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Soros: US Prisons A Costly Harmful Failure

Some more water-carrying by Reuters for their master George Soros:

Prison system a costly and harmful failure: report

By Randall Mikkelsen Mon Nov 19

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The number of Americans in prison has risen eight-fold since 1970, with little impact on crime but at great cost to taxpayers and society, researchers said in a report calling for a major justice-system overhaul.

The report released on Monday… recommends shorter sentences and parole terms, alternative punishments, more help for released inmates and decriminalizing recreational drugs as steps that would cut the prison population in half, save $20 billion a year and ease social inequality without endangering the public…

The report was produced by the JFA Institute, a Washington criminal-justice research group, and its authors included eight criminologists from major U.S. public universities. It was funded by the Rosenbaum Foundation and financier George Soros’s Open Society Institute.

Its recommendations run counter to broad U.S. public support for getting tough on criminals through longer, harsher sentences and to the Bush administration’s anti-drug stance

Although the U.S. crime rate declined in the 1990s and much of this decade, it is still about the same as in 1973, it said. But the prison population has soared because sentences have gotten longer and people who violate parole or probation are more likely to be imprisoned.

There is no evidence that keeping people in prison longer makes us any safer,” JFA President James Austin, a co-author of the report, said in a release…

Women represent the fastest-growing segment of the prison population, the report said. The result is increased social and racial inequality.

“The massive incarceration of young males from mostly poor- and working-class neighborhoods, and the taking of women from their families and jobs, has crippled their potential for forming healthy families and achieving economic gains,” it said.

Hey, never mind the facts.

From the US Department Of Justice:

Four Measures of Violent Crime Chart

Serious violent crime levels declined since 1993.

Property Crime Trends Chart

Property crime rates continue to decline.

Number of Incidents and Victims of Nonfatal Firearm-related Violent Crime Chart

Nonfatal firearm-related crime has plummeted since 1993.

Violent Crime Trends by Gender of Victim Chart

Violent crime rates declined for both males and females since 1994.

Prisoners by conviction offense Chart

Over half of the increase in State prison population since 1995 is due to an increase in the prisoners convicted of violent offenses.

Yes, it is painfully obvious what a failure our prisons have been over the last decade or so.

Still, if George Soros says US prisons are failing, who are we to argue? We all know he wants nothing but the best for this country.

And so what about the personal safety of the rest of us? The man must have his weed.

Nevertheless, one wonders about the great man’s opinions on French prisons. Where, in fact, he should be residing as we speak.

But of course laws are only for the little people.

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