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Somali Muslim Court Amputates Three Men

From those defenders of the faith at the Associated Press:

Somali Islamists carry out amputations on 3 men

By Mohamed Olad Hassan, Associated Press Writer – Sat Oct 10

MOGADISHU, Somalia – Six masked men used machetes to carry out amputations on three men accused of robbery by a Somali Islamist court, a witness said Saturday.

Abdulahi Hassan Afrah said the two of the men had both a hand and a foot cut off and a third had only a foot cut off after the Islamic court in the southern port city of Kismayo realized he was already disabled. He said a crowd of around 400 people, mainly women and children, watched the sentence carried out Friday on the three screaming young men.

"It was most painful thing I have ever seen," he said.

A spokesmen for the al-Shabab militia, Sheik Hassan Yaqub Ali, said the three had admitted robbing passengers on board a truck heading to Kismayo.

None of the three were allowed to appeal the sentence or had access to a lawyer…

In 2008, the courts in Kismayo ordered a 13-year-old gang rape victim to be stoned to death. But amputations and public floggings are more common.

Ah, the beauty and majesty of Sharia Law.

Soon coming to a courthouse near you.

This article was posted by Steve on Saturday, October 10th, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

23 Responses to “Somali Muslim Court Amputates Three Men”

  1. TwilightZoned says:

    So I guess robbery is O.K. if you’re a pirate, just don’t try it with fellow citizens. Nice…

  2. proreason says:

    Everything is relative.

    We have a tendency to call this sort of thing barbaric, but that is racist.

    If they want to cut out your heart and eat it, and urinate on your remains after raping your children, they have the same right to their culture that you have to yours.

    Unless you are Obamy, in which case you can blow their brains out and win the nobel peace prize.

    Because if you are Obamy, as a person of color, you have a deep understanding of and connection to all of the pain and misery that generations have suffered at the hands of evil white Americans, and you’ve been put on earth by Black Jesus and Black Mohammed to right the wrongs of history.

    Or something like that.

    • Reality Bytes says:

      Enlightening Insight Pro. What’s the over/under on human extinction once Sharia Law is enacted. I’ll go first. Six Weeks. That’s who long the Chinese will take to nuke the bastards & then choke themselves to death on their burnt ashes. Any takers?

  3. VMAN says:

    I can tell you one thing they will think twice before they steal anything again. Ah the “religion of peace” or is it the “religion of peas” I can never remember.

  4. beautyofreason says:

    It is also an accepted court sentence in Pakistan to cut off the alternate leg and foot for stealing. Why do they continue to practice this torture in the twenty-first century?

    Because Mohammad did it. And he can do no wrong.

    But damn those who water board a terrorist for 30 uncomfortable seconds.

    Shariah courts have already sprung up in countries like Britain and the Netherlands. In many cases such courts work with or have the support of the government.

    • VMAN says:

      but waterboarding is torture.

    • beautyofreason says:

      Hello, VMAN. I do not personally agree with you. Waterboarding is intensely uncomfortable but it is non-threatening, causes no permanent harm (unlike amputation), and it is routinely used in training American troops.

      But that is another issue. Regardless of whether or not water boarding fits the definition of torture, I believe that it is justified. It’s rare use on three high level detainees in Guantanamo Bay led to information that either prevented new attacks on American citizens or improved our knowledge of Al Qaeda. Water boarding does not compare to the barbaric, permanent, and public mutilation of criminals under Shariah law.

      One of my peeves is that the BBC and other international news outlets swooned for weeks over the news that 3 detainees had been water boarded in the United States.

      But they gave little or no attention to real, serious cases of torture and death by non-US governments. They said nothing when Hamas gouged out the eyes of three Fatah members in custody, or when the Iranians killed and tortured to death a female Canadian journalist for taking photographs, or when Pakistani police regularly rape women who go to a police station to report a rape.

      Water boarding is a non-issue for me, too often cooked up in the press to justify an unbalanced rage at the United States.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:



      VMAN was being sarcastic. He’s on our side.

    • beautyofreason says:

      Opps. Sorry, everyone. Can you tell I’ve been a pessimist lately? Please forgive my attempt to create a rancorous debate without need. Humor sometimes flies right over me!

