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Step-Grandma Is Bringing Obama Gifts

From Kenya’s The Standard:

Sarah Obama starts historic journey

Published on 11/01/2009

By George Olwenya

Mama Sarah Obama has started her journey to the US to witness the swearing-in of her grandson Barack Obama as the 44th American President.

And she is not travelling empty-handed. As a grandmother, she is carrying special gifts for her grandson — a Luo traditional three-legged stool, a flywhisk and a shield, which are symbols of leadership. "I wanted to give him a spear too, but I have been told that due to security reasons, I will not be allowed to board a plane with it," Mama Sarah told The Standard.

Mama Sarah was in a jubilant mood as she left Nyang’oma Kogelo village for Nairobi. There was a battery of foreign and local journalists to record the moment.

"The day I was waiting for has finally come… I cannot hide my joy," she said, adding: "I am going to be Kenya’s ambassador during the occasion and I will live to the expectations."

Mama Sarah will put up with relatives in Nairobi before departing to the US on Friday from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi, only a day before the US President-elect kicks of his inaugural celebrations by taking the day-long journey to Washington DC.

Obama and his family will start their daylong journey with an event in Philadelphia before boarding the train and picking up Vice-President-elect Joe Biden and his family in Wilmington, Delaware. The group will then make a stop in Baltimore before making their way to Washington DC.

Obama’s train trip evokes memories of US’s 16th President Abraham Lincoln who travelled the same route by train to get to Washington DC for his inauguration in 1861.

Lincoln left his home in Springfield for a 12-day journey to Washington DC and made 101 speeches during stopovers.

Among the relatives accompanying Mama Sarah are her son Said Obama and his wife Beatrice; Kogelo community spokesman Nicholas Rajula and his wife Nelly; Senator Obama Kogelo Secondary School BOG chairman Charles Ochome and the Principal Eunita Obiero, as well as Lynn Yaya, a sister to Prime minister Raila Odinga’s wife Ida.

Mama Sarah said she was delighted as the big day (inauguration) nears and her going to America to attend the occasion means a lot to Kenya.

"We are going to install him so that he can serve the world," she said in Dholuo. "When he sees me he will be very happy because he will have seen his blood," she said amid prolonged laughter.

"I know Barack will be very happy to see me. My presence will mean a lot to him," she added.

She added she would have wished to carry a spear to give Obama but was told that it will not be allowed through the airport.

"Rajula tried to carry a spear to give Barack when he won the Senate seat but he was blocked at the airport," she recalled.

After the inauguration, Mama Sarah said it would now be upon Obama to work hard and ensure he helped those suffering across the world.

In Kogelo, among those who bid her farewell included senior official of Maendeleo Ya Wanawake Organization in Siaya district, Mrs Patricia Apoli, and members of the Kogelo cultural committee who were putting final touches to a cultural festival that is set to start on January 16 at Kogelo Primary School to celebrate the installation of Obama as President of the United States.

The Mayor of Washington Mr Adrian Fenty estimates that up to five million people will attend the inauguration as it is the first time ever the US has an African-American president.

All hotels in Washington DC and surrounding suburbs were booked months ago, and tourists now have to make do with alternative accommodation with families willing to sub-let their houses.

As usual this article pretends that Sarah is Mr. Obama’s real grandmother:

"We are going to install him so that he can serve the world," she said in Dholuo. "When he sees me he will be very happy because he will have seen his blood," she said amid prolonged laughter.

Maybe she was laughing because it is not true. Ms. Obama is not a blood relation to Mr. Obama.

She is his ‘step grandmother.’

We still don’t know a thing about his real grandmother. We don’t even know if she is still alive.

But the media seems to have no curiosity.

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68 Responses to “Step-Grandma Is Bringing Obama Gifts”

  1. caligirl9 says:

    Step-grandmother? Mama Sarah isn’t even a blood relative, so Said Obama is no blood uncle to the messiah. That’s how family works, I get it.

    Are they flying the group over on round-trip tickets? Who paid? How long is their visitor’s visa for, and will it be enforced?

    How long until we read about one of these “relatives” or “dignitaries” living in public housing, with Medicare coverage and a monthly welfare check? Or will one or more immediately be given a “job” in the chosen one’s administration?

    And why does the president-select need to make a day-long journey into Washington? Isn’t he there already?

