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China ‘Will Be Short’ 24 Million Wives

From a seemingly surprised Associated Press:

China to Be Short 24 Million Wives, Study Says


January 12, 2010

BEIJING (AP) — Abortions of girl fetuses are expected to leave China with 24 million more men than women over the next decade, according to a study that warns the imbalance will dash many young men’s chance at marriage and lead to increased crime.

China enforces strict family planning controls, including limiting most couples to having one child. Because of a traditional preference for male heirs, many families terminate pregnancies of girl babies in order to be able to continue trying for a boy. Infanticide of baby girls has also become a problem.

The study by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, reported in Chinese state media this week, specifically said such preferences were behind the ballooning imbalance.

”Sex-specific abortions are extremely commonplace, especially in rural areas,” the CASS report said. ”The phenomenon of abortions of female fetuses is very serious.”

China bans tests to determine the fetus’ sex for non-medical reasons, but they are still commonly done, mainly by underground private clinics in the countryside.

The report said the male-female ratio at birth in China was 119 males to 100 females, with the gap as high as 130 males for every 100 females in some provinces. In industrialized countries, the ratio is 107 to 100

The official Global Times newspaper quoted researcher Wang Guangzhou as saying men with lower incomes would have trouble finding spouses in rural areas, leading to crime problems. The newspaper also said abductions and trafficking of women were widespread in areas with excess numbers of men

China imposed strict birth controls in the 1970s to limit growth of its huge population, noting that resources, especially land, were increasingly strained and that changes were needed in its new push to modernize. The government says the controls have prevented an additional 400 million births in the world’s most populous country of 1.3 billion.

Of course China’s butchery of girls is practically ancient news. The only thing newsworthy is that the AP is finally reporting it.

But what’s the worry. A nice little war (maybe over Taiwan) will quickly readjust the sex ratio.

For the record, here is how China’s Xinhua News is addressing the issue:

Marriage a headache for 41 pct single women in China: survey

BEIJING, Jan. 10 (Xinhua) — About 41.2 percent of single women in China were worried that they might not be able to find a right person to get married, according to a recent survey.

The figure was almost five times lower in men as only 8.1 single men interviewed admitted that they had the same worry, said the survey, which lasted three years and attracted more than 2.02 million respondents.

The survey also said that some 40 percent women admitted they had high expectations for their future husbands. But 44 percent said they would not lower their standards just in order to get married.

The survey was jointly conducted by the China Association of Marriage and Family Studies (CAMF), the Committee of Match-making Service Industries under the China Association of Social Workers and the Baihe.com, a major Chinese match-making website.

The respondents, reached either by random visits in the street or by online questionnaire, averaged at about 30 years old.

Fan Aitian, general secretary of the CAMF, told Xinhua Sunday that the problem with the singles in finding the better half lay in confused and impatient attitude toward marriage.

"Many single people especially women are confused in their criteria of a suitable spouse under the pressure from society and work," Fan said.

But before we feel too superior, the last we heard, Harry Reid’s ‘healthcare reform’ bill still has abortion funding deeply buried in it.

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24 Responses to “China ‘Will Be Short’ 24 Million Wives”

  1. canary says:

    AFP says Chinese foetus gender abortions leading to much more than single men. Most of 400 million girl foetuses destroyed. First fertiliser, now foetuses. Canned they spel bedder than mee?

    Skewed China birth rate to leave 24 mln men single
    Mon Jan 11, 5:59 am ET

    BEIJING (AFP) – More than 24 million Chinese men of marrying age could find themselves without spouses in 2020, state media reported on Monday, citing a study that blamed sex-specific abortions as a major factor.

    “Sex-specific abortions remained extremely commonplace,…”

    The study said the key contributing factors to the phenomenon included the nation’s family-planning policy, which restricts the number of children citizens may have,…

    The Global Times said abductions and trafficking of women were “rampant” in areas with excess numbers of men, citing the National Population and Family Planning Commission.

    Illegal marriages and forced prostitution were also problems in those areas, it said.

    The report said the study urged the government to relax the so-called “one-child” policy and study the possibility of encouraging “cross-country marriages.”

    China first implemented its population control policy in 1979, generally limiting families to one child,…exception of… ethnic minorities and other groups.

    It has said the policy has averted 400 million births.

    Researchers said the gender imbalance problem cropped up in the late 1980s when the use of ultrasound technology became more prevalent.

    This allowed women to easily determine the sex of their foetuses, leading to an increased number of sex-selective abortions.


