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‘Source’: WH Is Furious Over Speech Delay

From White House conduit, Roger Simon, at the Politico:

W.H. furious over speech delay

By: Roger Simon
September 1, 2011

It seemed like a trivial matter: On Wednesday, House Republicans forced the president to delay his speech to a joint session of Congress by one day.

Who cares? The White House cares. Very much.

“It is a big deal that the House said ‘no’ to the president from our end,” a White House source with intimate knowledge of what took place between the House and the president told me Thursday. “This confirms what we all know: They will do anything in the House to muck us up.”

For the record, Mr. Boehner didn’t say no. He just suggested another date. But look at the feigned victimhood from this supposed ‘source.’

On Wednesday, the White House staff did not know exactly what President Barack Obama was going to say in his major jobs speech, but it knew exactly where and when he was going to say it

A sentence that tells you all you ever need to know about Mr. Obama’s priorities.

But the planning turned out to be a mess, a mess that illuminates just how hyper-partisan politics have become on Capitol Hill at exactly the time Obama is calling for bipartisanship

Is this the same bipartisan Obama who calls Republicans an enemy that needs to be punished, and ‘hostage takers’? Whose Vice President calls the Tea Party supporters ‘terrorists’?

And, at first, things seemed to fall into place. At about 10 or 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday, White House chief of staff Bill Daley called House Speaker John Boehner and asked that a joint session of Congress be assembled the following Wednesday night. The White House viewed Boehner as a political opponent, but not an enemy and the call was cordial, even pro forma considering such a request had never before been refused.

We do not know whether a request for a specific date has ever been refused or not. We suspect such requests have been refused all the time.

And, according to the White House source, Boehner said “okay” to Daley’s request for the Wednesday evening date.

Which tells you that this supposed source is either a fantasy or a liar.

(Asked for comment, Boehner’s press secretary, Brendan Buck, said he had nothing to add to his statement of Wednesday that read in part: “No one in the speaker’s office – not the speaker, not any staff – signed off on the date the White House announced today.”) …

Funny how they would make such a bold statement that could be easily refuted — if it wasn’t true.

At 11:55 a.m. Wednesday, the White House tweeted the news about the joint session. “And then Rush Limbaugh beat Boehner up,” the source said.

Look at the logic here. If Mr. Obama’s scheduled joint session speech had been agreed, the White House would have ‘tweeted’ that. Instead, from what we have seen, all the tweets were that the White House had made a request to Congress for a JSOC speech.

The conservative talk show personality was in his familiar state of high dudgeon. “This is a pure campaign speech and to give it the imprimatur of a speech before a joint session of Congress, there’s no way, he doesn’t deserve that,” Limbaugh said. “Boehner’s got to say no. Now, whether he will, I have no clue.”

A number of Republicans in the House and a few in the Senate did have a clue and they told Boehner that while they would allow the joint session – it was hard not to for both historic and political reasons – the timing had to be on their terms, which meant it could not conflict with the Republican debate.

At which point Boehner’s office announced that Boehner had never agreed to the Wednesday date, that Congress did not get back into session until 6:30 p.m. on that day, that various votes had to be taken, that security had to be arranged and Obama should push his speech back a day to Thursday.

For the record, we don’t recall seeing Boehner’s office make any such announcement. Which makes sense, given that there would have been no need to refute something that had never existed.

The White House was not pleased. In reality, it believed, Congress really had never gone out of session, a parliamentary move that blocked Obama from making recess appointments. “And they had to arrange security?” the White House source scoffed. “As if they couldn’t do that! This was a political thing, a tea party thing, a Rush Limbaugh thing. They were all giving Boehner gas.”

The voice in Mr. Simon’s head This supposed White House source doesn’t know there are additional security measures taken when the President comes to the House to speak?

The White House did not want to give in and look weak, but what was the alternative? An Oval office speech instead? “You can’t speak for 40 minutes from the Oval Office,” the source said.

Why not? Surely there have been Oval Office speeches that have gone even longer. Certainly some of Obama’s speeches at least seemed to have gone longer.

How about the East Room? “He’s going to speak to an empty East Room with just the Teleprompters and staff there? No,” said the source[.]

You see, it was all about getting the stage setting and the extras that a speech to a joint session of Congress would provide.

“After a month of world chaos, the setting had to match the topic. And you don’t get any better setting than a joint session of Congress.”

Mr. Obama could have spoken from Martha’s Vineyard, if he wanted to cut short this terrible "month of world chaos."

In the end, the White House felt it had no choice but to give in on the date, and Obama sent an email to his supporters with the subject line: “Frustrated.” “It’s been a long time since Congress was focused on what the American people need them to be focused on,” Obama said in the email.

Really? It seems to us like the very focused debate on the debt ceiling was just a few weeks ago.

“I know that you’re frustrated by that. I am, too.” …

“It is a big deal,” the source said. “It shows the House Republicans will do no outreach, nothing.”

This anonymous source is really clutching at straws. If he even exists outside of Mr. Simon’s imagination.

This article was posted by Steve on Friday, September 2nd, 2011. Comments are currently closed.

7 Responses to “‘Source’: WH Is Furious Over Speech Delay”

  1. Enthalpy says:

    Sounds like someone at the White House is in a snit-and furious, too. Well, isn’t that just too bad? Mr. Obama’s latest blathering bs presentation has only been delayed by an event conflict. Get over it!

  2. JohnMG says:

    I’m SHOCKED, SHOCKED, I tell you. You’d think somebody spanked his little pee-pee and took his birthday away from him from the tantrum he’s throwing. But it can’t be all Boehner’s fault. Even NASCAR and the NFL have pi$$ed in his Post Toasties this week, and the jobs numbers announcement threatens to rain on his parade.

    Maybe a round of golf would ease his angst………or maybe a vacation. He’s been working sooo hard lately.

  3. canary says:

    pres Obama had the Packers for dinner at the White House, same week the Ramadan celebration.

    And it’s clear Obama will give his speech before the game starts. This is only a burden for Obama to give the speech which takes hundreds to help him with his teleprompter and rehearsals, and then to get to the football game to watch his team.

  4. Melly says:

    Steve, you just aptly described Barry’s 2012 campaign strategy: “feigned victimhood”
    You see it in the headlines, ie Barry “bowing” to Boehner, you hear it from the talking heads ie “it’s because of the color of his skin.” Barry even changed his campaign slogan from “Are you in?” to “Are you with me?” It’s all about him, always. He believes pity will be the driving force with liberal whites rather than guilt which was effective in 2008.

    • JohnMG says:

      Gotta’ admit, Melly, he IS the most pitiful thing I’ve seen in a long time.

    • Melly says:

      ah…so he has your vote JohnMG? ;-) You are right. He is pitiful and in for the shock of his life when he loses in 2012. It will be a blow to his narcissitic delusional pysche….everything was handed to him. He never earned a thing in his life. Just skipped along in life, guided and assisted by the socialistic mentors he encountered. I still want to know how a man who reportedly performed rather poorly in college and who sat around thereafter for close to 5 years doing what-we-will-never-know and with-whom-we-will-never-know gets into Havard Law School?

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