    Oh, Lincoln did it. Gotta follow the Lincoln/Roosevelt/Kennedy template kids! Those new history textbooks need photos and fodder for brainwashing our kids to the liberal way of thinking!

    (Before the grammar police come get me, I purposefully did not capitalize “messiah” “the chosen one” and the “president-select” because in this case they are not worthy of being capitalized!)

  2. Colonel1961 says:

    ‘We are the World. We are the children…’


  3. wardmama4 says:

    When he sees me he will be very happy because he will have seen his blood

    Would it be racist of me to say – at least now we all know where the vapid stupidity gene came from in The One’s ™ genetic line? As we know that step-grandmother does not have any blood in common with The One ™. However as that great orator Forrest Gump said – Stupid is as Stupid Does – apparently The One’s ™ grandfather was pretty damn stupid to marry someone this damn stupid.

    We are going to install him so that he can serve the world

    I also see where the delusions of granduer come from in that genetic line – apparently all of the Halfrican side of The One’s ™ linage think very highly of themselves – whether it is proven or not. Ever.

  4. Enthalpy says:

    I’m getting pretty excited about this. I can’t wait for our press to do an interview with Mama Sarah Obama, providing an eyewitness account of Barack’s birth in Kenya. This should be a highly sought after interview. Oops! That wasn’t Barack being born in Kenya, after all.

  5. bill says:

    Next time the American people will elect an American as President.

    How would the Democrats know they have met the real Hitler? Simple, they would vote for him.

    • caligirl9 says:

      Bill, I thought exactly the same thing … for some reason I envisioned the U.S.’s first black president to be a person whose ancestors were indeed slaves. Gives a bit more credibility to the “my ancestors fought for civil rights” or “my relative marched with MLK” rhetoric I expected to hear from the first African American president.

      The messiah’s heritage includes spearing gazelles on the savannah and advancing through affirmative action and generous welfare benefits. Poor fatherless child *barf*

      I’m new here and in good company and I need to remember I don’t have to be all PC among friends!

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Welcome caligirl9. No need for activating your PC button here.You don’t get shouted down or belittled here.Open thought process is welcome. We do get the drive-by trolls once in awhile. Livens things up, don’t cha know! Watch your 6 O’clock there in San Fransicko!! You ARE alone girl!!

  6. sheehanjihad says:

    In case anyone missed the opportunity… welcome caligirl9, you are indeed in some of the best company anyone could ask for. S&L will give you solace in this turbulent time, and you will feel like you belong in no time. (S&L will also make you smarter)

    • caligirl9 says:

      Thank you for the welcome! I am happy I found a great group of like-minded patriots and intelligent human beings.

      Wait ’till something about illegal aliens, sanctuary cities, illegal immigrant crimes, porous U.S.–Mexico border, anchor babies and affirmative action comes up. I go postal! I live in the ickily uber-liberal SF Bay Area and it’s no easy place for a moderate/conservative to live!

  7. VMAN says:

    So this woman is really just one of grand dad’s harem? Isn’t that special.

    • JohnMG says:

      I’m not sure she even made ‘harem’ status. And the old man wasn’t too discriminating, as well. Seems he’d take whatever fell down in front of him.

  8. 1republicanscientist says:


  9. Barbie says:

    If only a non blood, non relative step-grandmother had cared enough to give GW a three-legged stool, a fly whisk and a shield…

  10. Kilmeny says:

    Kind of makes you miss the elegance and dignity of a Roger Clinton, a Hugh or Tony Rodham, or even a Billy Carter.

    • Colonel1961 says:

      I detect sarcasm. lol

      Or, ‘sarchasm’ – the gap between the people who understand the sarcasm and those who don’t!

  11. pinandpuller says:

    Think of her as an intern.

  12. 1sttofight says:

    Are we going to have chickens and goats on the WH lawn now.

  13. artboyusa says:

    A three legged stool, a fly whisk, a spear and a Swiss bank account…the traditional African symbols of leadership.

  14. Liberals Demise says:

    I believe I see the real picture. Those 275,000 gubbamint yobs are earmarked for O’bobos’ Third World family. ALL OF THEM!!!
    This way it keeps them off the social take. That is for illegals only, man!
    In return he gets to keep the fly whisk, 3 legged stool and the shield that won’t stop a fly whisk. He’s a thinker this Annointed One!! I’m waiting for after the “30 Days in the Hole” party to finish, to see if the MSM finds a SilverBack somewhere in his family tree. Looks like the Obama men(?) jumped anything that walked in an upright position( for some amount of time, anyway).

