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Latest Scare Tactic From Soros/MoveOn

I’m truly appalled. The following email was forwarded to me from a person who a) should know better b) is a major powerbehind the most prestigious and powerful organ of our one-party main stream media.

It’s just the latest brain fever from one of Soro’s many paid stooges, those public health experts at MoveOn.org:

Subject: Tell your friends: Replace Simonson, Prepare for a Flu Pandemic

Dear friend,

Apparently the Bush administration did not learn anything from the Michael Brown/FEMA debacle. The Bush administration’s point man for a flu pandemic is another crony with no experience related to his job. Stewart Simonson, the Assistant Secretary for Public Health Emergency Preparedness at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), has no public health management experience. He got his job because he is close with former HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson.

Will you join me in urging the Bush administration to replace Simonson with a more obviously qualified person?


We can’t sit by and let another unqualified appointee put our public health at risk.


Because of some guy being appointed to be the Assistant Secretary for Public Health Emergency Preparedness--an office I’m sure nobody at MoveOn had ever even heard of before– we are all going to die.

And notice how this lie is built upon the lie that FEMA did such a terrible job with Katrina. It simply didn’t. In fact, it was probably FEMA’s quickest and most effective response to any national disaster to date. But never mind, the lie is now established thanks to the MSM/DNC.

It matters not a sous that Simonson has no public health background. The fact is he is just going into a management job in a bureaucracy. He’s managed other bureaucracies.

The puppet-master Soros, and his fellow America-hating well-poisoners on the left, never rest.

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