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Terrorists Kill Six US-Supporting Tribal Leaders

From an approving Reuters:

An Iraqi soldier mans a machinegun on an armoured vehicle while securing the perimeter of Al-Mansour hotel in Baghdad June 25, 2007.

Six tribal leaders among 41 killed in Iraq

Mon Jun 25, 2007

By Paul Tait

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – A suicide bomber killed six Iraqi tribal leaders opposed to al Qaeda when he blew himself up at a busy Baghdad hotel on Monday, the U.S. military said, one of four attacks that killed a total of 41 people…

Police said a bomber wearing a vest packed with explosives blew himself up after walking into the lobby of the al-Mansour Hotel, where Sunni Arab tribal leaders from western Anbar province had gathered for a meeting.

“According to initial reports, six sheikhs are among the dead,” Lieutenant-Colonel Scott Bleichwehl, a U.S. military spokesman in Baghdad, told Reuters.

Iraqiya state television said prominent tribal leader Fassal al-Igoud, a former Anbar governor, was among the dead. Iraqiya said one of its television show hosts was also killed.

Some Sunni tribal leaders in Anbar have joined forces to form U.S.-backed provincial police units to fight Sunni Islamist al Qaeda, prompting a power struggle in the vast desert region.

Television footage showed the blast had largely gutted the lobby in the high-rise hotel, which is home to some foreign diplomats and international news organizations.

Broken grey plaster and wiring hung from what was left of the lobby’s ceiling. Two legs stuck out from under a pink sheet covering one corpse. Yellow sheets covered other objects which also appeared to be corpses.

“It was a huge explosion, the whole building shook for a few seconds,” one witness said of the midday blast.

Another witness said he had seen seven charred bodies and pools of blood on the debris-littered lobby floor.

Police said 12 people were killed and 18 wounded. Bleichwehl put the death toll at eight…

You could feel this story coming after the recent articles about several Iraqi groups joining the US fight against Al Qaeda. 

Indeed, you almost have to wonder if Reuters (or some other member of our watchdog media) didn’t tip Al Qaeda off.

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