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Solyndra Execs To Skip Congressional Hearing

From an unfazed Politico:

Solyndra execs to skip Wednesday’s hearing


Two of Solyndra’s top executives will skip Wednesday’s House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing on the solar company’s financial failures but have agreed to appear the week of Sept. 19, according to oversight subcommittee Chairman Cliff Stearns.

After all, what is a half billion dollars down the drain among (Democrat) friends?

Especially when it is just play money taxpayer dollars.

Brian Harrison, Solyndra’s president and CEO and Chief Financial Officer Wilbur Stover requested the delay and told House GOP aides late Monday they’re not planning to invoke their Fifth Amendment rights when they appear next week.

"That’s what we understand. But that could change," Stearns told POLITICO

So much for transparency.

House Republicans envisioned the Solyndra officials as their star witnesses in an investigation aimed at exposing one of the poster children for the Obama administration’s "green jobs" agenda.

Man, those House Republicans are venal.

Stearns, a Florida Republican, said he was willing to give the officials more time in light of the other investigations.

"They’re in the middle of a bankruptcy. They’re snowed under. I respect that," Stearns said. "A little bit of leniency here to get the truth I’m willing to do if they give us the truth."

Besides, they need more time for the FBI to scrub their files.

Stearns added that he’s hopeful the company officials will still testify. "I think their lawyers might say we’re going to think this over,” he said.

They probably will eventually testify, once it’s all been forgotten.

In a statement, Solyndra cited “legal complexities arising from last week’s activities and the urgency of the bankruptcy proceedings,” as the reason for the postponement

And certainly one can see Nancy Pelosi or Barney Frank giving a pass to some Republican backed company under similar circumstances.

After all, did the Democrats drag Wall Street executives before Congress when they were in the middle of a financial meltdown?

Two senior Obama administration officials are still on the agenda for Wednesday’s hearing: Office of Management and Budget Deputy Director Jeffrey Zients and Jonathan Silver, the executive director of the Energy Department’s loans programs office…

And they will be just a open and transparent as the rest of the Obama administration has been.

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4 Responses to “Solyndra Execs To Skip Congressional Hearing”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    The more this administration plays the game of, “Heck they won’t notice. And even if they did, they won’t care. So, let’s not make too big a fuss over this”, the bigger the eventual collapse will be.

    History has proven this time and time again. The government gave a half a billion dollars to a non-viable company. I don’t care who did it, people will notice and demand something be done. Only those buried deep in the throes of obama-worship will deny that this government did anything bad, and this is because they have adopted that wishful thinking, not too different from a kid who’s hoping for something completely ridiculous for Christmas.

    But the day of reckoning is coming. It’s bound to arrive. Sooner or later. They get bolder and more arrogant every single day and that has always spelled disaster for such people. What’s perhaps the most telling of all is that they still believe they can get away with anything, because no one would dare to question the first black president. These people have lost all sense of it. In other words, they started out in fantasy land and it’s gone off the edge into something completely surreal.

  2. Georgfelis says:

    To be honest, the only time *anybody* should be before Congress and not taking the Fifth is when they have been granted blanket immunity. No matter what you say, it can and will be used against you in a court of law, they aren’t kidding about that.

    The only other defense is Amnesia (otherwise known as the Hillary Excuse), and that only works if you’re a Good Democrat (i.e. one that the Democratic party thinks it can get some use from before you wind up under the bus)

  3. BigOil says:

    We have passed the point of crony capitalism and have entered the realm of a brazen looting of our treasury. History will show the four-year reign of Barry the Great was the greatest heist in the history of the world.

  4. Chase says:

    Their lawyers are probably not experts in defending money-laundering “victims” and need time to look through the phonebook for outside counsel….

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