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Somali Pleads Guilty To Helping Al Qaeda

From his admirers at the Associated Press:

Followers of Osama bin Laden during training at the al-Faruq base in Afghanistan.

Suspect pleads guilty to supporting al-Qaida

By Elizabeth Dunbar, Associated Press Writer – Wed May 20

MINNEAPOLIS – A 35-year-old terror suspect who has been held in solitary confinement for more than five years pleaded guilty Wednesday to conspiring to provide support and resources to al-Qaida, federal prosecutors announced Wednesday.

Mohammed Abdullah Warsame’s guilty plea comes about two weeks after his attorneys asked that he be released while awaiting trial on charges that also included lying to the FBI.

As part of a plea agreement, he admitted to a single count of conspiring to support al-Qaida. The other charges will be dismissed.

Authorities have said Warsame, a Canadian of Somali descent, once dined with Osama bin Laden, fought with the Taliban and attended training camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Warsame is in federal custody, and it wasn’t immediately clear whether he will be released or have to serve additional time after sentencing July 9.

While Warsame faces a statutory maximum sentence of 15 years in prison and a $250,000 fine, the federal sentencing guidelines usually result in lesser sentences. The U.S. attorney’s office said Warsame has agreed to be deported to Canada upon completion of his sentence.

Warsame’s lead attorney, David Thomas, and Peter Erlinder, a William Mitchell College of Law professor who’s been helping the defense, did not immediately return phone calls seeking comment.

Warsame was attending college in Minneapolis in 2003 when FBI agents questioned him about time he allegedly spent in Afghanistan three years earlier.

Under the plea agreement, Warsame admitted to conspiring with others to provide al-Qaida with personnel, training and currency starting in March 2000. He traveled to Afghanistan and attended several al-Qaida training camps, including one where authorities said he met bin Laden.

Warsame returned to Canada in March 2001, then relocated to Minneapolis. Throughout 2002 and 2003, he exchanged e-mails and provided information to several people associated with al-Qaida, according to the plea agreement.

Warsame has been in custody since Dec. 8, 2003. He was first held as a material witness, then indicted six weeks later.

Until Wednesday, Warsame had said he never knowingly attended an al-Qaida training camp. At a hearing earlier this month, Warsame told U.S. District Court Judge John Tunheim he should be released until trial…

Let’s see. Mr. Warsame worked with Bin Laden, fought with the Talliban.

And yet he was not too proud to come (probably illegally) to the US for his (probably free) college education.

Why are we not surprised?

(Thanks to Canary for the heads up.)

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17 Responses to “Somali Pleads Guilty To Helping Al Qaeda”

  1. proreason says:

    “Warsame has agreed to be deported to Canada upon completion of his sentence”

    Well then. No problem. Thank God THAT border is secure and Canada is a enemy of terrorism and a steadfast ally of America.

    Oh wait……

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Not good enough for me …………. ship this lover of mankind halfway back to his buddies continent and drop him over the side. Sharks aren’t picky about who they use to scrape their colon with!

    • MinnesotaRush says:

      Has anyone asked Canada …

    • JohnMG says:

      …..”Has anyone asked Canada …”

      Has anyone asked DW? ;-}

    • caligirl9 says:

      PR, you slay me. Yeah I feel real secure about the Canadian border, those trees and mountains and prairies would stop me dead in my tracks! At least there’s the Great Lakes and all, no one would swim over those bodies of water to gain entrance into the good old U.S. of A.

      But really, do any Canadians want to be here with their FREE health care and all? (she said, tongue in cheek!)

    • proreason says:

      “do any Canadians want to be here with their FREE health care and all”

      only when they are sick ;-)

    • DW says:

      Thank God THAT border is secure and Canada is a enemy of terrorism and a steadfast ally of America.

      Oh wait……

      Steady, lad. Bandwidth here costs money and I’m sure we’d use up a lot of it if I listed all the Canadian troops who have fought, kicked ass, bled and died over in Afghanistan. Alongside their American allies.
      Canadian conservatives are just as disgusted at our left-wing elected politicians as you American conservatives are over yours.

