is! You aren’t supposed to notice such things in DC.

Democrats see the bill as a separate piece of legislation to ensure back pay for federal workers, and tried to separate that issue from their drive to get the House to pass the Senate’s continuing spending resolution…

Oh, it’s a "separate piece of legislation." That’s okay then.

In past shutdowns, federal workers have received back pay, but there were questions about whether this time would be different…

BS. The unions would never stand for it. (Though it is nice to see this admitted for once.)

The House is expected to spend next week passing more of these smaller spending bills. Bills that could come up in the coming days include proposals to fund intelligence activities, the Food and Drug Administration, border security, and education.

So far, the Senate has ignored all of these, and has refused to even call up a vote on any of the GOP’s "mini" spending proposals.

Aside from holding broad debate, the Senate has done very little in the way of legislative over the past week, and drew GOP criticism on Friday for quickly passing a resolution naming next week "National Chess Week."

That track record led [the House Appropriations Committee Chairman Hal Rogers (R-Ky.)] to quip that he’s excited the Senate appears ready to at least take up the retroactive pay bill.

"The Senate has plans to take up this bill," he said. "Stop the presses: the Senate’s going to take up a bill, even if they won’t consider most of our other bills."

‘Why would they do that?’ The Democrats don’t care if kids are dying of cancer, as long as they can take care of their base.

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3 Responses to “Shutdown Workers Back Pay Sails Thru Congress”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Well, okay. But it would appear 80% of these are non-essentially. Essentially.

  2. Right of the People says:

    What’s the point of all this bullsh*t? The “non-essential” workers just get a vacation with full pay.

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