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Stephen Moore: A ‘Fairness’ Quiz For Obama

From Stephen Moore, via the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal:

A Fairness Quiz for the President

Is it fair that some of Mr. Obama’s largest campaign contributors received federal loan guarantees?

February 7, 2012

President Obama has frequently justified his policies—and judged their outcomes—in terms of equity, justice and fairness. That raises an obvious question: How does our existing system—and his own policy record—stack up according to those criteria?

Is it fair that the richest 1% of Americans pay nearly 40% of all federal income taxes, and the richest 10% pay two-thirds of the tax?

Is it fair that the richest 10% of Americans shoulder a higher share of their country’s income-tax burden than do the richest 10% in every other industrialized nation, including socialist Sweden?

Is it fair that American corporations pay the highest statutory corporate tax rate of all other industrialized nations but Japan, which cuts its rate on April 1?

For the record, Japan actually cut its rate from 40% to 35% back in December 2010. That rate went into effect in April 2011. So we are tied with them for having the highest corporate rate.

Moreover, for all intents and purposes, no companies pay the top corporate rate in Japan.

Is it fair that President Obama sends his two daughters to elite private schools that are safer, better-run, and produce higher test scores than public schools in Washington, D.C.—but millions of other families across America are denied that free choice and forced to send their kids to rotten schools?

Is it fair that Americans who build a family business, hire workers, reinvest and save their money—paying a lifetime of federal, state and local taxes often climbing into the millions of dollars—must then pay an additional estate tax of 35% (and as much as 55% when the law changes next year) when they die, rather than passing that money onto their loved ones?

The same question could be asked about the fairness of the tax on capital gains. (Which several countries do not tax.)

Is it fair that Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, former Democratic Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, former Ways and Means Chairman Charlie Rangel and other leading Democrats who preach tax fairness underpaid their own taxes?

Not to mention Warren Buffet, and for that matter, many of the staffers on Capitol Hill.

Is it fair that after the first three years of Obamanomics, the poor are poorer, the poverty rate is rising, the middle class is losing income, and some 5.5 million fewer Americans have jobs today than in 2007?

Is it fair that roughly 88% of political contributions from supposedly impartial network television reporters, producers and other employees in 2008 went to Democrats?

And the other 22% probably went to Ron Paul.

Is it fair that the three counties with America’s highest median family income just happen to be located in the Washington, D.C., metro area?

Is it fair that wind, solar and ethanol producers get billions of dollars of subsidies each year and pay virtually no taxes, while the oil and gas industry—which provides at least 10 times as much energy—pays tens of billions of dollars of taxes while the president complains that it is "subsidized"?

As we have stated time and again, oil companies are not subsidized at all. They pay a slightly lower tax rate because they deal in an product that is being depleted when they produce it. Every other manufacturer in the same boat can get the same tax break.

Is it fair that those who work full-time jobs (and sometimes more) to make ends meet have to pay taxes to support up to 99 weeks of unemployment benefits for those who don’t work?

And is it fair that the unemployment insurance employers have to pay is going up to cover these extended benefits? Which means they will have less money to hire more workers.

Is it fair that those who took out responsible mortgages and pay them each month have to see their tax dollars used to subsidize those who acted recklessly, greedily and sometimes deceitfully in taking out mortgages they now can’t afford to repay?

Also, renters, who never took out loans they can’t afford, are now going to have to pay more in taxes to subsidize people who ‘bought’ houses they could not afford.

Is it fair that thousands of workers won’t have jobs because the president sided with environmentalists and blocked the shovel-ready Keystone XL oil pipeline?

Is it fair that some of Mr. Obama’s largest campaign contributors received federal loan guarantees on their investments in renewable energy projects that went bust?

And if there was such blatant crony capitalism in green energy, you know it is happening in other fields.

Is it fair that federal employees receive benefits that are nearly 50% higher than those of private-sector workers whose taxes pay their salaries, according to the Congressional Budget Office?

Is it fair that soon almost half the federal budget will take income from young working people and redistribute it to old non-working people, even though those over age 65 are already among the wealthiest Americans?

This is one item we would challenge. Does Mr. Moore want ‘means testing’ for Social Security and Medicare? If so, they will become another welfare program, rather than the ‘insurance’ plans they pretend to be.

Is it fair that in 27 states workers can be compelled to join a union in order to keep their jobs?

Is it fair that nearly four out of 10 American households now pay no federal income tax at all—a number that has risen every year under Mr. Obama?

The percentage is actually 47% (based on 2009 numbers, which seem to be the most recent available), which is more than four out of 10. It is almost 5 out of ten.

Is it fair that Boeing, a private company, was threatened by a federal agency when it sought to add jobs in a right-to-work state rather than in a forced-union state?

Is it fair that our kids and grandkids and great-grandkids—who never voted for Mr. Obama—will have to pay off the $5 trillion of debt accumulated over the past four years, without any benefits to them?

When Mr. Obama took office every man woman and child in the US owed $34,000. Today that is up to $48,000 per person. By election day it will be more than $50,000.

Anyway, Mr. Moore’s list is just for starters. It could go on and on and on.

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2 Responses to “Stephen Moore: A ‘Fairness’ Quiz For Obama”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Is it fair, Mr. President, that the nation of Chile has a national Social Security system that outperforms ours many many times over, actually belongs to the Payee, and is private, while the System you tout is nothing short of the poverty of slavery?


  2. MZmaj7 says:

    Japan’s corporate rate is 30%. We have the highest rate in the world.

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