  2. David says:

    I can’t imagine that the government forced abortions and forced sterilizations are helping the situation. An NPR Story

  3. proreason says:

    Angry young men cause wars and revolutions.

    And nothing makes young men angrier than too few women to go around. Doesn’t matter that the causes of too few women are well understood. The anger isn’t the kind that “dialogue” can soothe, and it won’t necessarilly be directed at the root cause of the problem either.

    It’s an unacknowledged major cause of Islamo fascism. That kind anger is going to bubble up somewhere. The mullah’s manipulate it.

    China is a bubbling cauldron.

    There is another factor at play in China as well. Revolutions don’t happen when oppression is at its peak. They happen when political and social constraints are beginning to loosen. The chances of a counter revolution in 1930’s Russia were zero…..the country was dominated and anybody thinking about resisting the government was ruthlessly purged (about 50 million Russians were killed in the 30’s). Czarist Russia is the classic example of what happens when things loosen up. Russian people actually had a lot more freedom by 1910 than they ever had had before. That’s why Lenin was able to exploit WW I to ovethrow the government.

    So, there is probably a lot more political turbulence in China than we know about.

    Similarly, Iran is ripe to overthrow the Mullahs. If the Moron wasn’t just pleased as punch with his co-dictators in Iran, then he could throw a little fuel on that fire and possible instigate an overthrow of the regime. But of course, he is doing the exact oppposite. He loves the “stability” the Mullahs bring and, of course, Iran having nukes will make the world more fair and contribute to the destruction of the United States.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Yeah too often genuine grassroots movements get hijacked by elitists looking to either save their own power or sociopathic opportunists looking to manipulate social outrage to achieve their diabolical ambitions. It’s so important that good people stand up when they’re needed in that regard. That’s what was supposed to make us different from the rest.. I thought we’d lost it – now I can see the signs that we’re remembering.

      Ugh, John McCain’s ad talking about how he’s the guy leading the charge against the agenda – I wanted to hurl my laptop.

  4. tranquil.night says:

    A few articles popped up during the Dopenhagen Era about the need for worldwide population restrictions. I know at least a czar or two like the idea. That’s besides the point.

    So 24 million disgruntled men? Well if I remember right they can’t watch porn or they get arrested, can’t be gay.. yeah maybe it’s just best to conscript them for a Taiwan invasion. The buzz is the Chinese economy isn’t nearly as hot as it’s portrayed. Maybe their ridiculous super mass transit system and public works is all economic propoganda similar to the Soviets. Time to expand the resource pool while the US has taken a knee.

  5. Liberals Demise says:

    Simple solution:
    Have the single men fly to any State that marries homos then they can fly back home and raise little Barny’s all over the place.

  6. studmuffin says:

    *rolls eyes*

    Another success story for centralized planning!

  7. mathews says:

    Chinese always planning for the future, that’s a lot of war causalities

  8. GetBackJack says:

    Three items –

    1. When China instituted the One Child requirement, it was certain that the unreported deaths of girl babies would explode exponentially. It did, as no tradition-bound Chinese family will abide a one girl child family … if it’s one … it has to be a boy. Boys are more important than girls (wonder what feminist marxists have to say about that?)

    2. When they set this in motion, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that China would become a nation of spoiled rotten boy-men without the possibility of female partnership.

    Both have come true. That makes China more dangerous than ever.

    3. When the final war on Israel comes on stage, a 200 million man army approaches from The East.

    You do the math.

    • Confucius says:

      Three more items –

      1. While it is true that China has a one-child government mandate, it is also true that many other cultures either have considered or continue to consider boys more important than girls. White Europeans used to; mid-Eastern, African and South American cultures continue to. Some of this results from less technologically advanced cultures having to depend on manpower to work the fields. Some of this also results from a desire to extend the family name in cultures where hyphenated surnames are not accepted.

      2. I didn’t read in either article where China is a nation of “spoiled rotten boy-men.” What I read was speculation about men possibly turning to crime. In contrast, what I did read was a survey of “spoiled rotten” prissy girls who had “high expectations for their future husbands.”

      3. A number of prophecies, be they religious or secular, predict a looming world war with a vast army marching from the East. Most, if not all, point to the mid- and not the far-East.

  9. Rip Cord says:

    Guess the Chinese men will just have to share. Like Hillary Clinton does with Bill Clinton and Elizabeth Edwards does with John Edwards. Dem-Qada and Marxists, always thinking of the little guy.

  10. Chuckk says:

    Maybe the sexually frustrated generation will turn to revolution instead of crime.