    • JohnMG says:

      Does this quote not cause heartburn for anyone else but me?

      …….”We are going to install him so that he can serve the world,”…..

      I mean, what country is this guy supposed to represent?

    • Colonel1961 says:

      JMG: That brought on my ‘We are the World’ comment earlier… Yes, I’m on Maalox, too.

    • JohnMG says:

      I can’t figure it out, Colonel. Does the phrase ‘ serve the world’ mean the same as ‘service the world’? Are the words ‘serve’ an ‘service’ interchangeable? Consider…..

      Internal Revenue ‘Service’

      U.S. Postal ‘Service’

      Telephone ‘Service’

      Cable ‘Service’

      Civil ‘Service’

      Customer ‘Service’

      State, City & County Public ‘Service’

      This is not what I thought ‘service’ meant. But I overheard two farmers talking, and one of them said he had hired a bull to ‘service’ a few cows. Bam !!! It all came into focus. Now I understand what all those ‘service’ agencies are doing to us.

      But the whole world??!!!!!! Oh, my!!!

    • gipper says:

      “We are going to install him so that he can serve the world…”

      Obama–the world’s greatest toilet.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      JMG…..Hows about………(wait fir it…..here et comes)……ESCORT SERVICE TO THE WORLD!!

    • JohnMG says:

      That’s about the only one that comes close to meeting the ‘truth-in-advertizing’ coda. The rest of them would get you arrested in another time and place–or a polite society. ;-}

    • Colonel1961 says:

      Oh my, indeed. Service the World from the backs of the few of us who actually pay Federal taxes at a net rate, i.e., pay more in Federal taxes per capita (including family/dependents) than Federal spending per capita.

      Again, ugh.

  15. artboyusa says:

    “DREAMS FROM MY FATHER” by Barack Obama: Excerpt from Chapter Seven: “African Homecoming”

    “…our Range Rover jolted along the track and I filled my lungs with the rich, impossible to identify aroma which wafted from the rich red soil of Kenya.

    “Aaaah – what a delicious fragrance! What is it that makes that smell so special?” I wondered.

    “Malaria” answered Kevin, my local guide.

    The plains* of Kenya are rich in wildlife and my eyes widened in wonder at the sight of numerous griffins, basilisks, manticores and hippogriffs wandering in herds or standing alone in solitary majesty. With their golden scales and fiery breath these beautiful creatures seemed to possess a knowledge beyond knowing, a timelessness beyond time itself.

    “This is just like the Garden of Eden!” I exclaimed.

    “Did they have soldiers cutting off the hands of children with machetes in the Garden of Eden, then?” asked Kevin.

    “Well, you know…I meant the animals and stuff.” I said, feeling a little self-conscious.

    “Stupid American” muttered Kevin.

    “Behold! Here, exalted Barack, is the village of your ancestors!” cried Kevin as we approached a motley collection of shacks and lean tos.

    “Oh wow!” I said, revealing perhaps for the first time my natural gift of eloquence. “Far out! What’s this place called?”

    “It is called ‘Wangdangdoodle’ – which in your tongue means ‘Smallville’” said Kevin.

    The locals welcomed us with open arms and US visa waiver applications. Always smiling and cheerful, eager to sing and dance, fond of a joke but inclined to laziness, these humble people have little in material terms but are prodigal in their generosity.

    “Here, young Barack, is your original birth certificate” said one withered elder. “We have kept it safe these many years and now we return it to your hands!”

    “Um, thanks” I said, using my lighter to examine the document more closely but unfortunately, and I can’t stress too much how I regret this, a sudden gust of wind caught the flame and the frail paper ignited and burned to ashes. Either that or I left it in my pants when I did the laundry.

    “You shall be a great leader of all peoples, bringing them a positive message of hope and change!” announced Mel, the village head man.

    After I patiently explained to him that “head man” was a negative term, privileging the male over the female and the use of such gender biased language was no longer appropriate and after I had generously accepted his apology and he had agreed to attend a series of workshops on Gender Stereotyping, Mel presented me with the traditional Kenyan symbols of leadership: a spear, a fly whisk and a two legged stool.

