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Soldiers Get Pregnancy Simulation Training

From Stars & Stripes:

Soldiers don fake belly, breasts to better understand pregnant troops’ exercise concerns

By Seth Robson
Published: February 16, 2012

CAMP ZAMA, Japan – The Army is ordering its hardened combat veterans to wear fake breasts and empathy bellies so they can better understand how pregnant soldiers feel during physical training.

This week, 14 noncommissioned officers at Camp Zama took turns wearing the “pregnancy simulators” as they stretched, twisted and exercised during a three-day class that teaches them to serve as fitness instructors for pregnant soldiers and new mothers.

Army enlisted leaders all over the world are being ordered to take the Pregnancy Postpartum Physical Training Exercise Leaders Course, or PPPT, according to U.S. Army Medical Activity Japan health promotion educator Jana York.

Developed by the Army in 2008, the course includes aerobics classes, pool sessions and classroom studies on the physiology of pregnant women. The NCOs learn special exercises for pregnant women, who shouldn’t push themselves too hard or participate in high-impact activities such as snowboarding, bungee jumping or horse riding, York said.

During the training, each NCO must wear the pregnancy simulator for at least an hour.

“When they first come in, the males are typically timid and don’t feel they have the knowledge to teach female soldiers,” she said. “However, after three days their confidence rises.”

Sgt. Michael Braden, a helicopter crew chief who has served in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kosovo, said he was less than enthusiastic about taking part.

“I didn’t want to do it,” said Braden, 29, of Everett, Wash.

The 78th Aviation Battalion mechanic said he was ordered to do the training even though he doesn’t have any female soldiers in his unit and doesn’t see himself as the right sort of person to run the aerobics classes that make up a large portion of the PPPT training…

No, this is not from the Onion. Would that it were.

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11 Responses to “Soldiers Get Pregnancy Simulation Training”

  1. dasher says:

    Udderly ridiculous. (Pun intended.) Bowing to the world, cutting nukes, now this. Don’t be suprised if Iran doesn’t get emboldened to “rattle” more than sabres (pun not intended).

  2. tranquil.night says:

    This longtime project of sissifying, humiliating, and knee-capping the military has been among the sickest and most dangerous of the Liberals’ aspirations. And that’s saying something.

  3. oiftanker says:

    I am completely, and utterly(sorry bro, gotta leave that one alone, I am a breast man!) ashamed and enraged by what is being done to my Army. In a way, I’m glad I’m retired and don’t have to witness the humiliation being wrought on the finest land fighting force the world has ever seen. On the other, I wish I was there to not only fight this BS, but to witness what I know is unfolding with my boys in the combat arms units…. You know they are having some fun with this crap!!

  4. River0 says:

    Shouldn’t they also study PMS and learn how to use Tampons, too? Just in case they need some extra empathy when that time of the month rolls around. How about breast feeding? Then there’s the critically important skin moisturizing protocol required in desert conditions…

  5. canary says:

    Legally and medically this makes no sense.

    The male soldiers need only follow the Military doctor’s restrictions on both men and women in the military with temporary or permanent disabilities.

    Is this necessary when women and men in this country with no exception to being in the U.S. Military that they are entitled to light duty or restricted to quarters if they are ill at a M.D.’s pen.

    It would only make since for “both equally – male and female” military M.D.s to take this course just

    Maybe these are medical experiments leading to sex change men so they can have babies and the men can’t say no as they are literally owned by the Federal Government.

    &%$#@ They can clone human beings, do sex changes and use DNA like magic, put people in our TV boxes, but….. the

    U.S. government can’t find a device or detector for IED’s to save our soldiers lives and limbs.

  6. Astravogel says:

    I’ll be interested in the female version of this…..

  7. potus4 says:

    Oh My God!! We’re doomed. Who in the hell allows non-sense like this to go on in the military? This should fall under cruel and unusal punishment.

  8. Enthalpy says:

    “The Army is ordering its hardened combat veterans to wear fake breasts and empathy bellies so they can better understand how pregnant soldiers feel during physical training.” What’s to understand when the certifiably crazy leadership of our military insists on retrofitting our subs to accommodate pregnant personnel? What’s the point?

  9. GetBackJack says:

    I must have had some blotter acid accidentally this morning. I could swear this article says ….

    … OMG. OMFG.

    This is beyond anything I know how to comment upon.

    (staggers to door, throws up)

  10. canary says:

    The irony between the video & article is that none appear to be combat hardened vets. The woman can’t do any exercise at all. And what’s this voice in the background complaining of simple exercise.

    “This whole thing is pretty uncomfortable,” he said of the 25-pound pregnancy simulator. But, “body armor is a lot heavier.”

    Body armor being heavier is an excellent point, but this an overweight out of shape soldier that needs to
    be carrying some body armor and loose weight so he doesn’t have a heart attack during combat and endanger his fellow soldiers.

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