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More Dana Priest Background – The Mott Trust

More dot-connecting from the indefatigable investigator, Jennifer Verner:

Miracle at 122 Maryland Ave NW

A little blurb from the Stewart Mott Trust homepage (cached version, since the original is on the blink):

Stewart Mott originally bought 122 to house the various activities and projects of the Fund for Peace. Over the years, the building has been the first offices of the Center for Defense Information, In The Public Interest, the Center for International Policy and the Center for National Security Studies.

The house was the birthplace of the Women’s Campaign Fund and Friends of Family Planning PACs. Other tenants of note include the Campaign Against Nuclear War, the Electronic Privacy Information Center, Pax Americas and the Military Families Support Network. The most recent tenant was the national DC office of the American Civil Liberties Union.

Given Stewart Mott’s philanthropic interests, it is not surprising that most of the regular occupants of 122 Maryland Avenue are progressive in nature. This may have contributed to the Home’s reputation as “a citadel for hatching far-left plots” but in fact, it is a meeting place where do-gooders of all stripes of political and ideological opinion are regularly heard.

Stewart Mott likes to think of the Home as “a beehive of unconventional activity, skewed in favor of truth and justice, but tolerant of and interested in all points of view.

So let’s put this all together. Housed together in the little Mott house are the ACLU and the Fund for Constitutional Government–the two organizations most vigorously supporting whistle blowing and attacking the NSA.

Stewart Mott was also one of the founding founders of the agitprop organizations that sprung from the Institute of Policy Studies in the 1970s–including Center for International Policy where Dana Priest’s husband is the executive director.

CIP and 122 Maryland have a long history. Robert White, the president of CIP is currently on the board of directors of the Fund For Constitutional Government. Conrad Martin, the director of FCG–sponsor of Electronic Privacy Information Center, Government Accountability Project, and others–is also on the board of CIP AND the executive director of the Stewart Mott Foundation.

Did I mention that all of the above organizations are clients of Fenton Communications?

So, when you hear Secret gulags, black sites, NSA invasion of privacy, Cindy Sheehan, Truthtellers.org, whistleblowers, VIPS, or any any of the other numerous disinformation campaigns lodged against the Bush Administration–think Mott House. With a little help from their friends at Fenton Communications, the NYT, the Washington Post and ABC News–anything is possible at 122 Maryland.

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Speaking of Fenton Communications, check out this cached link (yes, it’s been scrubbed) to a Fenton Communications news release on "Whistle-blowing."

Note the signers to the second letter. They include Larry Johnson, a number of other VIPS members, Ms. Ann Wright who appeared alongside Dana Priest, Joe Wilson and Mel Goodman at the CIP sponsored "Cowboy Diplomacy" conference, and Karen Kwiatowski from the "Iraq Uncovered" video.

Recall that David Fenton was a major supporter of the Christic Institute/Martha Honey law suit during the Iran-Contra days. Another very important supporter of the Christic Institute’s lawsuit was Aris Anagnos–a billionaire who still supports a wide range radical left causes including the Fund for Constitutional Government.

Currently on the board of FCG, along with Anagnos, is Robert White, President of the Center For International Policy (Goodfellow’s outfit). The Executive director of FCG is Conrad Martin–who serves on the board of CIP, in addition to a whole alphabet of others including HALT, as well as being the former Director of the Stewart Mott foundation. (Again, all fenton Communications clients)

Here’s the list of FCG’s " projects." Note the Electronic Privacy Information Center, Government Oversight Project. POGO and Open the Government.

So we have another link between the VIPS, CIP and Fenton. And we also have a link between the CIA Leaks on torture and secret gulags (Dana Priest) and one of the organizations that is leading the charge against NSA (EPIC).

And Larry Johnson has his hand in all of these organizations. Along with the rest of his VIPS pals.

The Mott slogan "let us be known by our deeds" is one I can agree with. Thankfully, intrepid researchers like Jennifer Verner are getting this information out.

It is appalling that hating America is such a lucrative full-time business for so many people.

Well, maybe not so many. Since the same usual suspects seem to show up under every rock that’s overturned.

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