  11. GetBackJack says:

    Confucius – bless your heart. And …

    Good luck with that analysis.

  12. joeblough says:

    Which is more likely to be a peaceable stable friendly country?

    a) A country with a pretty much normal balance between males and females.

    b) A country with 24 million horny, lonely, frustrated single men who aren’t married and can’t get a girl?

    This is of course bad news for the Chinese people.

    But it’s plain damned dangerous for the rest of the world … most particularly Taiwan.

    • mr_bill says:

      Solution: Start sending back their video games. For every Playstation, x-box, and wii sold here in the states, we send two back. 24 million video game pacified pubescent Chinese males will be too worried about beating level 72 to do any harm to anybody else or worry about [not] getting any poon.

    • Confucius says:

      According to the 2002 census, there are 104.3 women for every 100 men in America.

      According to a 2006 AP report, there are 106.3 men for every 100 women in China.


      So I have to ask:

      Which country is waging war in two other countries and is financially insolvent? Furthermore,

      a) Which country is normally balanced between males and females?

      b) Which country has millions of horny, lonely, frustrated single women who aren’t married and can’t get a guy? (Hint: who has Oprah, Lifetime and Oxygen?)

      This is of course bad news for us Americans.

      And it’s plain damned dangerous for the rest of the world . . . most particularly us.

    • proreason says:

      But Confucius, we lock up at least 4.3 men for every 100 women in the U.S. And we murder about 50K men a year as well.

      It’s our strategy to deal with young male frustration. (that and the internet)


  13. joeblough says:

    You silly people!

    More females than males is normal. Males are more expendable and get themselves killed faster. And you don’t need that many males to keep all the females occupied, both with men and with children (not to mention society and soap operas).

    America’s horny lonely frustrated females are nowhere near as dangerous as China’s horny lonely frustrated males. Females are just less dangerous if you’re talking about getting physical.

    More annoying? That I’ll grant you. But boots-on-the-ground battlefield action, I’m betting guys every time.

    How do you think women got “exploited” in the first place?

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Would you be referring, “To the victors goes the spoils of war?”

    • Confucius says:

      So we are in agreement–America needs more men. (Maybe even a few who are horny, lonely and Wii-deficient.)

      As an aside, it is statistically “normal” for any group of peoples to have more females then males. During conception, male-determining sperm are destroyed at a higher rate than female-determining sperm. This difference, however, isn’t large enough to explain the preponderance of women to men in America.

      It is also interesting to note that this difference is determined by the egg and its surrounding micro-environment in utero–i.e. the woman decides. That’s right. This is an example of female-on-male violence. And not only does this domestic sexual violence start at conception, but it’s been going on ever since Adam and Eve.

      Meanwhile, the unwed, drag-along-Stedman, billionaire Oprah relentlessly reminds America how women are exploited daily, if not hourly (circa 4 p.m.), even on occasion taking the time to trot out a “victim” who later turns out to be a fraud.

      So now tell me, who are “exploited in the first place”?

    • proreason says:

      I understand why you called GetBack on his comment, Confucious, but I’m surpised to hear one of the smartest posters on this site making the arguments that an unusual excess of males over females isn’t a problem, and that China’s excess is normal.

      The unusual excess of males over females in China derives directly from their central family planning policies intersecting with age-old cultural norms. The result is a problem, and it’s wrong in many ways.

      The real point of the entire article is that central planning almost always goes awry.

      But I’m sure than John Holdren wouldn’t find anything wrong with the situation.

    • Confucius says:

      Thank you for the compliment, proreason.

      I believe in balance—the yin and the yang, if you will. It is the natural order of things as it is how God created the universe.

      I believe men and women are equally important to this world as they are to each other. Both are equally necessary to create life just as both are equally necessary to bring wholeness within it.

      China’s gender preference for boys was rooted in its agricultural past. Their current practice of aborting or selling away girls in order to get boys is because they are a godless people living in a country whose government bans religion as much as any opportunity for having more than one child.

      This is not the natural order of things, and I bet it offends God. (It also happens to be one of the reasons why I am an American and not Chinese citizen.)

      In summary, I believe gender imbalance is a problem, irregardless of cause, place or time. I also agree that in China, the government is the root cause of their gender problem–and not necessarily its people.

  14. GL0120 says:

    I’d like to suggest a possible solution to China’s problem.

    Send Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, and a few leaders of NOW to China. After a few weeks, they’ll come to believe that a shortage of women can be a good thing.

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