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Stupak Ploy Allowed Obama To Play Hero

From the (now victorious) Obama-care lobbyists at the New York Times:

The Order That Changed Everything


March 23, 2010

If there was a single event that guaranteed Democrats the 216 votes they would need to adopt major health care legislation, it was the agreement on an executive order to be issued by President Obama to clarify federal policy barring the use of taxpayer money for abortions.

Once the terms of the executive order were set, a number of Democrats who oppose abortion rights announced that they would vote in favor of the health care bill, including Representative Bart Stupak, Democrat of Michigan and a leader of the Congressional Pro-Life Caucus.

Here’s the full text of the order, as released by the White House…

Would it be too cynical to wonder if the whole Stupak holdout wasn’t a set-up to give Obama more of a role in passing the ‘healthcare reform’ legislation?

After all, if he hadn’t interceded here, what place would he have in history?

In any case, the New York Times, who like to think they write our nation’s history, is now playing up this venal and meaningless act as the deus ex machina that saved the day.

This is what they call “making sense of the healthcare debate.”

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12 Responses to “Stupak Ploy Allowed Obama To Play Hero”

  1. jobeth says:

    Per usual…right on time, the prez who always keeps his distance so in case of failure he’s nowhere nearby, swoops right in there to accept the credit for something he had little to do with as far as the “sausage making” is concerned.

    Reminds me of the boss who flits into the room, dictates his wishes and sashays out with a flick of the wrist and a “Make it happen”.

    What a dweeb. Fingernails on the chalk board…!

  2. proreason says:

    Would it be too cynical to wonder if the whole Stupak holdout wasn’t a set-up to give Obama more of a role in passing the ‘healthcare reform’ legislation?

    It wouldn’t.

    Every word, every action, every fart in the man’s life is theatre, directed by Marxist producers.

    He is our Actor in Chief.

  3. tranquil.night says:

    Absolutely, and we shouldn’t discount the Easter resurrection parallel either. God the father had Christ break the rules of death to deliver a message of salvation to all man.

    So too Barack the father must break the rules of democracy to deem universal medical salvation to all the citizens of the world.

    Liberals are defined by their love of self as much as their hatred for everything and everyone else.

    Stupak looks heroic. Barry looks heroic. The entire Deemocrat caucus has its most transparent meeting since they’ve started governing in which they praise eachothers heroism.

    The ironic truth is they hate eachother too, except when they’re fighting us.

  4. mathews says:

    Apparently according to RNC code red, reporting on Liberal Socialist Democrat corruption our buddy Stupak’s district got almost a Billion dollar payoff 2 days ahead of the vote and it was kept silent by your Democrat Federal employees and Stupak until today.

  5. canary says:

    Obama’s President’s Executive Order is worthless.
    There were plenty of amendments already written, Obama had plenty of time to make his fluff part of the bill, but he and Stupak know the order is doesn’t have weight. Stupak will play dumb, but he is guilty.

  6. take_no_prisoners says:

    Stupak must be Polish for gullible dumbass! Obama is rubbing his face in it today as he signed his precious healthcare bill but didn’t sign the worthless Executive Order that Stupak took for delivering the pro-life votes. He hasn’t even said when he will sign the worthless Executive order!

    • take_no_prisoners says:

      Maybe we’ve coined a new phrase! Joe Blow thinks Obama walks on water–what a Stupak!

  7. JohnMG says:

    …..”Representative Bart Stupak, Democrat of Michigan and a leader of the Congressional Pro-Life Caucus……”

    Well if this isn’t cause enough to de-frock him, I don’t know what is. When (if) this caucus meets again they should drop-kick his pathetic ass all the way back to Michigan. He played the entire nation like a fine fiddle, providing the distraction for the other back-room deals to go on undetected. What a despicable piece of skin he is.

    He should be stood up against a wall and shot with a shit-pistol.

  8. FCAFlyer says:

    Stupak. What a Judas/idiot! Obama’s even waffled/reneged on his worthless executive order, which Stupid-Pak had to know was bogus to start with! I’m from Michigan (living outside DC now) and I can tell you, he WON’T be welcome back there at all. Better increase the bodyguards and cut down on all public appearances. He represents Alpena where I’ve lived and worked – HUGE Polish/Catholic population . . . . . need I say more?

  9. philmarlowe says:

    I found myself in an Irish bar in NYC over the weekend and noticed a plaque on the wall. The quote was unattributed but I looked it up.

    Fame is a vapor, popularity an accident, riches take wing, those who cheer today will curse tomorrow; only one thing endures — character.

    — Horace Greeley

    It was a small consolation but it helped.

    • JohnMG says:

      If after this vote was taken I found myself in an Irish bar in NYC over the weekend, sombody else would have found me there Monday morning.

      It’s probably just as well I wasn’t near any alcohol at the time.

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