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S&L Reprise: Wright Erased From Obama Site

Given recent events we have decided to reprise some of the original reporting from S&L that helped uncover the true nature of Mr. Obama’s “spiritual mentor.”

Just like in the bad old days of the Stalinist Soviet Union, an inconvenient personage has been airbrushed from the Barack Obama campaign’s website.

Before, via Google’s cache (as retrieved on Mar 8, 2008 20:01:06 GMT):


And the current page:


Now is that keeping the faith?

For the record here is Mr. Wright’s now disappeared endorsement:

Rev. Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr.

Senior Pastor, Trinity United Church of Christ, Chicago, IL
Senator Obama’s pastor

I’m concerned with healthcare; the war in Iraq; the high rates of recidivism in our criminal justice system; the poor condition of the Illinois public school system. Many of the resources that go to support programs such as for those living with HIV/AIDS are now being spent to fund the war. We have to communicate… I support Barack because of his incarnated faith – his faith made alive in the flesh. He reaches across all faith communities and even to those who have no faith at all. He is building a community where everyone has worth. That kind of faith is not easy to find in 2007 and a man like Barack is a rarity.

Of course it is illegal for the head of a church (being a 501c3 “charity”) to endorse a candidate. And, indeed, the IRS is investigating Mr. Wright’s church as we speak.

Perhaps this is also tantamount to destruction of evidence. Though, probably not, since the site still lists other (also illegal) endorsements from various pastors.

At least Mr. Wright was willing to put his money was his mouth is, if only once and five years ago.

For here is the sum total (at least according to the FEC) of Mr. Wright’s political contributions — and you know he is rolling in it:

Individual Contributions Arranged By Type, Giver, Then Recipient

Contributions to Political Committees


10/20/2003     1000.00     24020030280

Total Contributions:    1000.00

But who can calculate his “contributions in kind”?

This article was originally posted on Sweetness & Light on March 16th, 2008.

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