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Cindy Ignores Requests From Grieving Families

A sign at Camp Qualls lists the names of soldiers whose families have requested that crosses be removed at Camp Casey I. (Iconoclast Photo)

I've seen nothing to indicate that Mother Sheehan and her Camp Casey crowd have honored any of these requests from Gold Star families.

By the way, the al-Sheehan organ, The Lone Star Iconoclast, is also might proud of this witticism perpetuated by one of their bravos:

If any of these folks had the brains God gave an oyster, they would realize that just as they oppose our war on terrorism, they would have opposed our war against Fascism.

After all, Hitler was not involved in the attack on Pearl Harbor. (Which was all a fake anyway, doncha know.)

I sure hope this doesn't offend any of those troops al-Sheehan says she loves so much. Or her fans from Stormfront.

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