    “Um, thanks a bunch” I said. “Say Head Person Mel, I bet this stool would work a lot better if you put, you know, another leg on it. Keep you from falling over and stuff…”

    “You know, young Barack, we never thought of that” gasped Mel. “Truly, we have much to learn from you. Three legs! Now that’s a change we can believe in!”

    * In the first draft I typed “palin” instead of “plains”. Talk about your Freudian slips…

  16. rocketman says:

    ESCORT SERVICE TO THE WORLD!!…That was a good one LD but you must have been refering to the “First Black President….What I want to know is BO’s Auntie from Boston and his half brother from Kenya going to attend also?

    • JohnMG says:

      Look at the picture at the head of this thread. Can’t you see the family resemblance. Same thing with Onyango and what’s-his-name. I think they’re all the same person. The pictures have just been photo-shopped.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      rocketman I was refering to the First Halfrican President! As for the fam….they will be carrying the Obama campaign slogan as they will be selling drinks in the crowd to make some pocket “CHANGE” they can live with!!

  17. jbharris says:

    To JohnMG, et all: You know, you people are something else. All you want to do is bash Obama. Well, guess what? He won the elections fair and square. Maybe if the economy was in great shape, John McCain would have won. Obama will help the economy.

    Also Bill, Obama was born in this country. He is an American. He was born in Hawaii.

    To Caligirl9, what is wrong with affirmative action? There is nothing wrong with it and this country needs it. Also, if a baby is born in this country to illegal immigrant parents, then that baby is an American citizen and has a right to be here. All immigrants have a right to be here as much as you do.

    I am for giving amnesty to all illegal immigrants already here because it would cost too much money and time to deport them. If they are here and working and paying taxes, and yes, they pay taxes every time they purchase something, then they should be allowed to become citizens of this great country.

    Why don’t you all give Obama a chance? He won the election fair and square. This country is in a mess and he needs all the support he can get.

    Hey, if John McCain had won and this country was in a mess, I would still support him even though I am a left-wing Democrat. I love this country just as much as you all do. Liberals love this country just as much as you all do.

    • JohnMG says:

      I gave Carter the benefit of the doubt in ’76 even though I didn’t vote for him, and the country hasn’t recovered from it yet. Obama makes Carter look like an elder statesman.

      And don’t preach to me about VietNam or anything else related to national security, because if it comes from your self-avowed, left-wing liberal mouth, it has no–let me repeat that for you really
      slowly–nooooooooooooo credibility. None!

    • DEZ says:

      Affirmative action, racism at its finest!

    • DEZ says:

      We are something else, and coming from aliberal loon I take that as a compliment.

    • Colonel1961 says:

      JBH: Obama will help the economy? I’m all ears.

      What specific programs will he enact to ‘help the economy’? Do you think it is the Constitutional duty of the President to ‘help the economy’? Any direct answers to these questions will be kindly read and considered…

      Additionally, what specific areas of the economy do you think are in trouble from a numeric/ratio perspective. And please don’t repeat any platitudes about recessions/depressions – just your analysis.

      Here’s my take: an economy is a complex entity. It is also cyclical, i.e., it expands, it contracts, ad infinitum. Our current situation, in my humble opinion, is not as bleak as the talking heads might have the uninformed believe. Interest rates, e.g., prime, discount, are very, very low – a good thing. Unemployment is nominal, i.e., perhaps a point above economic full-employment. Inflation is nominal, as well, at about four percent per annum. Do you remember the same rates during the Carter administration? Double digit interest rates, unemployment, and inflation. Not very humanitarian, I’d say.

      I await your direct, analytical and erudite reply.

      Most sincerely,

    • Vendome1 says:

      McCain would not have won. He could not find his ass with both hands. Moreover, he could not have wanted the presidency, at all. Barack was willing to say anything and do whatever it took to become president.

      McCain by contrast was willing to engage his constistuants with his “Smarter than you” appeal. This Jackass was willing to go along to get along and even devised legislation that proved to be several nails in the coffin of his run for president (McCain-Feingold).

      He was so smart that many Republicans were willing to ride out the election and wait for a better candidate in the next election. John Sidney McCain caused at 6-8 million potential Republican voters to simply stay home.

      The only reason he was able to remain visible, somewhat, was his choosing of Sarah Palin. Without her authenticity he would have had his campaigned rolled before summer of ’08.