    • Liberals Demise says:

      I’ll bet you feel better now!

    • VMAN says:

      My bad

  5. wterrier says:

    And now, after being maimed, they will need to steal all the more, just to survive.

  6. canary says:

    I think these muslims get ‘addicted’ to chopping, cutting, or blowing people up. Like gang members, serial rapists or killers, they claim to get a high off it.

    • proreason says:

      Primitive cultures don’t value life like most Americans do.

      You don’t hear about it much, but human sacrifice, torture, killing imperfect babies, killing girl babies, animal sacrifice, genital mutilation, head shaping, brutilization of females, trial by fire and torture are the norm for cultures throughout history, up to and including recent centuries. Libwits like to pretend primitive people are just peace-loving flower children, but it’s pure propaganda bullshit. The anthropolists who spout out the nonsense are like the global warmists. Lying is how they make their livings.

      The jihadists are just doing what aboriginal people have done forever.

    • Anthropologists take themselves very seriously. They believe that anthropology was used to justify slavery and Nazi Germany. They have abolished the terms Negro, Caucasian, Mongoloid and Oriental referring to the major races of man, believing that down playing these differences will help us all get along.

      As for your term “primitive cultures” anthropologists would find it arrogant and vulgar. Who do you think you are to call someone else primitive? Why are you better than they? You live in a culture that is silently polluting their earth and killing the planet.

      Once you have labeled them “primitive” you have laid the ground work for some to call for, and eventually carry out, their genocide.

      As for the cutting off the hands, an anthropologist would answer – the punishment is real and effective. People do not steal when facing such severe punishment. Punishing a few will convince many. Social order is maintained.

      And American prisons are in someways less humane. Confinement, prison rape. forced tattooing and other brutality often leaves one more crippled psychologically than losing a hand and a foot.

      Did you notice the mercy displayed in only taking off the hand of the already crippled man? American courts make no such allowances,

      I agree with you but in a world gone mad – the sane get sent to the asylum.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      OAC, Pro, that was perfectly stated.

      Anthropologists, like many elites, only deal in the theoretical, never having to be faced with reality. They’ll write a textbook and be lauded as geniuses and thus live on the hill of intellectual superiority.

    • proreason says:

      “As for your term “primitive cultures” anthropologists would find it arrogant and vulgar.”

      Just for the record, I used the term “primitive culture” deliberately, because it accurately reflects the cultures that are dominantly Muslim. And there are more reasons than barbarity to call those cultures primitive. For example, their legal and banking systems prevent the people from innovating. The entire Muslim world invents nothing. But place Muslims in the West, and the people are capable of innovation. Also observe the willingly slavish devotion to absolute rulers. With the possible and probably temporary example of Iraq, every Muslim country is ruled by tyrants.

      If the West willingly subjagates itself to these primitive cultures, as is happening right before our aghast eyes, there is no question that the world will quickly fall into a new Dark Age, and one that will force civilization back to pre-Roman life styles. That is, if the world isn’t quickly destroyed by nuclear weapons. There will be a period of about 20 to 40 years when the nuclear weapons will be usable. After that, the primitive new rulers won’t be able to maintain them. So the most serious risk to humanity will be that 20 to 40 years period. It’s hard to envision a scenario where they won’t be used, but perhaps humanity will get lucky. (note: I’m assuming that after the knowledge is quickly lost about how to maintain and build nuclear weapons, the threat will be minimized to accidental explosiions, which, although really bad, wouldn’t be as disastrous as deliberate use.)

      This doesn’t necessarily mean that Islam itself is primitive. It’s easy enough to find parallels between the Koran and other holy books, particularly the Bible, since those books spring from the same roots.

      But I just happen to notice that there aren’t many hands cut off or heads cut off or women killed for having sex, and on and on, in countries where the dominant culture is based on Christianity; whereas all of that and more happens in countries where the dominant culture is based on Islam.

      The reasons may go beyond the religion, but there can be no question that Islam is a major cause.

      The most interesting question is really why Christian based cultures have been able to quickly innovate so much faster than other cultures. Jared Diamond thinks it is related to climate. Essentially, he says that Western cultures developed in climates with abundant plants and domesticatable animals, which allowed people to spend less time growing things, which in turn freed geniuses to turn to innovation. I like his thesis, but a lot of conservatives disagree.

