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Source: Weiner Is Considering Resigning

From the New York Daily News:

Rep. Anthony Weiner finally considering he may have to resign amid sexting scandal, says source

By Alison Gendar [sic]
Sunday, June 12th 2011

WASHINGTON – Rep. Anthony Weiner finally began considering Sunday the possibility that he may have to resign, as yet another cache of embarrassing photos appeared.

A source close to the congressman told the Daily News that he had been adamant about keeping his seat – even amid daily new revelations of his reckless sexting.

We for one would hate for us to not have Weiner to kick around anymore. But it is out of our hands, thankfully.

But the unrelenting media coverage, the demands from his party’s leaders that he step down and the appearance of more humiliating photos made Weiner realize he may not be able to bull his way through the crisis after all, the source said.

According to other reports, Mr. Weiner still wants to stick it out, but his staff has seen enough.

TMZ published a new slew of squirm-inducing self-portraits, apparently taken in the House gym – some clothed, some not. Several show Weiner showing off his naked body holding only his camera and his privates. In others, he is clothed or draped in a white towel, flexing his muscles as he holds a camera up to his reflection in a locker room mirror.

Luckily, all of these photos are Rahm Emanuel-free.

TMZ said the photos were sent online to at least one woman and said the House gym venue raises new questions about his use of congressional resources for his salacious cybering.

How can their be any questions? Mr. Weiner swears he never used any congressional resources.

Another source close to Weiner said the congressman was surprised it took two weeks for the gym photos to surface.

Weiner shrugged off calls to resign from top Democrats – including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Steve Israel of Long Island and Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida. He worried more about what his rank-and-file colleagues think, a source said.

Obviously, the members of Congress loom large in his mind.

The source said one of the only people Weiner would listen to is his mentor, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.). Schumer has said he is “heartbroken” over Weiner’s implosion, but has stopped short of telling him to quit.

It was Mr. Schumer who inflicted Mr. Weiner on the nation. Why won’t he take more of an active role in his removal?

The other person Weiner will take advice from – his wife, Huma Abedin – is in Africa with her boss, Secretary of State Clinton. Weiner is still convinced Abedin won’t divorce him, and is telling people she wants him to stay in Congress, sources said.

The lusty lawmaker is afraid of what Clinton, who has some experience with misbehaving husbands, may be whispering to Abedin, the source said.

One has to wonder why the ‘smartest woman in the world’ did not warn her protégé and surrogate daughter away from Mr. Weiner in the first place. Especially since Mr. Weiner told Huma of his peculiar hobby before they were married.

The last two weeks have taken a toll on the congressman, who isn’t sleeping and spends hours pacing his apartment, friends said.

Judging from his very active tweeter life, it doesn’t sound like Mr. Weiner is used to much sleep anyway.

He announced Saturday that he was taking a leave of absence to seek help at a mental health center. He told his staff he would be gone for a few days to be evaluated for mental health treatment and get some clarity. Staffers say they expect he won’t make any career decisions until after his wife comes home Wednesday

Don’t be surprised if Mrs. Weiner says he should stay in office. After all, she might have her eye on a run for the Senate or maybe even the Presidency. Or maybe she will eventually settle for Secretary of State.

Whatever her long term goals, Huma will probably see standing by her man as a good career move for herself. After all, it has worked before.

Party leaders lost patience with Weiner on Saturday when he admitted to directly messaging a 17-year-old girl, although both he and the girl’s family say their communications contained nothing inappropriate.

Lest we forget, the first subject of Mr. Weiner’s ‘sexting’ to surface also denied everything. (As did Monica Lewinsky.)

But in the end, we suspect it was this correspondence with an under-aged girl that was the final nail in his already nail-filled coffin, as far as the Democrat leadership was concerned.

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11 Responses to “Source: Weiner Is Considering Resigning”

  1. Right of the People says:

    “Party leaders lost patience with Weiner on Saturday when he admitted to directly messaging a 17-year-old girl, although both he and the girl’s family say their communications contained nothing inappropriate.”

    What party do you suppose the girl’s parents vote for?

    I know if a sick bastard like Weiner did something to that to my daughter when she was 17, I sure as hell wouldn’t sit back and do nothing especially if he sent a photo like the one that started this whole mess. He’d have to change his name to Weinerless.

  2. oldpuppydixie says:

    A hyper-arrogant, leftist, sexual deviate, New Yorker RESIGN just because he is a hyper-arrogant, leftist, sexual deviate, New Yorker? I’ll believe it when I see it.

  3. Chase says:

    Poor man! Weiner (D-NY) has no law degree, no real prospects, and hasn’t saved a nickel of his generous salary over the past 12 years in office… He might have to work, won’t have access likely to a free gym to use “on the clock,” tsk, tsk, how tough when the self-appointed elite have to face real lfe.

    Must be a station manager somewhere with a sense of humor, a clown costume, and the need for a stand-in weatherman….

  4. tranquil.night says:

    My inner Liberal has only grown more suspicious over time that Weiner was hoisted onto the Altar of Public Sacrifice by the Obama Team as a shot across the deck at Team Clinton, as maybe a Chicago-esque warning to check where their loyalties are at if they’re thinking of any move in 2012.

  5. Freedom615 says:

    I just read where Dear Leader has finally spoken out about the “member” of of the house. The prez said he’d resign if he were Anthony Weiner.

    Won’t you join me in a song as we dream along?

    With a apologies to Oscar Meyer:

    Oh I wish that O was just like Tony Weiner
    Oh that is what I’d truly like to see-e-e
    Because if O was just like Tony Weiner
    The USA would finally be free-e-e-e!

  6. xdannyh says:

    Rep Weiner is going for “treatment”….and the “treatment” for being an arrogant jackass with a Mt. Everest eclipsing stupidity factorial is……?????

  7. Chase says:

    Treatment is so typical – another deferral of the problem – “It’s an illness so it’s not my fault. I am not responsible….”

  8. Liberals Demise says:

    Looks like Hildabeast has cut short the visit to Africa.
    Pregnant wife to return home earlier than expected.
    Hide the knives and the cutting board, Tony.
    Btw…..she’s been getting advise from the Queen of Mean so…..don’t allow yourself to be Vinnie’d or Bobbited.

    • JohnMG says:

      How cool is that?

      Weiner has sought counseling, yet decides to bravely “stick it out”.

      Hillary has curtailed the Africa visit so Huma can return home early. Sumethin’ tells me the Africa trip ain’t the only thing being cut short. Poor Tony seems destined for an unscheduled revisit to his Bar Mitzva.


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