      I know… I was willing to vote for Hillary to make my point regarding the leadership of the RNC and their ridiculous support for this a-hole.

      Thank God for Sarah, who was being promoted by sites like “To The Point News” as far back as March ’08.

      So I and many others became reinvigorated only because of Sarah. I think many of us knew McLame could not win but we wanted to make our voice heard to Sarah.

      So… we voted for Sarah’s dad.

    • JohnMG says:

      You have to read between the words, Colonel. Allow me to parse for you;

      …..”Obama will help the economy….” in liberalspeak actually reads…..

      “Obama will help (himself to) the economy”. See!

    • proreason says:

      “He won the election fair and square.”

      At the very least, he was in cahoots with Acorn, since he gave them $800K and was a trainer for them. How many counts of voter fraud are they fighting now?

      “This country is in a mess and he needs all the support he can get”

      No it wasn’t. Barney Franks, the media and Obama’s big money backers put the country in a mess by forcing banks to make bad loans and tanking the stock market. Despite the braying of the MSM, the economy was normal in the first 2 quarters of 2008. The government’s own economic data proves it. Unemployment was normal. Growth was normal. Inflation was normal except for the aberation of gas prices. Corporate PE’s were normal. The only issue with the economy was the toxic loans which were solely created by idiot Democrats loaning money to deadbeats.

      But it’s in a mess now. Thanks to idiot liberals.

    • Lipstick on a PIAPS says:

      Screw Obama and all of his freeloading relatives who are moving in. He didn’t win this election “fair and square” if he did then why did he need blacks with batons in the suburban Philadelphia voting districts “guarding” the polls? I dont support Obama and will do everything to take that ba$tard down!

    • caligirl9 says:

      jbharris, obviously you have not lost opportunities or jobs because you are a white American-born disabled middle-aged female with an advanced degree, and the employer “needs” to hire a Hispanic or Asian, any flavor or education or ability will do … so affirmative action is cool by you. Wait until that happens to you, you will change your tune. Unless you are already one of those affirmative action beneficiaries …

      I believe that the illegal alien situation is easily dealt with. The U.S. keeps the cream of the crop; the college students who want to work in essential industries such as health care, the young people serving in the military who love the U.S. and know no other home, the ones who can’t speak much Spanish and who speak perfect English. I know many young people who were not the ones who made the decision to cross illegally or overstay a visa, and I would like to find a way to keep those productive Americans (American in everything but citizenship) and let them give back to this country.

      The troublemakers, the ones in jail/prison, welfare fraud, even those driving without a driver’s license, those working on fraudulent documents … adios.

      Oh yeah, and seal the border. A nice fence, cliff or moat with alligators would be an excellent start. It will help U.S. authorities know exactly who is in this country … which is an issue of national security, not bigotry.

      By the way, I am the daughter of an immigrant who came stateside in the mid 1950s and an American whose paternal ancestors came to the U.S. in the early 1700s. My mother’s family came here from Germany, received no social services or any government assistance, and all learned English within a year of their arrival and they think of themselves as Americans … they have let Germany go. All legal immigrants, the ones who go through the process, do have as much right to be here as my mother did. Operative term “legal immigrants.”

  18. jbharris says:

    JohnMG, what I say has credibility. None of you want to hear the truth. I love Jimmy Carter. I think he is a good Christian man. He did what he had to do when he was president. He goes to different countries and tries to help people recover from disasters and diseases. Name me one Republican leader that has done this? None!

    Also, the U.S. had no business in Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Panama, Iraq or Afghanistan. The U.S. has no business in Colombia waging a proxy war. None of these countries are or were ever a threat to the U.S. Vietnam was a disaster from the beginning. That was a war of national liberation fought by the Viet Cong and it was none of America’s business. The U.S. had no business getting involved in Vietnam. The Viet Cong was not a threat to the U.S. Communism was not a threat to the U.S. It was all about protecting interests and the U.S. has no business having any interests overseas.

    • JohnMG says:

      Jimmy Carter leads the charge for the hate-America brigade. In another time and place he would have been shot as a traitor for meddling in foreign affairs. You’ll remember that Yasser Aafat and Jimmy Carter both got a Nobel Peace prize. Why don’t you explain for us all how well that agreement he (Carter) brokered worked out in the middle east. For a “Christian”, Carter reflects attitudes that are decidedly anti-Semitic. He was/is a disaster. His whole existence since leaving office has been one continuing effort to come up with something–anything–to remove the record of ineptitude he left behind. Name any other former president, including Clinton, who has meddled in foreign affairs to the detriment of this country as much as Carter has. He was an embarrassment then and remains so to this day.

