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So Ann Coulter Is Too Un-PC For CPAC?

From the Young America’s Foundation, via YouTube:

Video: Coulter No. 1 on campus

Ann Coulter is still the hottest speaker on the American college campus lecture circuit.

As reported last week, Young America’s Foundation will be bringing Miss Coulter to CPAC on Feb. 8.

From the Washington Times:

Coulter at CPAC ’08

December 17, 2007

After two consecutive headline-making speeches at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, many had wondered if bestselling author Ann Coulter would be invited to address CPAC ’08, scheduled for Feb. 7-9 at Washington’s Omni Shoreham Hotel.

Today we have the answer: Yes … and no.

While Miss Coulter has not been invited to speak at CPAC, she will appear during the conference at a separate event sponsored by the Young America’s Foundation, Human Events, Townhall.com, Citizens United, and the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute.

But those who want to hear Miss Coulter at CPAC will have to act fast. Her speech, according to YAF officials, will be given at 3:30 p.m. Friday, Feb. 8, in the Omni Shoreham’s Palladian Ballroom, which has a standing-room-only capacity of 1,200. But YAF officials say the event will be “theater style,” which reduces the maximum seating to 500.

Given that CPAC usually attracts 5,000 attendees, the Coulter speech is likely to become a hot ticket, and YAF is making free tickets available in advance:

You are responsible for registration with CPAC through www.cpac.org. This event is a supplement to the general CPAC program and you are not eligible to sign up if you are not registered for the whole conference.

Therefore, anyone who is not already registered for CPAC must register now and then contact YAF, if they want to hear Miss Coulter’s speech.

So, even though she’s not invited to speak on the main CPAC schedule, Miss Coulter will still be helping sell tickets to the conference.

How truly bizarre.

The most sought-after conservative in America is not invited to CPAC?

And conservatives wonder why they lose elections.

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