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Sterling Donated $30K To Museum Of Tolerance

From the UK’s Daily Mail:

‘Racist’ LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling donated $135,000 to the Museum of Tolerance and African-American charities

* The Donald T. Sterling Charitable Foundation made the donations between 2009 and 2012
* $30,000 to the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles, $50,000 each to the city’s Black Business Association and the United Negro College Fund
* None of those groups has publicly criticized Sterling since a recording of a racist rant, allegedly in his voice, surfaced Friday
* The United Negro College Fund says it won’t give back the money
* The tape’s release may be revenge by Sterling’s alleged mistress, who is being sued for more than $1.8 million by his wife

By David Martosko | 28 April 2014

Donald Sterling, the National Basketball Association team owner who was hit last week by charges of racism, used his charitable foundation to steer at least $135,000 to charities that focus on African-American issues – including the Museum of Tolerance…

But through the Donald T. Sterling Foundation, which he set up in 2007, he donated $30,000 to the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles, and $50,000 each to the United Negro College Fund and the Black Business Association of Los Angeles.

It seems to us that Mr. Sterling could use a little tolerance. But there is no such thing when it comes to improper racial views, if you are not a protected minority.

Sterling’s donations could be a form of public-relations inoculation against future criticism. None of those groups has publicly rebuked him since the tape surfaced on Friday.

We mock the way people could buy ‘indulgences’ for their sins from the Catholic Church back in the Middle Ages. But we practice the same things today. Only the state religion is now run by the Democrat Party.

The United Negro College Fund told MailOnline on Monday that it won’t give back the money…

None of the other organizations responded to questions about whether they will send Sterling’s money back. A separate $5,000 grant went to the Los Angeles chapter of the NAACP in 2010. That organization has rescinded its offer to present Sterling with its 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award. Sterling has already won the honor once before, in 2009.

The grants came between 2009 and 2012. The foundation’s ‘Form 990’ tax return for 2013 is not yet due to the Internal Revenue Service.

The NAACP, America’s most visible African-American advocacy organization, received a grant from Sterling’s foundation in 2013, according to the NBA, but the amount has not yet been disclosed…

And never mind that the NAACP and many of these other black groups actually practice racism. They don’t just talk about it. They walk the walk.

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