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Soldier’s Death Inspires Obama To Surrender

From the unrelenting defeatists at the Associated Press:

Fallen soldier’s bracelet inspires Obama

Fallen soldier’s bracelet inspires Obama

By NEDRA PICKLER, Associated Press Writer Sun Feb 17

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. – Barack Obama is wearing a wristband in memory of a soldier killed in Iraq, given to him by a mother who said she wants the Democratic presidential candidate to keep others from dying.

Tracy Jopek of Merrill, Wis., gave Obama the bracelet at a rally Friday night in Green Bay, and Obama was still wearing it Saturday as he campaigned across the state before Tuesday’s primary.

The bracelet has her son’s name, Sgt. Ryan David Jopek, and the date the 20-year-old was killed in Iraq by a roadside bomb, Aug. 2, 2006. “All gave some — He gave all,” it says.

“She gave me this wristband, which I’m very grateful for,” Obama told the Green Bay audience, halting and lowering his voice from his normally upbeat presentation. “I meet mothers and family members all over the country who are still mourning their children but are also thinking about the young men and women who are still over there and wondering when it will end.” …

Mrs. Jopek said she and her daughter briefly met the Illinois senator at the rally and showed him a picture of a smiling Ryan dressed for battle. She said the senator hugged her and her daughter, asked a couple questions about Ryan and told her how much he appreciated the bracelet.

“I wanted him to know my son’s name for one thing, for when he’s commander in chief,” Mrs. Jopek said during a telephone interview in which she frequently grew emotional. She said she was somewhat uncomfortable getting so publicly involved in the war debate, but felt the issue was too important for her to remain silent during this campaign.

She said she’s a Democrat who will vote for Obama in Wisconsin’s primary Tuesday. Like Obama, she said she was against the war from the start and had a hard time watching her son go to war.

“My son loved this country very much, I love this country, but I don’t feel that staying in Iraq will vindicate my son’s death,” she said. “And it’s not over for us until this war is over. I just don’t want any more soldiers to die in vain for something that we can’t solve.” …

So the bracelet inspires Mr. Obama to render this soldier’s death meaningless and to encourage our enemies to kill more of our soldiers in hopes of an easy victory?

Is that what Ms. Pickler means?

“I just don’t want any more soldiers to die in vain for something that we can’t solve.”

Why does Mrs. Jopek believe this? Whatever happened to that old Obama spirit of “yes we can!”?

Or does that optimism only apply to ending world poverty and the other such things he has promised?

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