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Sob: Rent Aid Ending For Katrina Victims

Breaking news from the perpetual hand-wringers at New Orleans’ Times-Picayune:

D’Antoinette Johnson, left, poses for a photo with her daughters, Laureion, 8, center, and Darreion, 9, left, in Algiers on Thursday, February 5, 2009. Johnson is a nurse’s assistant who was just laid off. Her daughters sleep on the sofa while she sleeps on the floor.

End of rent help is a disaster for many Hurricane Katrina victims

by Katy Reckdahl, The Times-Picayune
Friday February 06, 2009

As a longstanding disaster rent subsidy ends this month, thousands of families might be unable to pay their March rent.

Among them is a nursing assistant from Algiers who just got laid off, a Gentilly homeowner who works with the homeless and now fears he could join their ranks, and a disabled St. Bernard Parish man who worked with oil for decades until the fumes scrambled his nervous system.

The federal Disaster Housing Assistance Program, known as DHAP, will no longer pay rent for nearly 15,000 New Orleans-area households and thousands of other families displaced by Katrina, including more than 5,000 in the Houston area. "We don’t know what we’re going to do. I guess we’re going to have to become a burden to our children, " said Charles Ricord, the disabled man from St. Bernard.

On the Bush administration’s last day, federal housing officials refused to continue the program. The Louisiana Recovery Authority and Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., are pushing for a one-year extension, arguing that New Orleans still faces an acute affordable-housing shortage and that thousands of Louisiana homeowners still await Road Home money.

In a recent letter to President Barack Obama, Landrieu wrote: "It would be remiss of the federal government to infuse hundreds of billions of dollars into the economy . . . while we terminate a program housing more than 30,000 people in a region struggling to restore its affordable housing stock."

As many as 80 percent of DHAP tenants might be eligible for permanent Section 8 rental assistance because they’re elderly, disabled or impoverished, according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, which administers the program. But only 300 of the area’s 15,000 affected households secured vouchers by this week, officials said. Many renters interviewed for this story didn’t know they were eligible.

HUD, along with the Housing Authority of New Orleans, has beefed up the staff for its toll-free phone line, 866.202.3487. The agency can handle as many as 150 appointments a day in the office and more through teams that make home visits, said Dwayne Muhammad of HANO. "Get in here and we’ll see you on the spot, " he said.

Still, the sheer number of vouchers at stake might make the task impossible, with three weeks left and Mardi Gras approaching, observers say — especially since disabled and elderly renters are apt to need more time and help.

Even renters who emerge with vouchers have more work to do. If their landlords accept vouchers, HANO still must inspect each unit and sign a contract, which usually takes at least two weeks…

The piece continues on with numerous tales of woe, but we were too broken up to continue reading.

Still, as even this article suggests, most of these people will find other tubs of butter to land in aid programs to take up the slack.

And when was Hurricane Katrina again? August of 2005? Isn’t it about time that these people move on with their lives?

Or has one again some temporary generosity given way to a permanent dependent mentality?

Something to cogitate when we look at the “temporary” social programs included in the latest “stimulus” package.

(Thanks to CGardner for the heads up.)

This article was posted by Steve on Saturday, February 7th, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

42 Responses to “Sob: Rent Aid Ending For Katrina Victims”

  1. bousquem says:

    When they say affordable housing, I think slums and the run down public housing which of course hasn’t been rebuilt yet, who would want to bring that back. And alot more people are losing their jobs in this economy, how does a storm about 3.5 years ago make it that you should have the goverment pay your rent for life. Even if they extended the program, watch next year the same complaining would be going around because of some other reason why they can’t work or afford housing.

  2. Reality Bytes says:

    It makes you wonder what these poor folks how these poor folks managed before the hurricane hit.

  3. wardmama4 says:

    SG if you hadn’t written – we were too broken up to continue reading – I’d flipped out. As usual you put it into the perspective that is needed.

    I no longer care – Where is the father(s) (i.e. child support) of these two children of Ms Johnson – and might it not be a consequence of unprotected/wholesale/irresponsible/immoral sex/single motherhood to have ones life turned into a real ‘sucks to be you’ existance? Where, oh where, is Ms Johnson’s family to take this pathetic about to be homeless soul in?

