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Somali-Born Terrorist, Nuke Plant Worker

From New Jersey’s Courier-Post:

South Jersey man held in al-Qaida sweep

By JOEL LANDAU • March 12, 2010

BUENA — A South Jersey man is being held in Yemen as an alleged terrorist and killer.

And some who know the suspect — Sharif Mobley, a 26-year-old Somali-born U.S. citizen — say they’re not shocked.

"It’s something you never thought would happen, but when you hear the news, you’re not completely surprised," said Roman Castro of his former high school chum.

Mobley is accused of involvement with al-Qaida and in the killing of a hospital security guard during an escape attempt.

Mobley’s father said his son isn’t an al-Qaida operative.

"I can tell you this: He’s no terrorist," Charles Mobley said Thursday morning as he drove to see a lawyer.

But Castro, who graduated from Buena Regional High School with Mobley in 2002, said his classmate changed dramatically after making a religious pilgrimage in 2004. Mobley traveled to Mecca, Saudi Arabia — a journey called the hajj that is required of all Muslims at least once in their lifetime.

"After he took his hajj, he was a completely different person," Castro said.

Castro said he and Mobley, a former laborer at nuclear plants, connected in their youth because both were minorities in rural Atlantic County.

"We lived mostly with Caucasian farmers. I’m Hispanic, and he was one of the few black kids in the school," Castro said, adding Mobley’s religion was always important to him. "He was very defensive of his faith. He would be abrasive if people questioned it."

Their friendship ended in 2004 when Castro returned from a tour in Iraq with the Army. He said Mobley rejected his tight-knit group of friends from high school, who all had joined the military after graduation.

"He didn’t have any friends in 2004. He became so involved in being a Muslim," Castro said. "He said, "You guys are Muslim killers. You killed my people.’"

In 2006, Castro heard Mobley had worked in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Yemen to help other Muslims take their hajj. He said Mobley still would visit his home in Landisville, and also lived in Delaware and Philadelphia.

Mobley got married and has a daughter who’s now 5 years old, said Castro, who did not know the marriage’s current status.

Castro said Mobley never told him he would carry out any acts of terrorism.

"Some of the people who knew him would joke it could happen," he said. But "we never thought it would."

Mobley was among 11 suspected al-Qaida members arrested in Yemen in a roundup earlier this month, said Mohammed Albasha, spokesman for the Yemeni Embassy in Washington.

He was being treated over the weekend at a hospital in the country’s capital, Sana’a, when he got into a shootout with guards during an escape attempt.

Mobley killed one guard and wounded another, authorities said. The arrests were the latest in a string of Yemeni counterterrorism efforts aimed at disrupting al-Qaida.

An FBI spokesman on Thursday said the agency is involved in Mobley’s case, but declined to give any details…

Imam Abdel-Hadi Shehata, of the Islamic Society of Delaware, said Mobley used to live in the same apartment complex as him in Newark, Del, and occasionally prayed at his mosque.

Mobley moved to Yemen two years ago to study Arabic and Islam, according to Shehata. By Thursday, the family’s neighborhood on Plymouth Street was besieged with reporters from newspapers and TV stations. News vans lined the street leading to the Mobleys’ home through much of the day and reporters, photographers and camera crews staked out the house.

The neatly kept home with a white-rail porch and attached two-car garage sits at the T-intersection of Plymouth Street and Summer Avenue

Joe Delmar, a spokesman for PSE&G Nuclear, said Mobley worked as a laborer for several contractors at the firm’s three nuclear plants in Lower Alloways Creek, Salem County.

He worked there from 2002 to 2008, carrying supplies and doing maintenance work, Delmar said.

Delmar, who noted Mobley satisfied federal background checks as recently as 2008, said he also worked at other plants in the region.

Buena police Lt. Dave Sherma said the FBI has briefed the borough on all matters related to public safety. "We continue to be vigilant to ensure the safety of the residents of the community," he said

Isn’t that reassuring?

Meanwhile, it doesn’t sound like Mr. Mobley suffered too many of the economic depravations and lack of opportunity that Mr. Obama insists is the cause of Muslim terrorism extremism.

By the way, this article is sprinkled throughout with links to an article: ‘Homegrown terrors [sic] suspects on the rise.’

How is Mr. Mobley ‘homegrown’? It seems to us that he merely lived in this country. He picked up his terrorist inclinations elsewhere.

For what it’s worth, Fox News and Wikipedia are reporting that Mr. Mobley was born in the US. But Wikipedia does not give a source.

Meanwhile, the New York Times and the Associated Press seem to be omitting any mention of where he was born.

But ‘US-born’ sure sounds more dramatic, doesn’t it?

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4 Responses to “Somali-Born Terrorist, Nuke Plant Worker”

  1. canary says:

    He became so involved in being a Muslim,” Castro said. “He said, “You guys are Muslim killers. You killed my people.’”

    Sure rings a bell. I recall the article’s interviewing Obama’s friends who did not want to commit on his muslim beliefs as it might hurt his campaign. What does that mean. If they said he was muslim, it would hurt, or if he said he wasn’t a muslim it would hurt.
    Even his muslim buddy from Occidental (whom together after visiting mom and half sister in Indonesia went on to Pakistan for a month, (that friend moved back to the states in Boston, along with his drug partner muslim roommate from NYC (who denies in the article Obama did accepted drugs when he offered him drugs, (guess he didn’t know Obama admitted in his book he did drugs with his roomate) not knowing Obama already admitted in his book he did) & (aside his muslim family from Kenya, and muslim brother from DC who had remarried (the one Obama was most proud of) all flew to Chicago for the Obama’s trinity wedding. And the NYC roomate who did most the talking said Obama was really really upset and talked alot about what was going on in Iran & Grenada in the late 70’s. And Obama even admits the Marines helping the poor in Grenada gain their independence was shameful of Reagon. And inspite of Obama’s detail description of how bad Saddam was, and believing he did have WMD, it was a “dumb war”, and why not help Dafur instead.
    What am I saying? That there are sleeper cells over the U.S. And CAIR’s behavior is becoming very aggressive and scary lately.
    And someone needs to tell Obama that Jesus didn’t save Daniel from the Lions. Jesus wasn’t born yet.

    Obama said he spoke muslim fluently in 6 months of arriving in Indonesia as a boy.
    That explains first the catholic school, then the change to a muslim school.
    He further claims he knew muslim so well, he goes into depth of how his mother made him get up at 4 a.m. to learn American education, plus take American correspondence courses for when 4 years later he would go back to America.

  2. MinnesotaRush says:

    “Mobley’s father said his son isn’t an al-Qaida operative.”
    “I can tell you this: He’s no terrorist,” Charles Mobley said Thursday morning as he drove to see a lawyer.”

    Of course not! He just hangs out with other terrorists and shoots his way out of any jambs. The guard that he killed .. well .. maybe he shouldnt have been there, huh?!?

    Sorry, Charlie .. sounds like your boy, Sharif (?), is at minimum a murderer and most likely a terrorist.

    • MinnesotaRush says:

      I’m takin’ bets that that lawyer ol’ Charlie’s driving to see is ACLU!

      Just a thought, ay.

  3. GetBackJack says:

    Well, I don’t know.

    So far the federal government is betting around 1000 in terms of impressing me with their acumen, timing and analysis.

    I’d be willing to take side bets that Charlie is a cut-out for a Nigerian 401 scam Keith Olberman is running on Salman Rushdie.

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