      As for your opinions, they are just that–opinions. If you wish to peddle them as facts, go to KOS or Huff-Po with it. You are both intellectually and factually bankrupt. You are, however, invited to remain here and continue to embarrass yourself to your heart’s content.

    • DEZ says:

      “the U.S. has no business having any interests overseas.”
      I see you are an isolationist, fine, do you have a car with parts made only in America?
      Where was you TV set made, your clock radio, your I-Mac, your cell phone, the chair in your moms basement, the sugar in your Mountain Dew?
      Other countries have a vested interest in the USA, but since you say any sob on the planet has a right to plop his ass in the USA anytime he damn well pleases, I say the USA has a right to do what ever it damn well pleases in their counties!

    • proreason says:

      “the U.S. has no business having any interests overseas”

      Aren’t you up past your bedtime?

    • Lipstick on a PIAPS says:

      Jimmy Carter is an idiot, this from a man who lives in Georgia. The only time Jimmah goes on these Disease and Disaster Tours are when the Cameras are rolling. Republicans do this all of the time but they dont give a flying reproductive act if the Cameras are there or rolling. Obama is cut from the same used toilet paper cloth and we will RAT him out! Have a nice day.

  19. jbharris says:

    Jimmy Carter did not meddle in the internal affairs of other nations. He did not wage a war on a nation that never did anything to us. Bush did and the elder Bush did also. And yes, Clinton waged a war on Serbia and fired missiles and rockets at Sudan that destroyed the only pharmaceutical factory there and those were wrong as well. How did Jimmy Carter meddle in the internal affairs of other nations?

    Jimmy Carter deseves the Nobel Peace Prize and no he is not an embarrassment and no, he does not reflect attitudes that are deeply “Anti-Semitic”. Where did you come up with this at? Give me a link to read about this. I do not know about this.

    Bush has interferred in the internal affairs of other nations to the detriment of this country. Bush got us in two useless wars that will never be successful. Bush messed our economy up and you want me to name the president who has meddled in foreign affairs then that would be your man, George W. Bush.

    Jimmy Carter loved people. He was a strong believer in human rights. He loved everybody and he is a good man. He wants to and still tries to help people. People should be free of horrible diseases and be able to live a healthy life. Jimmy Carter has done a lot to help other people.

  20. Liberals Demise says:

    jbharris…..Illegals have a right in this country? A RIGHT? Listen up pal…..illegals DON’T pay taxes!! Illegals send our money back to their country of origin plus grab all the freebies meant for taxpayers who need a hand up, not a hand out. Look at California….the illegals have beat that system to pieces and continues to pound away. You are a LIBTARD with blinders on as to not see that they are a parasite on this Nation. They are not here to do the jobs Americans won’t do. They are here doing the job that I should have but they do it for half price. They don’t pay for medical, dental ect whereas I had to do so for my family.
    As for the U.S. in Afganistan and Iraq…… are you stupid or on drugs? I vividly remember this Nation being attacked on 9/11/2001. But we have been under attack since the begining of the spineless Clinton Dynasty. You do own a TV or recieve some sort of print media. It is people like you that should be given a test for common sense before you are allowed to open your mouth to insert your foot! Please go bleed your pithy garbage somewhere esle. There is NO kool-aide here for you!!

  21. jbharris says:

    I also remember this nation being attacked on 9/11 plain as day. However, Iraq had nothing to do with it. Iraq had nothing to do with it at all. There is no reason for the U.S. to be over there.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Please enjoy the freedoms you have……for they are PAID IN FULL with another mans blood.
      Freedom….ain’t Free, You commie rat FOOKER!!
      God….you give me the squirts!!

    • DEZ says:

      Its not a tumor, not a tumor at all!

    • Lipstick on a PIAPS says:

      I also remember Pearl Harbor and not a single GERMAN had anything to do with it. That stupid A$$ED Franklin D. Roosevelt! There was NO reason for the US to be in Europe!