    Why should We The People have to pay for her and her illegitimate children? And Ms Johnson needs to go to a real school – where she would have learned an adult and two children can not live on the pay of a nurse assistant.

    Damn – you can’t fix stupid – so why should we bother? I know, Rush said it best – ignorance is the most expensive thing in our society.

  4. proreason says:

    Sometimes i just want to give em all a choice….20 grand and a one-way ticket to any other country with no ability to come back, or nothing forever.

    It would cost less than the bailout, you know, and the long-term consequences would be incredible (for those of you who aren’t basketball or rap music addicts).

  5. pdsand says:

    Maybe if the government stopped subsidizing the prices of the homes these people are renting, the rental prices would go down to meet the market, making them “affordable”.

  6. canary says:

    Well, I can see where Katrina is still having true problems that need to be addressed.
    So, where’s Obama? Nothing wrong with signing a small package, during all the partys with the Clintons. Why the need to jump out with this enormous untransparent loosly written stimulous package; which includes paying for the terrorist prisoners from Pig Bay to come and live better then the New Orleanors. Only Democrats should fund the terrorist hotels and trials in American.
    No, Obama is complained twice at the Demo party retreatment about having to stay in hotel’s because of “they” getting in his way. The hotel was probably a “green hotel”, where he can’t even smoke on the premises. And those sweat drops on his face, gosh. Give the guy a cigerette. That will do away with his auto emmission bill. He gushed about Air Force 1, so I guess you can smoke and drink on it. Give the guy a cigerette. The worsening of his mental disorder is bad enough. He even bit chewed his fingernail nail during a moment the sweat was dripping off his face. Dang give him a valume or something. Something to slow him down.

    • 1sttofight says:

      He does seem wound a bit to tight the last few days.

      Must be hard to snort a line these days what with all those SS always hanging around.

    • proreason says:

      Put yourself in The Moron’s shoes.

      He has never been responsible for anything in his life.
      He has been clothed, fed and pampered by his handlers since he was an undergraduate.
      He has been like a little prince. Nobody has ever said no to him in his adult life.
      He has been able to do anything he wanted, without restrictions or consequences.
      Even the most minor character flaws or bad habits (i.e., nicotine addiction) have been papered over.
      He has never been materially criticized. Whenever there was hint, he shouted racism and that was that.
      In the past two years he has been told he is a genius, historic, sexy, a healer, a uniter and a demi-god.
      So naturally, he thinks his poops are relics.

      The last 17 days are his first experience with dissent in any way, shape or manner.

      It’s a miracle he hasn’t cracked up already.

      Let’s hope he does soon, before we are all dead.

  7. canary says:

    So, Obama, sign an extension before either our hybrid or suv’s crashes. They will never put the blame on Obama.

  8. canary says:

    Why doesn’t Brad Pit help them form a protest and put pressure on Obama.

  9. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    Dang it! How many years do we have to hold these people’s hands? I know that hard times come our way when we least expect it but how many years is it going to take for these people to get their act together? After I relocated from Florida due to hurricane Andrew, my wife and I decided to visit a year later to see how our friends were doing. Many had rebuilt their homes, cleaned up the debris and were for the most part were back on the path to normalcy. While I’m sure that some of them received FEMA assistance, most made do with their insurance claims checks. Tough times don’t last but tough people do. And the resilient and resourceful learn to make do and adjust to life’s continuing circumstances. After almost twenty years of being out of the work force my wife is going back to work to help make ends meet. We don’t view this as a step back but as a step forward to help ourselves out of the current economic slump. BTW, if our economy is so badly in the tank, then how did my wife find a job so quickly?

    • onapalehorse says:

      I Agree Rage – My uncle is in the keys , place was a mess…so what did they do? They rebuilt!!! – it was done in a couple months.

    • brad says:

      Ever argue with a social worker about putting the responsibility of working etc on the backs of black people and others that use their services? Be prepared for a conversation with an insane person. When you finally have them cornered, they break out the “This sounds like racism to me”— playbook. At no point are people ever responsible for ANY of their living conditions. The 1st and only answer is, “Society and gov’t aren’t doing enough to solve this problem.” I always say in return, “Clients aren’t doing enough to solve their own problems. Who is to blame? The citizen, or a distant and uncaring gov’t?”