      My own view on this matter is that Diamond is largely correct, but that the West got lucky in two other respects…..the Greeks and the Jews. Those two peoples/cultures had unique characteristics that encouraged freedom and innovation. Look outside. Walk around. We owe the lives of luxury that we live to them.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Pro, let us not forget the Romans. But during the original Dark Ages much innovation and invention was lost. Math fell to an abysmal level (a notable Arab contribution, sorry) and the recipe for that greatest of Roman inclusions was also forgotten: Concrete.

      No one is exactly sure why the Dark Ages permeated Western man’s existence but it’s undeniable that the Muslim community lives in it right now. Their ability to innovate and be creative is not in doubt as is evidenced by the new and different ways they come up with to kill people. Their use of airplanes to kill masses, though absolutely reprehensible and beyond criminal and absolutely fetid with evil, was a stroke of tactical genius. Truly, though, you’re correct in that they follow dogma and tradition more closely than the desire to explore new ideas and invention. (Unless you’re Barry the wonder boy and you’d believe they came up with the compass, among other things.)

      Therefore, as many have theorized, it’s their oppressive system that keeps them under. Not unlike the serfdom of the Dark Ages where tyrants ruled the land and tribal wars abounded, led by the landowners. Interestingly, idealism and the desire for freedom started to take hold when more people learned to read and the Bible became more familiar to those who could read it, instead of having it interpreted for them by the local church leaders. Much as what you see in current day Islam.

      Thus, by keeping the masses uneducated and ignorant and telling them only what you want them to know, you set yourself up for being the king. It can’t last forever. Just as soon as it becomes more desirable to be free than it does to have your lives decided for you, Islam will have to deal with what the Christian church did…and still is: Women’s rights, birth control, death penalty, and so on. Christian leaders argued and still do over the roles of women, and God in government. In the Middle Ages, punishment for criminals was no less barbaric than Sharia law is now. Stockades, real torture…not waterboarding…but real, slowly-watch-you-die torture….burning “witches” etc. Thankfully we grew out of that. But the Muslim world is still smack-dab in the middle of it.

      The ongoing human condition is interesting to observe from afar…but also heart-wrenching. It’s as if we’re two different planets, truly.

    • I am not sure about Diamond, I cannot cite sources but the people in the more temperate climates had to learn to plan ahead to survive the winter. This included cultivating crops (and saving seed stock) and domesticating animals. The fact that crops were harvested in the fall but the bounty had to be distributed through out the year led to banking, trade, written language and education in the winter.

      In the Subsaharan Africa, when food ran out in one area, they simply moved to another. If food became scarce, they raided another camp. No written language or banking system ever developed.

      An interesting theory told me by a physician friend is that the people of the north developed some ability to hibernate during the winter. The decreasing available light triggers this hibernation especially in older people. This hibernation is now known in medical circles as depression. A promising cure for depression is light therapy – which is also known as moving to Florida.

    • proreason says:

      Rusty, no question the Romans were huge in history, but I’m giving the Greeks the credit, based on the Greek’s development of Democracy and Republics, which I’m claiming are the basis of Rome’s success.

      There were a number of successful Mediteranean cultures during the early Roman era, but Rome emerged. Why? I’m saying because they had a political system that was able to refresh it’s ideas because citizens had the ability to contribute. Later, after Caeser, Rome gave up it’s republican political system for a dictatorship. Inevitably then, it went into decline, culminating in the Dark Ages.

      There is a massive lesson in that. Prevent the ability to evolve politically, and a country will not survive. Dictators cannot possibly be smart enough. By definition, it’s their way or the highway. A dictatorship might be ragingly successful at various points in time (see the Medieval Period or pre-Roman history), but eventually a new dictator will come along and screw things up. Not to be too obvious about it, we are seeing the early stages of a transformation from a Republic to a dictatorship in the US right now. And that is why people like ourselves are so concerned.

      One other point, regarding creativity, I don’t think barbarity is evidence of Muslim creativity. Barbarity was fully developed millenia ago. Perhaps the Muslims are now leveraging modern technology to find new ways to be barbaric, but the basic themes have been there forever.

