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Spanish Priest Dies Of Ebola Even After Zmapp Treatment

From the Associated Press:

Hospital says Spanish priest with Ebola dies

By CIARAN GILES | August 12, 2014

MADRID (AP) — A spokeswoman for a Madrid hospital says a Spanish missionary priest who was evacuated from Liberia last week after testing positive for Ebola has died. The spokeswoman said Miguel Pajares, 75, died Tuesday at Carlos III Hospital, where he was being treated.

Spain’s Health Ministry said Monday it had obtained a course of the U.S.-made experimental drug ZMapp over the weekend to treat the priest.

So why were we told that the drug company was completely out of Zmapp and it would take months to make more?

The Madrid hospital on Tuesday would not confirm that he had been treated with the drug, but his order said earlier he would be.

The hospital official spoke on condition of anonymity because the hospital’s rules prevent staff from being identified.

Why all the mystery and confusion? That just causes more fear and fear-mongering.

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One Response to “Spanish Priest Dies Of Ebola Even After Zmapp Treatment”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    They say he was given Zmapp ..

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