      These enablers are part of the problem. They listen to stupid people, then match them with as many gov’t handouts as they can find. There are few conditions for them to receive or continue to receive money and services.

  10. dulcimergrl says:

    I’m generally a charitible person, but I have only one thing to say about these folks: Boo frickin’ hoo.

  11. BigOil says:

    What’s with all the saddness? These people should be brimming with Hope. After all, they are about to be stimulated by all of us dupes that pay taxes.

    Their gravy train will be rolling for at least the next four years – likely much longer.

    • brad says:

      I don’t feel sorry for beggars. Katrina was in 2005 for chissakes!

      I feel sorry for the productive people, who play by the rules, have kids, and are getting white hairs about their job situation.

      How about tell this woman to get a husband BEFORE having two lazy, slightly overweight, brat kids sitting on the couch doing nothing. That is playing by the rules.

      When the charity wagon pulls away, and times are tough, all I can say is, “Too bad lady! You had more opportunities as a black person to get free college and a free job. Now you are just going to have to suffer along with the rest of us!”

  12. TwilightZoned says:

    “As many as 80 percent of DHAP tenants might be eligible for permanent Section 8 rental assistance…”

    Makes me wonder why the program was named, Section 8. Maybe because it’s crazy to continue programs such as this when study after study has proven children born into poverty are at an extremely high percentage of remaining in it, having their own children, and continuing this perpetual cycle. I see why most people end up in poverty. Education and hard work are NOT priorities as well as a having a sense of being entitled. These attitudes have been passed on for generations. I’d venture to say most of us hard working, tax payers are really sick and tired of those, who ARE capable, refusing to do for themselves.

    • brad says:

      Isn’t it great to see black people rejoice at the end of slavery…..then seem perfectly happy to sit and do nothing with their freedom?

      Or how about integrating school systems so blacks have a better education? Oops! Looks like black kids don’t do any better, and the white schools and students are brought down to ghetto level. Hmm, that didn’t work so well did it? Whites move away, make better schools, and the blacks keep chasing after them.

      Martin Luther King’s vision of a colorless society? Whoops! Looks like racial favoritism IS a pretty good thing after all! Then blacks pretend MLK never meant equality, he meant racial reversal.

      Or how about all those youth summer programs, new libraries, midnight basketball programs to help black youth? What do they do with it? nothing….

  13. Rusty Shackleford says:

    1) Those two kids sitting on the couch look very much like they’re watching TV
    2) Bet mama got one o’ dem ‘cell phones…or a wall phone at least.
    3) This is how it works, America. If you want yours…become a victim. I personally am a victim of the “Unfair Treatment of White, Employed, Not-In-Debt-To-My-Eyeballs, Pay-My-Rent Act”

    Oh…wait….no such thing…or is there? Could be that “stimulus” package might qualify.

    So, if I whine loud enough…I think the hopey-changey administration will see the problem here. Problem is, I already put myself through college….already did service to my nation…..already paid my child support….damn….there MUST be an angle….

    I’ll get back to you.

  14. caligirl9 says:

    Before Katrina hit, how many of these “unemployed” people were already unemployed sittin’ at home waiting for the check and gov’ment cheese?

    When able-bodied people whine about not being able to get a job and worse yet, not even trying, I get pissed. Are the people who lived through the Midwest floods last year sitting around waiting for the check and government to make jobs for them?

    Amazing that Iowa and Louisiana are in the same nation; the mindset couldn’t be more different.

    • 1sttofight says:

      Only blacks can be victums.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Tru dat, yo.

    • caligirl9 says:

      I am sure slow on the uptake today …

      Did I read a quote in that article from someone named Charles Record, described as a “disabled man”:

      “I guess we’re going to have to become a burden to our children.”

      Um, isn’t it an honor and a duty in most cultures to try to care for your parents?

      What a lovely mentality this nation cultivates, that the gov’ment is the teat that nourishes and the parent who takes care of us all.

      As long as a person is a “victim” of Katrina, I guess that is okay.

  15. DGA says:

    My God, obama has only been in office for, what, three weeks, and already he’s being mean to those poor choice people in NO, by cutting off their RIGHT to housing ( I know it’s a right, I found a trashed copy of the constitution in the dumpster out back of the White House, I’m sure I read it in there somewhere). Must be a racist thing, what else could it be?