      The creativity I’m talking about is technical, political, and cultural innovation. I don’t see any evidence of that in Muslim countries. Mohammed wrote everything down from Allah after all. Perfection has already been achieved. For example, I’ve read that Muslim countries average something like 5 patents a year. Yes, 5. The only way they advance technologically is by adapting Western inventions. And a lot of that is accompanied by kicking and screaming. If the West falls, that is the reason the world will fall instantly into a new Dark Age.

    • proreason says:

      OAC, Diamond’s thesis is that the ready access to plants and animals that would be contolled by people allowed people to begin living in cities, and cities enabled civilization by requiring specialization (as opposed to Hunters and Gatherers). For example, number systems and writing never developed before agriculture and cities, because there was no need for it. But once agriculture gave people the ability to store foodstuffs, the need to count and track the foodstuffs arose, and concurrently more complex societies and political systems arose.

      He goes into great depth about the kinds of plants and animals that thrive in the temperate bands of the northern hemisphere, and he claims that almost all of the food that the world eats today come from that band. As a small example, zebras, giraffes and hippos cannot be domesticated, but horses, goats, pigs, sheep and oxen can be domesticated. Hence, people who were living in climates with the animals that were the ancestors of our primary meat sources today had a big advantage. Like plants, the ability to domesticate animals meant that everybody no longer needed to be engaged full-time in food gathering.

      I can’t remember what he says about your point that people in the Northern Hemisphere had to learn to plan ahead because food gathering in the Winter is more difficult, but I agree with you and think that is a contributing factor as well.

      The “conservative” argument against Diamond is that he doesn’t give credit to Christianity and Western Political systems. Diamond is essential an uber-liberal, and argues that the differences in cultural achievements is strictly a matter of happenstance……in other words, it doesn’t have anything to do with Western culture.

      My view is that his thesis (with some additions as you point out) is sound, but that cultural factors like rule-of-law (England), democracy (the Greeks), and Judeo-Christian (the Jews) values accelerated the process.

      Also, to be more complete about Diamond’s thesis, he also claims that disease and military prowess were also huge factors. His points on disease are interesting. He claims that agriculture and animal husbandry exposed western people to diseases and allowed them to develop immunities. Once Westerners began conquering other people, those people usually succombed to disease more than Western dominance (note again how he gives Western ideas no credit. It’s just happenstance, you see.). And his ideas on military prowess essentially condemn the West for being the only violent people in history. Which of course, is ludicrous.

      By the way, he has probably advanced his ideas beyond what I’ve said here. My information is from books he published decades ago. But one thing for sure is that in whatever new variations he has come up with, the West will be the bad guys.

  7. You must be a city boy. You plant in the spring on the new moon (smallest moon March/April) and harvest in the fall on the full moon (ripe moon August/September). Plants die on the first frost. Livestock slaughter and hunting were best in the winter as colder temperatures preserved meat. Chickens and eggs were essential year round. Grains, veggies and potatoes were the dominant food sources. The challenge was to live from harvest to harvest. That’s where banks came in.

    In subsaharan African tropics, South and Central America, Australia and tropical islands, there were no seasons. Game and plants were available year round. There was no winter to survive. they could hunt and gather year round. This produced little incentive for a written language or an organized situation beyond the small wandering tribe. If the tribe got too large, they would exhaust the food in their immediate vicinity very quickly and have to move often. It was more efficient to travel in smaller tribes.

    In my mind you are both right, if you define western culture as more highly developed it is thanks to all the things you mention plus a few men signing a paper in 1776. But it is happen stance that the people who ended up in the temperate time zones were us.

    At one time the equatorial areas were undoubtedly preferred. If say the Caucasians had ended up in equatorial areas and driven Negroes to the temperate north, we Caucasians would have been hunting and gathering in 1776 while Negroes would have been signing the Declaration of independence or a similar document.

    It gets to be one person’s speculation against another person’s. The argument is not really winnable.

  8. Liberals Demise says:

    They cut off the hands and feet but leave the crotch untouched.
    Bass akwards …….. if it were my call, I’d clean the gene pool and cull the skinny’s in one swift movement of my trusty K-Bar.
    (K-Bar…….the official combat knife of the U.S. Marines since WWII)

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