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Soros Hires GOP Stalkers (Caught Todd Akin)

From the Washington Times:

Outspent on ads, Dems pay ‘trackers’ to tail candidates for dirt

By Luke Rosiak | Tues August 28, 2012

A George Soros-funded super PAC is vowing to send operatives to stake out Republican campaigns to hunt for and to record any gaffes or controversial statements the candidates may make.

On Tuesday, American Bridge sent a fundraising plea to supporters asking for money to pay for “trackers,” a term for political operatives who sometimes tail opponents.

The organization, which includes both a super PAC that discloses its donors and a nonprofit group that does not, bragged in its fundraising letter about its flagging the clip of Rep. W. Todd Akin, Missouri Republican, making comments about “legitimate rape” that led top Republicans to call for his exit from that state’s U.S. Senate race.

“When our trackers caught Rep. Todd Akin in an interview talking about ‘legitimate rape,’ his invitation to the Republican Convention in Tampa was revoked,” Rodell Mollineau, president of American Bridge, says in the letter.

So now we know how this off the cuff exchange in an interview with a local news station made the national news. It was a George Soros operation.

The same champion of women who is famous for shafting his mistresses.

He also cited a news report saying that Republicans were hiding from its footage-seekers at the Tampa convention now under way.

“Lobbyists fear political trackers fielded by groups such as the American Bridge, a Democratic opposition research organization, might catch camera footage of Republicans flirting with corporate America,” he said.

How can you flirt with a non-person.

“The more lights we turn on, the more Republicans and their cronies will scatter. And the more they try and hide, the harder we’ll work to uncover the truth. … Help us keep the pressure on ­— give $25 or more to help us hold Republicans accountable,” the email says…

Most states have ‘stalking laws.’ But apparently they don’t cover anyone who is foolish enough to run for public office as a Republican.

But hiring stalkers is nothing new for George Soros. As we noted back in 2007, Mr. Soros hired stalkers to harass Republican Congressmen 24/7 over their August vacation, in an effort to force them to vote to end funding for our troops fighting in Iraq.

And, of course, he helps fund Media Matters.

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6 Responses to “Soros Hires GOP Stalkers (Caught Todd Akin)”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    The truth is, Soros and Dems wanted to hire assassins and bomb throwers

    If we lose this election, that’s what the next four years will be

    Because Washington has become a hive of Kill Whitey, Kill Christians, Kill Constitutionalists, and especially kill anyone we disagree with.

    Even our vaunted military dares not defy them.

  2. River0 says:

    Soros has spent many, many millions in vain. The more he works to undermine freedom, the more fired up we get. He was a big motivating factor in 2010 and he will be this time, too.

    He’s not the same bragging and posturing figure he once was.

  3. canary says:

    Soros doesn’t provide health care or benefits for the thugs he hires to track and harass Conservatives.

    I would suggest Republican’s apply for the jobs, but most likely if they are found out to be Conservatives they will be found dead in a ditch if not buried on Harry’s ranch in Nevada.

  4. canary says:

    Pleease questions? Is David Axelrod stalking anyone else out there but me; with I guess what you would call Spam?

    His name and the subject: “If this President loses…….”

    I hope that Spam is the name for this mail. I’m used to Republican Politician Names mail as in updates and donate.

    But, most would not know who the heck he is. Is that why the Democrats are using a nobody who is a major Obama puppet string worker & ghost writer?

    We know him, but try to be objective and pretend you are

    Is that why Obama is using an unfamiliar PR idiot so you wonder “gee. who can that be?

    To where as if Obama used his name like other politicians would be more routine, but still shocking.

    So, is this a massive e-mail stunt? I am too fragile to feel so violated and molested by a filthy scum bag.

    QUESTION: So, do I click spam or just delete. It feels like a dream. I am afraid I will have nightmares and I feel really scared. Seriously, this is not one of my cootie jokes.

    I’ll tell say this. If the President loses, I will feel less fearful to know there is not just a Democrat as president but a monsterous person who hated Whites, Jews, Christians, and the U.S.A. his entire life.
    A man who not put his hand on his heart to the American flag. A man who took his flag pen off to make a statement that took not a word to get across.

    • canary says:

      Please can someone explain this so I feel better. And to get an email at “night time” from someone who pats Obama on the back he has the sex offenders votes?

      Answers please. It’s making me cry.

  5. River0 says:

    Dear canary,

    “This election is a battle for the soul of America,” Romney said a few weeks ago. Behind all the glitz, glamor, lies, gross Leftist distortions, and glare of the lights, an epic conflict is nearing its end.

    We’re in a spiritual battle with profound evil. The fact that most people don’t see it is added evidence. The stakes are huge. You sense this, and are confused and disturbed by all the apathy and ignorance. Sometimes it gets to me, too.

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