    • proreason says:

      Go play somewhere else

    • wardmama4 says:

      jbh – you might want to get your ‘opinions’ from somewhere else other than Daily Kos or The Dem Underground – then you might have a fact or two. GHWB and Iraq (Operation Desert Storm i.e. known as the First Gulf War) – was because Iraq invaded an ally of ours (Kuwait) – this is the same thing as what happened in WWI, WWII, Korea and – gasp – Vietnam – The US went to the aid and assistance (what you call unnecessary wars) for invaded/attacked countries that were allies. Now on Iraq – technically Iraq did not have a thing to do with 9/11 – however if you read the Iraq Resolution – there were 21 reasons – most importantly starting with -‘Iraq’s noncompliance with the conditions of the 1991 cease fire, including interference with weapons inspectors.’- which Sparky actually means that President Bush could have invaded Iraq on Jan 22, 2001 (without Congress or the UN) and been within his rights as the POTUS, as violating the conditions of the 1991 cease fire – Operation Desert Storm was still on (sort of like Korea, no treaty, just a cease fire and thats been going on since 1953). . .
      Take a look at the resolution (it does say alleged WMD – not that GWB thought that Iraq was awash in WMD and planning to use them on the US) and states that Saddams regime used them against his own people – those are facts.

      You must be living in mommy’s basement if you think that deporting 12 to 20 million illegals would cost more money than the social services, educational services, healthcare, and crime that they commit (because coming into this country illegally is a federal crime – hence all other actions from then on are also crimes – and spoiled fruits of the original crime). Yepper I do believe that if the Anchor baby clause was not allowed for illegal aliens – we’d see less and less of them. But don’t worry Sparky – when the combo of illegals (who do not pay any taxes other than sales taxes – big whoop) and welfare entitlement groupies reach the tipping point – and our economy starts to collapse – the illegals will go running for the border – what’s the point, if they’d end up being the bottom of a real competive poverty line – with no money to finance it?

  22. Vendome1 says:

    Here is my letter to Obama
    I have some questions since you presume to know what is better for me and want to run my life, fascist.

    Hey, why don’t you tell me a little bit about how you where born in Kenya and why your mother allowed your identity to be erased by an adoption?

    You and your mother were and are international mysteries. What was your mother’s fixation with lovers from other countries anyway?

    What is your real name?

    When did you change your name from Barry Sotero to Barrack Obama?

    How did you obtain a Birth Certificate describing you as Barrack Obama? Your name and identity were and are still altered upon your adoption. You cannot and could not change your birth certificate, EVER. Your BC establishes legal parentage. Upon reaching the age of emancipation your BC, of adoption, remains intact and should read Barry Sotero.

    He excuse my cynicism but I too was adopted at the age of 7 and have looked into changing my last name back to my birth name, so I have more than a little familiarity with your story.

    You cannot use fraudulent documents to move through life. You cannot claim to be a foreign national, for the purpose of obtaining a college loan, if you are in fact an american.

    Are you now and have you ever been a foreign national. We know you were, at the minimum, an Indonesian National in your past. When did you become an American? What was that process?

    To change your legal name and to become a naturalized american you would have an incredible paper trail. What were the forms you had complete? Where are they? May we view them?

    How much did it cost to change your name to Barrack Obama? Did you employ a law firm to help you with this? Who are they?

    Did you change your name by filling out the forms your self? How many records did you need to update so that your new legal identity would be consistent in each of the states you lived in, in the USA, in Kenya, In Britain and Indonesia.

    When you traveled to Pakistan what passport did you use? American, Indonesian, Kenyan or British? What was the name on the passport.

    Mr Obama, you are creating a huge problem for America and her people with your supressed identity. You must have learned that no one can know you for who you really are when your original identity was suppressed upon your adoption.

    You have taken to suppressing any tangible proof of who you are, your education, your travels and most of all your eligibility to take the oath of President of the United States of America.

    Your parentage, grandparents and other relationships are figments of a clever imagination.

    How long can a fraud be allowed to continue?

    “Angel at the Fence” The fake but accurate story of Herman and Roma Rosenblat went on for fifty years.

    Or Doctors and lawyers who have practiced for years and never went to law school.

    “Don’t tell me words don’t matter.” Your words, you poseur, thespian.

    Don’t tell me your identity should be taken at your word.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      WOW……….Please allow me to buy you your first RBtini.

    • jbharris says:

      Barack Obama was not born in Kenya. He was born in Hawaii. His name was always Barack. He changed his name when he was going to college to Barry. A college friend told him that Barry did not go well with Obama. So, he changed his name back to Barack.

