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Socialist French Budget Min. Has Swiss Account

From France 24:

French ex-minister admits lying about Swiss account

April 3, 2013

France’s former budget minister Jérôme Cahuzac admitted on Tuesday that he had held a secret bank account abroad – a fact that he has strenuously denied until now.

His admission comes two weeks after he resigned from the Socialist government over allegations that he had siphoned funds into a UBS bank account in Switzerland in order to avoid paying taxes in France.

Sacre bleu! Meanwhile, he was pushing to tax ‘the rich’ at a rate of 75%. How do you say, ‘don’t do as I do, do as I say,’ in French?

The allegations were published by French investigative website Mediapart in December 2012, prompting prosecutors to open an inquiry.

On Tuesday he was forced to admit to investigating magistrates that he had lied and was placed under formal investigation for tax fraud.

On his blog, Cahuzac said he was “devastated by remorse” and begged forgiveness from French President François Hollande…

He is devastated by remorse because he got caught.

“I ask the President, the Prime Minister, my former colleagues in government, to forgive me for the damage I have caused them,” he wrote, adding that he had some 600,000 euros [$770,000] in a foreign bank account that he had held in his name for around 20 years.

Maybe he just forgot about this money. Sort of like the way our home grown socialist, Charlie Rangel, used to forget about these small sums when it came to tax time.

(Also, notice how he is begging forgiveness from ‘The State,’ rather than the people.)

Later on Tuesday, the Elysée presidential palace released a statement condemning the former minister with “the greatest severity”.

And they meant their words to sting.

“In denying the existence of this bank account to the highest authorities in France and to the National Assembly, Cahuzac has committed an unforgivable moral error,” the statement read. “Politicians are bound by two imperatives – to set a good example and to tell the truth.” …

Is this really the right place for sarcasm?

Underlining the damage that the scandal had done to the government and the French political system generally, Olivier Dartigolles, spokesman for the French Communist Party, called Tuesday’s news a “political bomb”. …

Just wait until they hear about Fidel Castro’s Swiss bank accounts. And Hugo Chavez’s. And Putin’s.

“He defrauded the tax authorities and then he lied about it while he was minister responsible for fighting tax fraud,” Dartigolles [said]…

Again, for some odd reason this gentleman reminds me of Charlie Rangel and so many other socialist — I mean, Democrat — politicians. I don’t know why. Maybe because Mr. Rangel writes our tax laws, which is even better.

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  1. GetBackJack says:

    12 for me
    1 for you
    13 for me
    1 for you
    14 for me
    1 for you
    15 for me
    1 for you

    … now, pay me out of your earnings. 75% will do nicely, thank you …

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