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Strikers Sabotage French Rail Cables, Signals

From an understanding Reuters:

Railway workers replace a cable after an arson attack on the high-speed rail network in Varreddes, 50 kms (32 miles) east of Paris, Wednesday, Nov. 21, 2007. Widespread sabotage has damaged France’s high-speed rail network and caused huge delays to services already hit by an 8-day transport strike.

Sabotage hits French railways, strike presses on

By Crispian Balmer Wed Nov 21

Saboteurs staged a co-ordinated attack on France’s high-speed rail network early Wednesday, causing nationwide delays to services already hit by an eight-day transport strike, the SNCF state railways said.

A senior SNCF executive blamed militant strikers for the damage and said police were hunting those responsible.

These are genuine acts of sabotage. It is extremely shocking,” the SNCF’s Mireille Faugere told reporters.

“We think it was the diehard (strikers),” she added…

Officials said the attacks happened shortly before 6.00 a.m. with arsonists damaging 30-km (18 miles) of signaling in the west and burning cabling on the eastern TGV line. Saboteurs in the north and southeast shut down signal switches

The pensions showdown is the biggest challenge Sarkozy has faced since taking office in May and his government fears its credibility would be destroyed if it gives in to the unions.

An opinion poll published in the conservative Le Figaro newspaper on Wednesday gave Sarkozy a boost, saying 68 percent of people thought the transport strike was not justified.

The last time a government tried to reform the so-called special pension regimes was in 1995, but it was forced to backtrack in the face of nationwide stoppages and broad public sympathy for the strikers.

In a separate dispute, teachers, postal workers and civil servants returned to work after a one-day strike on Tuesday called to protest against the government’s economic program. They have promised further stoppages in the months ahead.

Numerous French universities also remained disrupted on Wednesday as part of an on-going student protest against a government reform of higher education.

Note how the headline writer used the passive voice here: “Sabotage Hits French Railways.”

You see, nobody sabotaged the railways. It just happened.

But nevertheless one suspects it is some of the more ardent union members. They are always looking out for the little guy, you know.

Only rich people who deserve to die or be mangled ride on trains.

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