  16. brad says:

    Have you any idea what opportunities are out there for black people that are not available to anyone else? Just look up African American grants, scholarships, tutors, forgiveness loans, etc. etc. It numbers in the 10s of 1000s!

    All these idiots would have to do is apply for college, and they could stay there for life with free rent, books, and all the works! Heck, at my university, there is a recruitment quota and guess what? A graduation quota! How do they make that graduation quota? By pressuring the professors to pass the students to make the number cut-off.

    In short, black folks don’t need to do anything but apply, everything else it taken care of.

    AND if this woman in the article is or was a nurse? –MOVE AWAY! There are plenty of nursing jobs around the county, why stay there, be poor, and whine about it? Affirmative Action is your way to unlimited jobs, or have you been in a cave since the 60s?

    • Gila Monster says:

      “All these idiots would have to do is apply for college, and they could stay there for life with free rent, books, and all the works! “

      Hmmm? Isn’t that how the Obamessiah did it? And then you can run for POTUS!!

      Right now, here in AZ, they are hiring NA’s at $15 to $20 per hour with previous experience.

      I believe Ms. Johnson’s problem with employment is likely her own reluctance to work for a living, it’s certainly not the lack of opportunities for her gainful employment, IMHO.

    • proreason says:

      “Isn’t that how the Obamessiah did it?”

      Well, he didn’t actually have the initiative to apply.

      They picked him.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Brad, Brad, Brad…… if YOU will give them a ride to the office and wheel them into the office and do the work in the office for them, then they will be MORE than happy to apply themselves. On the other hand……WHY should da’? It be F-A-R easier to sit and bitch about free shiite than do somptin’ bout et!

      After all N.O. is below “C” Level so nothing makes sense, see?

  17. TickTock says:

    This is a wonderful example of the democrat Plantation Mentality they have sown and nurtured in areas with very large black populations, while at the same time engineering a dumbed-down public education system that dooms the people to failure.. Only the brightest have enough reason to take advantage of the system and land themselves in Marxist universities that are all too willing to coddle and foment hatred toward America and all she stands for.

    The rest just sit in the gehetto with their hands out.

    When will they figure out who the real racists are? Obamy sure won’t tell them.

    • TwilightZoned says:

      First, you are correct with dumbed-down public education. I know first hand most, if not all, states have lowered the American Psychological Association standards which qualifies students for mentally handicapped programs. It used to be a 79 IQ (APA) was considered borderline retarded. In my area it is 69. When asked why, I was told it was because too many black children were in special education (ESE) classes. So what has happened…general ed. teachers now have to cater to the fewer who are at the lower end of the spectrum and those in the upper or gifted range are not challenged, unless they go to private or prep schools. Heaven forbid we go back to ability grouping where like children can excel…that would be racist! The push now is for all ESE students to be included into the general ed. classes including the moderately mentally handicapped (a.k.a. trainable) Unfortunately, this, all to often, is not being done correctly and I see classes with as many as 50% gen. ed. and 50% ESE students. IMHO none of these students are getting the education they deserve.
      Second, failure mainly occurs when education is NOT a priority in the home. There is NOTHING a school district can do to make these students attend, study, and succeed. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink comes to mind. This type of student is wasting space and tax payer dollars. Unfortunately, the applied logic is-the student screws up, punish the teacher.
      IMHO our education system has the ability to be top notch, such as the case with dedicated gifted, advanced placement, or college prep schools. (a.k.a. ability grouped) But it’s sure hard when teachers have both hands tied behind their backs and quotas require districts to hire unqualified teachers. O.K. I feel better now.

    • caligirl9 says:

      I posted this story in the “News” thread.

      An example of an African American family doing what we all should do for our lazy kids:


      Kudos to these parents for choosing to do the politically incorrect thing for their son!

    • brad says:

      It is no coincidence that the larger the black population, the worse the social conditions are.

