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Spies Won’t Re-Set US-Russian Relations

From a relieved Agence France-Pressee (AFP):

Russia, US try to limit spy scandal damage

by Stuart Williams Stuart Williams

June 30, 2010

MOSCOW (AFP) – Russia and the United States sought Wednesday to cool a heated scandal sparked by the arrest of 11 suspected Kremlin spies, amid fears the Cold War-style furore [sic] could harm improving ties.

A cautious White House made no move to condemn Russia after the arrests, prompting the Russian foreign ministry to say it expected the scandal would not hurt relations that have seen a significant revival over the last months

What a relief. We were so worried that the Obama administration might take Russia’s aggressive and extensive espionage effort the wrong way.

After all, this effort was obviously meant to be a further sign from Russia of their respect and regard for their close friend, the United States. In the same spirit of the Russians supplying Iran with an air defense system and giving Iraqi terrorists night vision goggles.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs was repeatedly offered the chance in his daily briefing to condemn Russia over the alleged spies, but described the operation as solely a "law enforcement" matter.

Which, by the way, is exactly how Democrats view international Muslim terrorism, like 9/11.

In fact, given that the US no longer has any enemies in the world, we’re not quite sure why we even need a military. Except, of course, to deliver humanitarian aid around the globe.

"I do not believe this will affect the reset of our relationship with Russia," Gibbs said.

No, if the Russian aid to Iran and terrorists does not make the US realize their intentions, then certainly a little matter of an espionage ring working in the US for ten years won’t cause us to re-think our “relationship.”

The State Department meanwhile styled the episode as a remnant of the Cold War covert intelligence struggle between spymasters in Moscow and Washington that would not have a lasting impact on ties.

Except our “spymasters” have stopped struggling. They are too busy tracking down ‘global warming.’

"We’re moving towards a more trusting relationship. We’re beyond the Cold War; our relations absolutely demonstrate that," said Phil Gordon, assistant secretary of state for European Affairs.

Reminding us once again that the State Department is the voice of the ‘old castrati.’

The muted official US reaction appeared to please Russia, which had angrily demanded explanations from Washington, with the foreign ministry saying it expected the scandal "will not negatively affect ties".

"In this connection, we take note of the statement of White House official representative Robert Gibbs," a foreign ministry spokesman told AFP.

What a feather in ‘Baghdad Bob’ Gibbs’ already feather-filled war bonnet!

But the scandal remains a major embarrassment for the White House and the Kremlin, not least because it broke just days after US President Barack Obama met his Russian counterpart Dmitry Medvedev for a summit.

Well, it certainly was a major embarrassment for Mr. Obama. Imagine his fury at learning that such a ‘distraction’ like monitoring Russian spies in our country had been accidentally allowed to continue once the Bush administration left town.

The White House said Obama knew the FBI was closing in on the 11 alleged spies when he met Medvedev at the summit — which was marked by jolly bonhomie and a chummy burger bar trip — although he did not mention it.

Undoubtedly, Mr. Obama naturally assumed the story would break on the front page of the New York Times before any arrests were made.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin — who by an odd coincidence was meeting former US president Bill Clinton in Moscow late on Tuesday —

Speaking of money laundering.

[W]as critical of the arrests but said he hoped they would not impact on ties.

"You came at the right time. Your police have let themselves go, and put people in prison," the ex-KGB agent told his American visitor, using his trademark earthy language.

To which, Mr. Clinton surely nodded agreement.

"I expect that the positive tendency in relations over the last years is not harmed. We very much hope that people who value good relations understand this."

It truly is reprehensible that ‘Bow Boy’ Obama has chosen to bow down to a KGB punk like Mr. Putin. Mr. Putin could give Joseph Stalin lessons in thuggery.

But Russian media poured scorn on the scandal, with newspapers fuming that the affair had been trumped up by elements inside the United States bent on discrediting Obama’s policy of reconciliation with Russia

Yes, the ‘Vast Right Wing Conspiracy’ ™ strikes again. In fact, maybe Mr. Clinton suggested this explanation to Mr. Putin, who in turn passed it on to his stenographers in the Russia’s free press.

In any case, here an excerpt of Mr. Putin’s inspired spin, as promulgated in Russia’s version of the New York Times, Pravda:

New Spy Scandal in USA Targets Obama, Not Russia

Sergey Balmasov


Alexander Khramchikhin, deputy director of the Institute of Political and Military Analysis, believes that the scandal targets President Obama.

“It goes without saying that Russia, like other countries, conducts intelligence activities in other states. This episode is somewhat different. The Republicans struggle against Obama, and I am sure that he will be destroyed before his presidency expires. Russia plays an auxiliary role in this scandal. Obama’s adversaries use “goddamn Russians” to settle scores with him. The Russians do not pose any interest for them,” the expert said.

Still, wasn’t it prescient of those anti-Obama forces to put these people in place ten years ago?

Perhaps they should be running the country after all.

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8 Responses to “Spies Won’t Re-Set US-Russian Relations”

  1. Mithrandir says:

    The reason nothing will happen is because we hope they will ignore our spies once they get caught.

    Both countries understand the game…

  2. proreason says:

    I’m way more worried about the dozens of open commmunists and the hundreds of communist moles in Obamy’s regime than I am of 10 spies.

    When the top guy is a communist hiself, spies are the least of our problems.

  3. bobbys says:

    The Following message is hidden as its written in invisible ink..

    Theres Commies in the White House, Look for secret messages on the White House Christmas Tree and the 9th Tee.

  4. Right of the People says:

    This whole thing has embarrassed comrade Soetoro. His masters in Moscow didn’t think he was worthy of knowing about it. He’ll probably throw a snit.

  5. canary says:

    Clever for the Russian spies to use Mexican names. Glenn Beck showed a recent clip of Putin talking in Russia, saying how terrible American treats their people.
    He also showed some mind blowing clips of commercials that BP made prior to oil spill; BP is for cap & trade, which could explain Obama not doing anything, about the spoil. Threatening to kick as**
    was all for show.

    He & Fox are showing clips of OK Senator (R) Dr. Tom Coburn blasting Obama’s choice of that teacher for Supreme Court Justice, to include Coburn asked Hagen 2 times if she believe Americans have inalienable rights, and she refused to answer.
    He also told her that the state of D.C. Washington is schizophrenic. I assume he meant split, and not insane.

  6. Chuckk says:

    Russia should abandon its spy programs and replace it with subscritions to the NYT and WP. They’ll get all the goodies they want at a fraction of the price.

  7. P. Aaron says:

    The only ‘re-set’ going on here is Obama telling Putin to have his spies track GOP and TEA Party activities. The intelligence leaks are provided by The New York Times.

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