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Squatters Trashed Brooklyn ‘Occupy’ House

From the New York Post:

How ‘Occupy’ went wrong

February 18, 2012

On Dec. 6, nearly 300 members of the Occupy Wall Street movement flooded into East New York to begin what they considered phase two of their efforts…

“Occupy Our Homes” was that idea. The group would take over an empty house, foreclosed on by a bank, fix it up and provide shelter to a homeless family

The atmosphere was giddy that overcast December day. A swell of people hung banners (“Foreclose on Banks, Not People”) and chanted on Vermont Street, waiting to welcome new neighbors to 702, the two-story rowhouse Occupy had taken over.

The excitement reached a crescendo when Councilman Charles Barron (D-Brooklyn) knocked on the door, decorated with a pine wreath for Christmas, and out came the homeless man who was moving in with his family, Alfredo Carrasquillo.

Barron raised Carrasquillo’s arm in victory.

Last week, Wise [sic] Ahadzi opened the door to the house he still owns, 702 Vermont Street in East New York.

Inside is a war zone. The walls are torn down, the plumbing is ripped out and the carpeting has been plucked from the floor. It’s like walking through a ribcage.

Garbage, open food containers and Ahadzi’s possessions are tossed haphazardly around the house.

“This is where my kitchen was,” Ahadzi says. There is no sink, no refrigerator and no counter space. Instead there are dirty dishes piled high waiting for a dip in three large buckets of putrid water that serve as the dishwashing system.

In a first-floor bathroom, Christmas lights dangle from a shower curtain rod. The only thing separating a toilet from the elements outside is a thin veil of paper

This is the Occupy house, more than two months later. A scarred symbol of what the movement has become.

Ahadzi, 28, was the man Occupy didn’t want the public to know about. He owned the Vermont house but was forced to leave in 2009 when he couldn’t make the mortgage payments to Bank of America.

The single father knew he couldn’t raise his two girls, Kwazha, 9, and Imani, 3, with the threat of eviction hanging over him. They found a lower-cost rental in Brownsville while Ahadzi negotiated with the bank to get his house back.

But instead of helping Ahadzi, Occupy cast Carrasquillo as the man to move in, because he was a homeless advocate some of the members knew

Even in this condition, protesters are still squatting on the floors, cooking using a bunsen burner and walking around guided by candlelight when a generator is not up and running.

Their efforts have actually made the neighborhood worse — because what used to be an empty house is now a hovel of squatters and probably should be condemned…

To paraphrase the epitaph of the great architect Christopher Wren, ‘if you seek the monuments of Occupy Wall Street, just look around.’

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5 Responses to “Squatters Trashed Brooklyn ‘Occupy’ House”

  1. untrainable says:

    Wow. That is so unexpected. Who could have predicted that people who think taking a dump on a police car, would do something like this? It’s a new world kiddies. And this is it.

  2. tranquil.night says:

    Maybe if someone had civilly tried to reasonably persuade them to understand the value of respecting property not one’s own..?

  3. Rusty Shackleford says:

    “A scarred symbol of what the movement has become.”

    Excuse me? “Has become”?

    I’m afriad that from the beginning this is what the “movement” was, is and always will be.

    “Hey dude, let’s trash this stuff…heh heh…” It’s what the feeble-minded do when they are unhappy. It’s the root cause of vandalism. Ask any cop. Ask any child psychologist. Hell, ask anyone.

    The writer of this garbage is ignorant.

  4. beautyofreason says:

    I keep thinking of the Japanese after the tsunami. They lost homes and lives but there was no looting or drug abuse, nothing like Occupy Wall Street. The Japanese remained stoic, respectful, and organized. OWS is about leeching on a productive society, using race or class politics as an excuse. Does this “Azhadi” guy see the U.S. as anything more than a piggy bank?

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