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Springsteen ‘Mocks’ Christie With Song Parody

From BBC News (of all places):

Bruce Springsteen lampoons Chris Christie on Jimmy Fallon

15 January 2014

New Jersey’s most famous rock star, Bruce Springsteen, has mocked the state’s embattled governor Chris Christie on late-night television.

Someone in the pop culture has mocked a Republican? Stop the presses! — Still, what a gutsy move on Springsteen’s part, huh?

The rocker joined Late Night programme host Jimmy Fallon for a duet sending up a scandal embroiling the governor.

It has recently been revealed his senior staff orchestrated a traffic jam at the foot of a major bridge in an act of apparent political payback.

Have you ever noticed that when it’s a Republican scandal the news media seldom use words like ‘allegedly’?

Springsteen and Fallon sang a parody duet to the tune of Born to Run.

"You got Wall Street masters stuck cheek-to-cheek with blue collar truckers/ and man I really got to take a leak, but I can’t, I’m stuck in Governor Chris Christie’s Fort Lee, New Jersey, traffic jam," Springsteen sang.

"Some day governor, I don’t know when, this will all end. But ’til then you’re killing the working man who’s stuck in the Governor Chris Christie Fort Lee, New Jersey, traffic jam," the two sang in duet.

What a slam. That Springsteen really looks out for the ‘working man.’

By the way, has anyone ever explained how closing a couple of traffic lanes on the George Washington bridge would hurt the mayor of Fort Lee? Did anyone Ft. Lee drivers were going to get out of their cars and chase after the mayor with pitchforks?

Mr Christie is an avowed Springsteen fan – he has admitted weeping after receiving a hug from Springsteen, one of the state’s most famous sons, at a 2012 concert…

So now Christie has to be punished for even thinking he could get away with such a thing while being a Republican — at least on paper.

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3 Responses to “Springsteen ‘Mocks’ Christie With Song Parody”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    “Still, what a gutsy move on Springsteen’s part, huh? “

    Some might say, “courageous”.

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    What’s happening here is that the hippies really have taken over the cricket pitch.

    And they are playing the game the way they think it should be played. And…they make up rules as they go along and make a mess of things and when it’s all over and the day is done…with the sun going down….they will wonder where everybody went.

    “Why, they went back to their jobs, their homes, their families.”, we’ll tell them.

    And then they’ll be sad because all their friends are gone, as they saw, one by one how it wasn’t working and that mom and dad were, after all, right.

    You have to get a job, make a living, support a family, DO THE WORK.

    But as for Christy the Clown, (or is it Governor Crusty?), he’s engaged in that old thing we like to call, “Playing both ends against the middle” which ALWAYS results in both sides rejecting the operative.

    While he was thinking he was a wiz at politics, the national socialists were lining him up. And it’s immaterial if he’s done anything wrong at all because the re-thug-licans will abandon him and the national socialists will skewer him regardless.

    He made his bed, he can lie in it.

    To quote Red Foreman in “That 70’s Show”, “Dumbass”.

  3. JohnMG says:

    Yeah, that Bruce Springsteen! Good ol’ ‘Joe Lunchbucket’ himself, identifyin’ with the workin’ man ‘n’ payin’ his dues. NOT!
    What a douche nozzle!

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