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Still No Obama-Promised Solar Panels On WH

From a deeply disappointed Associated Press:

PROMISES, PROMISES: WH solar panels are no-shows

By Mark S. Smith, Associated Press Tue Jun 21, 2011

WASHINGTON – Last October, the Obama administration announced plans to install solar panels on the roof of the White House by the spring of this year, returning the power of the sun to the pinnacle of prominence a quarter-century after Jimmy Carter’s pioneering system was taken down.

The AP has even gone so far as to run the above photo along with this article.

Spring has come and gone, and the promised panels have yet to see the light of day. Administration officials blame the complexities of the contracting process, and say the solar project is still an active one. But they can’t say when it’ll be complete.

Somehow things always turn out to be more complex than Mr. Obama imagined.

Environmental groups say the symbolism is telling — and disappointing. "On we’ll go," sighed Bill McKibben, founder of the climate activist group 350.org. "One more summer of beautiful, strong sunlight going to waste, just bouncing off the White House roof."

McKibben and other environmentalists say the failure to meet its own deadline reflects an administration that’s been long on green rhetoric but sometimes disappointingly short on practical accomplishments

The bottom line is that Mr. Obama is only concerned about the other kind of green. The green that can buy him votes.

So when will the panels actually appear? The Energy Department says it’s "on the path" to completing the project. But details and timing can only be shared "after the competitive procurement process is completed." …

Imagine a project in Washington being delayed by red tape? And have they been able to line up union installers?

But environmentalists look at Obama’s plans to boost offshore oil drilling and the collapse of climate change legislation and say the administration’s record is mixed.

It really is disgraceful that the AP continues to pretend that Mr. Obama is boosting offshore drilling. It also proves that the environmental vote is not very important. Or the news media wouldn’t keep promoting such a lie, in case it might hurt Obama’s re-election chances.

Especially for someone whose convention acceptance speech promised future generations would see his tenure as "the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal."

Isn’t it funny the things the AP and the rest of the news media choose to chide Mr. Obama about? Where are the articles pointing out that Mr. Obama promised that we would win the war in Afghanistan?

However, the administration has long known there might be federal contracting hurdles. To accompany the White House project announcement in October, the Energy Department published a handbook titled "Procuring Solar Energy: A Guide for Federal Facility Decision Makers." It ran to 104 pages.

Don’t worry. Mr. Obama has promised to do away with excessive regulations, too.

By the way, either it is a slow news day or there is a concerted effort to put ‘environmentalism’ back in the news. Even Al Gore has come up for air long enough to attack Obama’s record on ‘global warming’ in an upcoming issue of Rolling Stone.

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One Response to “Still No Obama-Promised Solar Panels On WH”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    AP was waiting for Algore to pop his head out of hibernation. Every cause must have
    a leader. In this case they have the Capt. of the Climate Titanic.

    “The bottom line is that Mr. Obama is only concerned about the other kind of green. The green that can buy him votes.”
    Braaaavo, Steve, Braaaavo!!

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