      The little secret that goes unreported is this:

      1. Black men father children from multiple black women.

      2. Black women have kids from different fathers.

      3. Black boys and girls have sex with each other, not knowing who their fathers were (they both had the same father)

      4. Black communities are filled with mentally retarded children.

      5. Cycle repeats.

      The gov’t has been trying to break up black communities, spread them out, bus them off to other schools, give housing grants so they get away from each other and end the inbreeding cycle.

      *And it’s all “societies” fault for low test scores, and lack of social movement…..tisk tisk.

  18. sheehanjihad says:

    What surprises me is the lack of reference to hurricane Wilma that slammed into the southwestern coast of Florida in 05, wreaking havoc and destruction and causing almost 30 Billion dollars in damages….also the most intense storm in history, and a direct hit with sustained winds of 120mph with gusts in excess of 155. I know! I was right in the eye wall , watching a parade of ripped off lanais sailing past my house.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hurricane_Wilma

    What I mean to point out here is, we had massive flooding, massive destruction, and FEMA assistance available…but people here rolled up their sleeves, cleaned up the mess, rebuilt as quickly as possible, and within six months, only the vast amounts of missing trees, and the standing ones bared of any leaves or leaning in the direction the were pushed by the wind gave any hint to the fact that we were hit.

    There was scarcely a mention in the news, and almost everyone outside my area doesnt remember “Wilma” at all! They do however, remember Katrina, because of the horrible lack of city leadership, and the entirely partisan ignorance of their governor…Blanco. We didnt look for, or expect handouts. But then again, we werent living from cradle to grave on welfare entitlements either….

    so to those leeches who are aghast at losing their free ride….too bad, so sad. Move back. Ray Nagin’s chocolate city is awash in the programs that will keep you on the dole for the rest of your lives. Nagin got almost 6.5 BILLION dollars to rebuild NO…and even though I havent been there, I am sure he has cleaned it all up, rebuilt the levees, and your fine homes…and he will spend some of that money to keep you happy. Go back to the Chocolate Paradise…..we are out of patience.

    Voule vous couche’ avec moi, c’est soir?

  19. GuppyNblue says:

    We could write volumes about the need for self-responsibility but the country is heading in the opposite direction. Congress and the new administration are all about the growth of government dependency.

    No matter how much charity and taxes are spent on the likes of Ms. Johnson, do you think it will ever be appreciated? No, leftist ideologues need perps just as much as they need victims. We saw enormous generosity after Katrina but the story today is all about America’s neglect.

    They’ll get the extension and probably the permanent section 8 as well. There is high demand for nurses and assistants (many hospitals will ship them across the country to employ them) but that means Ms. Johnson will have to get up in the morning and go to work. She’ll miss her programs and staying up late making babies that she can’t afford to buy a bed for.

    • brad says:

      I like the, you-white-people-haven’t-been-helping-me-enough look on her face. Meanwhile, her two lazy children are sitting on the couch doing nothing, and…….where is the other breadwinner of the house? hmmmm.

      What DON’T we do for black people?
      Free education: They destroy their schools.
      Free college: They are passed on without even trying.
      Free jobs: They barely work, or get fired.
      Free welfare: They use the time to have more kids.
      Multiple social services: Yet their kids are potential criminals or welfare mothers.

      We can’t wipe your a** for you too! With some of these people, you just have to have a social mandate, “You don’t work, you don’t eat. If you want to die, we won’t stop you.”

  20. U NO HOO says:

    A million men and moms could get to DC in the 90s…what happened to all that fervor?

  21. yellarcan says:

    “get in here and we’ll see you the spot”
    DHAP spokesperson: DHAP how may we help?
    Caller(your choice): Uh yea, I need to see if I can get the government to pay , I mean help pay my rent.
    DHAP: Sure, if you will just come into the office, we’ll get ya fixed up.
    Caller: I wish I could but I got shot in the leg during the war and I can’t walk and I don’t have anyone to drive me there.
    DHAP: I see, well how old are you?
    Caller: 47
    DHAP: Uh, their wasn’t a war going when you became of age to join the military unless you mean Desert storm.
    Caller: NO not that one. The drug wars baby.
    Sorry. but I was making a point, and that being some of these lazy bastards suck off of the government teat and live in a house the government pays for so they can hide to sell dope. Without a house their business goes down the tubes. And before any bleeding heart Gore-bots start that “oh that never happens”. I will call BS on ya.

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