      Barack is not a fascist and he is not going to tell you what is best for you. Bush tried to do that when he was president by trying to take a woman’s right to have an abortion away. A woman has a right to have an abortion. It is her body and she should be able to do as she wishes with it.

  23. jbharris says:

    Lipstick on a PIAPS, Obama’s relatives are not free loaders and there were no baton wielding people at an election booth in Philadelphia. Also, what about GWB? He stole the election in 2000. He did not win fair either. Obama won the election by a wide-margin of the people. You just do not want a Black person in the White House. You, sir, are a racist bigot.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Make that half black and you’ll be somewhere in the ballpark. In other words….he is a “HALFRICAN” American if you want to be PC about it!! Love your attack dog style at calling a spade ….a spade.
      Ever consider being Barneys lap dog?

  24. sheehanjihad says:

    Jb…hold on here, you cant be serious. Look, you have what you consider valid arguments, you also have your heroes and your idea of how the country should act, and of course, we think your ideas are very flawed. But everytime you categorically state that an incident that is easily provable via video and media coverage didnt happen, you lose more of your credibility.

    Such as, no one here said Ayers killed 12 policemen….you did in your denial of it. He killed one policeman, he stood on the American flag, and he is everything but a productive member of society. He loathes society as it is, and read his article at Huffpo to understand his stance.

    There were videotaped incidents at polls in Philadelphia where baton wielding thugs were there to intimidate voters. It’s a matter of record, yet you deny that it happened….again, your credibility sinks ever further because of your insistence at ignoring blatant facts in lieu of your own substitutes.

    Obama has relatives on public assistance. That gives them the title of freedloader, because you are visiting a conservative site that thinks of people who take advantage of our programs while remaining in this country as illegals are freedloaders. Again, and again, your argument is diluted, and what is admittedly a very biased opinion upon which you base most of your arguments loses even more of it’s tenuous grip on credibility.

    But, when you call Lipstick on a Piaps a racist bigot when as far as I could read, his posts were simply opinions opposite yours, and in no way was what he said even remotely racist, nor bigoted. Your accusation of racism when confronted with factual argument just rings horribly reminiscent of a leftist or liberal tactic of name calling when faced with the fact that you cannot support your argument any longer.

    That shows a shallowness that belies your beliefs, and your liberal talking points that were seemingly choreographed by you to stir people up were amusing at best, accusing someone of racism goes beyond that civility you accuse us of lacking. This is where you go from a spirited debater to a simple troll, and I for one wont engage your posts nor recognize you for anything more than you are:. a simple troll having an amusing time playing in someone else’s yard.

    You, in your sophomoric attempts at engaging adults in a point counter point argument, have proven to everyone who reads this that you have failed to make your points stick, because every last time in any argument with a leftist or liberal, when the debate goes against them, they resort to “the racism bigotry defense”. You sir/madam/other…..are more of a blinded by ideology bigot than anyone here.

    Run along now….because you are laboring under the illusion that your beliefs are somehow more truthful than the facts. A common mistake amongst idealogues, coupled with the time worn accusations of racism, just doesnt work anymore. Nor do your arguments. Go home.

  25. sheehanjihad says:

    Thank you. I suggest that all of us do not respond if it appears again. Do not feed the trolls! I gotta hand it to SG for letting that go on as long as it did though…and also, DW! I read it got down to 756 below zero at your crib last night! I feel for ya! It’s already 68 and I’m getting ready to burn the furniture!

    • DW says:

      I suggest that all of us do not respond if it appears again. Do not feed the trolls!

      This is excellent advice. Once someone has gotten to the point where they are so blatantly, obviously a troll, dog-piling and name-calling just makes us all look bad.
      That was a magnificent post (7:50am) BTW, SJ.

      I read it got down to 756 below zero at your crib last night!

      Naww…it was only minus 60F. But we’ve got an Alaskan or two on the site now, so I may lose my snivelling bragging rights.

      It’s already 68…

      Magnificent post or not, do feel free to pound sand, SIR.

    • JohnMG says:

      At those temperatures, how long does it take a message to get here from there? ;-}

    • Kilmeny says:

      Excellent troll-slap, SJ. I was wondering when he’d get tired and leave.

      Minus 60, DW? I’m frozen just thinking about that.

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