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Spending Deal Is ‘Still Under Negotiation’

From the Daily Caller:

Fine print of spending deal ‘still under negotiation’

By Jonathan Strong – The Daily Caller  04/10/2011

Washington is busy anointing winners and losers in the 11th hour spending deal struck late Friday to avert government shutdown, but meanwhile the staffs of the House and Senate appropriations committees are busy at work negotiating the fine print.

“The agreement was on overall funding levels and some of the more controversial policy riders,” said Jennifer Hing, spokeswoman for House Appropriations Committee Chairman Hal Rogers, “the rest of the policy riders and funding levels for individual programs are still under negotiation.”

The issue is important because the House-passed spending bill, H.R. 1, included scores of policy riders – issues that remain unresolved even as the public views the deal with finality.

Hing said the committee staffs are “making progress” and hope to file legislative text reflecting the deal Monday night.

Among the policy riders on which we know were decided: National Public Radio and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting survived, funding for Obamacare survived, and Planned Parenthood survived, although Republicans get a guaranteed up or down vote on defunding that organization, America’s largest abortion provider, in the Senate.

Additionally, none of the dozens of riders curtailing strict new environmental regulations at the Environmental Protection Agency are included.

A spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid confirmed the details above Saturday. However, the negotiations on the fine print are now outside of each party’s leader’s offices.

Included in the list of riders for which no public information is available, and thus are likely still under negotiation:

– A rider banning funding on President Obama’s numerous “czars.”

– Riders that would rescind unobligated money from Obama’s economic stimulus (promotional material for the deal indicates this was a Republican “win,” but no concrete details are available).

– The exact structure of the Obamacare consolation prize riders. Promotional material indicated that, for instance, Republicans would get a full “audit” of the waivers given to companies and unions but many details are still forthcoming.

– A rider banning foreign aid to Saudi Arabia.

– A rider ending subsidies to mohair farmers.

It would seem that the Republicans lost a lot more of these riders than they won.

For the record, here is the complete list (a pdf file) of all of the riders attached to the House spending bill.

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4 Responses to “Spending Deal Is ‘Still Under Negotiation’”

  1. tranquil.night says:

    “There is something special about nihilistic joy. You spot doom on the horizon. You track it. Doom comes in, at constant bearing and decreasing range, despite every possible maneuver to avoid it. And the doom is so huge as to cause the people in charge to loop in stage one of the Kübler- Ross Model, not merely denying the problem, but actively repeating behaviors that worsen it.” – Smitty from The Other McCain.

    Fear truly is a powerful weapon for getting one’s way. We’re witnessing a successful Terrorist victory here.

  2. canary says:

    Another reason Obama and liberals holding out to continue taxes going to planned parenthood who abort babie, is bad for the USA.

    I think of what the world thinks of the USA. It rather surprised me that the “muslim youth” in Egypt are saying they knew nothing about the world outside. We do know the Chavez’s & those of Obama mentality
    who want to determine what news we get.

    Media has left out why China has told US to quit preaching to them about humanity and treating humans.

    I think if anything is taught global are courses of Obama’s murder of full term baby’s which he just fought
    for vigorously.
    No doubt these countries are shown pictures such as the out and out slaughtering of baby’s. The photos are horrendous.
    Obama and liberals could actually be contributing to already backward animal behavior in other countries who don’t progress from eating body parts, and aiming for the necks.
    In my youth I was shown middle-east school papers that taught to hate America. They learned math by circling grenades type things.

    I’ve heard preachers say abortion is wrong because it puts us in a nation that God will condemn in the Old Testament. .
    I don’t accept it. I don’t believe I will “pay” or be punished for that sin, though I literally “pay” for it. In the beginning of office Obama immediately starting funding abortions in Africa. Who is Obama to preach to anyone.

  3. BillK says:

    NPR and ObamaCare spending survives.

    Proving yet again why the RNC will never again see dollar one from me.

    Boehner and the Republicans rolled over and played dead for the Democrats – that should be obvious to everyone by now.

  4. xdannyh says:

    Chief clown Bohener stands the old adage “winning the battle but losing the war” on it’s head. The war was won in November, but Bohener is determined to lose every battle. This fool is the Republicans’ Biden.The only thing that will get big gov’s attention is for the masses to declare a tax holiday or better yet a complete tax shutdown.

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