      Yeah I feel real secure about the Canadian border…
      Bear in mind the Canadian border works just like the US border: it’s meant to keep things out – not in. Make sure your (entirely valid) concern is aimed in the right direction.
      Having said that, I’ve cooperated with US border people back in the day and they are as professional as they come. We all have our crosses to bear (see “elected officials”).

      But really, do any Canadians want to be here with their FREE health care and all?
      People die here on waiting lists wondering when that free health care is going to happen. A good friend of mine is now looking at some pretty serious issues -but he won’t know for some time as he’s on one of those lists. Glad you’re amused.
      My point being: don’t confuse what the MSM is smug about, with what sane, normal Canadians are smug about.

      Has anyone asked DW? ;-}

      I refer you to LD’s comment just above yours. Works for me just fine. And take that arsehole, so-called “Canadian”, Omar Khadr along for the ride as well.
      With my compliments.

    • caligirl9 says:

      DW, I know plenty of Canadians who aren’t real happy with the health care system. I guess I was being a bit flippant and sarcastic and perhaps you missed it. The health care system seems to work if you have a cold. It doesn’t seem to work if you have some sort of chronic thing that requires surgery or possible ongoing care.

      We have family friends in BC who took their child to California for dental work (extractions) because it was taking too long and the kid was in pain! This same family took the grandma to the States for a hip replacement. Of course they were lucky enough to afford it …

      Right now we’ve got a president who seems to think the Canadian and British heath care systems are what will save us. Our friends to the north should take notice—where will you go when our health care system is as bad as yours can be?

      I hope your friend gets the care he needs before things get worse. Sad really … I’m sure he’s paid plenty into the system.

    • DW says:

      Hi caligirl9. Didn’t mean to snarl at you.
      I’ve got plenty of horror stories about our vaunted (by the MSM) health-care system.
      As Mark Steyn pointed out in his book America Alone, we’ve managed to pioneer the 10 month wait for a maternity bed.
      Plenty of Canucks go south of the border -because they have little choice. Kinda leaves the ones that can’t afford it buggered, though.
      And our MSM (closely related to yours) glosses over that and continues to demonize the “scary American style health care”.
      I hope to God the masses in both countries wake up soon.

    • Kilmeny says:

      Really though, why not send him back to Somalia? Why inflict Canada with this problem? Surely they don’t want him there either.

    • DW says:

      Unfortunately Kilmeny, if I’m reading the article right, he was either born in Canada -to Somali immigrants- or emigrated here himself. Either way he’s a Canadian citizen (bastard probably doesn’t even drink beer or watch hockey) and the US has little choice but to send him here.

    • Kilmeny says:

      I see that DW. (I’m tired and missed it) Still, there ought to be a test. Like, he has to name his favourite hockey maneuver, or define what a toque is, or know what “aboot” is.

      All joking aside, its definitely a shame to send him back there without making him fill his maximum sentence.

      Miss seeing your comments here.

    • DW says:

      Well, with any luck K, he’ll wind up making an attack with his buddies in the top photograph.

      Standing up during a firefight: check.

      Wearing dark clothes against a light background: check.

      Discovering that your 72 virgins are virgins for a good reason (ie excessive ugliness): check.

      Miss seeing your comments here.
      I’m always here. Lurking in the weeds like some terrible creature of old. Watching… Waiting…
      Ever ready for that opportunity to spring out…and make an ass of myself in print.
      But thanks for the compliment.

    • JohnMG says:

      …..”Has anyone asked DW? ;-}…..”

      Well I guess that answers THAT, eh?

    • Lurkin_no_mo says:

      DW, I’ve been checking out the Koran (PBAPOS) and I believe the actual translation is, as a martyr to Islam, you get to join 72 virgins so MaHAMmud can have his way with you. At least, that’s how I interepret it….

  2. proreason says:

    “Steady, lad”

    It was a joke, DW.

    I’ve got no animosity towards Canadians (although there seem to be more than a handful of libwits up there).

    And of course, the border isn’t designed to keep out dangerous people.

    No matter where they release the young scamp, he will be a menace to the planet.

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