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Some US Labor Union Statistics To Remember

From The Center For Union Facts:

Union Facts: Vital Statistics

Financial Information

  • Annual Dues Paid to Unions: $8,209,113,955
  • Total Union Assets: $8,775,962,626
  • Total Spending
    • Representational Activities: $4,074,510,945
    • Political Activities: $582,248,875
    • External Contributions: $333,982,197
    • Overhead: $3,914,513,501
  • Unions that fail to pass Department of Labor audits: 92%

Those are some impressive numbers. Over $8 billion in annual dues. And they don’t pay any taxes on that. And note the over half a billion dollars spent in political activities.

Union Officials

  • Total union officers and staff members: 173,389 people
  • Total compensation paid to union officials and officers: $1,152,061,495
  • Total compensation paid to union employees: $2,563,981,776

Almost 175,000 union officers? And note that their compansation totals almost half as much as that paid to the rank and file members.


  • Major Unions with White Presidents: 94%
  • Major Unions with Male Presidents: 89%

Where is the NAACP? Where is NOW? No businesses would be allowed to get away with such blatant discrimination.

Political Activity

Crime, Corruption, and Violence

  • Recorded Incidents of Union Violence and Intimidation since 1975: 9,000+
  • Union Racketeering Indictments since 2001: 2,056
  • Fines Paid Resulting from DOL Racketeering Investigations since 2001: $670 million

Hmmm. (Though it is amusing to see this listed under "Political Activity.")


  • Union Election Win Rate: 68.6%

    Unions claim the traditional secret ballot election is “broken,” yet unions The National Labor Relations Board reports that unions won 915 of the 1,333 elections that they called in FY 2009.

    Source: National Labor Relations Board Annual Report, FY 2009, Table 13.

  • Unions Organized by Card Check: 38%

    An analysis of data from the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) indicates that 38 percent of all union recognitions in 2009 bypassed secret ballot elections, and instead used card checks to unionize employees. Specifically, the NLRB reports that unions won 794 single-union representation elections (RC). During that period, the NLRB recorded 485 notices of card check union recognition.

    Source: National Labor Relations Board Dana Notices.

  • Percentage of Employees that Voted for their union: Less than 10%

    Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the National Labor Relations Board indicates that less than 10 percent of currently unionized employees voted for the union in their workplace.

Where is the outrage?

Union Membership as a percentage of total U.S. Labor Force

  • Total Union Members: 14.7 Million
  • Percentage of Workforce that is Unionized: 11.9%
    • Private Sector Employees: 7.0 million (6.9%)
    • Public Sector Employees: 7.6 million (36.2%)

Which is another reason why Obama and the Democrats don’t care about the private sector.

To be fair, the Center for Union Facts is an interest group critical of union officials’ activities that launched in 2006. It is one of several advocacy and public relations groups created by Richard Berman. Berman’s Washington, DC based public affairs firm, Berman and Co., specializes in research, communications and advertising.

CUF appears to be funded by donations from business. And among other things, CUF is strongly opposed to ‘card check.’ But their figures seem to be reasonably well sourced.

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    2 Responses to “Some US Labor Union Statistics To Remember”

    1. mr_bill says:

      $8 billion in annual dues! $8 billion in assets! It looks like these billionaires aren’t paying their fair share! Tax the unions!

    2. Helena says:

      These numbers are astonishing. And union dues are deductible, so this money is NEVER taxed. If the Democrats are looking for cash, here’s a big fat bundle. But that would cut into their campaign contributions. Republicans ought to trumpet these numbers everywhere and every single day.

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