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Successful Chinese Emigrating To The West

From Germany’s Der Spiegel:

Successful Chinese Emigrating to West in Droves

Despite their country’s stunning economic growth, many successful Chinese entrepreneurs are emigrating to the West. For them, the Chinese government is too arbitrary and unpredictable, and they view their children’s prospects as better in the West.

By Wieland Wagner
February 24, 2012

… Li Zhaohui, 51, turns on the projector and photographs flicker across the screen behind him. Some show Li himself, head of one of China’s largest agencies for emigration visas, which has more than 100 employees. Other pictures show Li’s business partner in the United States. Still others show Chinese people living in an idyllic American suburb. Li has already successfully arranged for these people to leave the People’s Republic of China.

Li’s free and self-confident way of speaking precisely embodies the Western lifestyle that those in his audience dream of. Originally trained as a physicist, Li emigrated to Canada in 1989. In the beginning, he developed microchips in Montreal, but he says he found the job boring. Then he found his true calling: helping Chinese entrepreneurs and businesspeople escape

Likewise, hardly anyone in the audience is actually planning to burn every bridge with their native country. Almost everyone in the room owns companies, villas and cars in China.

Many of them, in fact, can thank China’s Communist Party for their success.

Which is to say that you still can’t get ahead in China without kowtowing to the Communist Party.

But along their way to the top, they’ve developed other needs, the kind only a person with a full stomach feels, as the Chinese saying goes. It’s a type of hunger that can’t be satisfied as long as the person is living under a one-party dictatorship.

These people long to live in a constitutional state that would protect them from the party’s whims. And they want to enjoy their wealth in countries where it’s possible to lead a healthier life than in China, which often resembles one giant factory, with the stench and dust to match.

These longings have led many people in China to pursue foreign citizenship for themselves and their families. The most popular destinations are the US and Canada, countries with a tradition of immigration

It’s not just their "tradition of immigration." It’s their tradition of freedom.

"Touzi yimin" are the magic words Li impresses tirelessly upon his listeners. Loosely translated, it means "immigration by investment."

Several months a year, Li says he travels through the US selecting suitable investment projects for his clients — construction projects, for example, that would qualify Chinese investors and their families for long-term American visas

There are more than 800 similar agencies throughout the country, all offering their services in procuring "touzi yimin." …

Zhang Yongjun, 41, and his family already have one foot out the door. Zhang sits at his company’s long, leather-upholstered conference table on the 31st floor of Beijing’s Overseas Plaza. Outside his window, the sun’s rays barely penetrate the brown smog. In just a few weeks, Zhang plans to start a new life with his wife and two daughters in Vancouver, Canada.

It took the entrepreneur four years to obtain a "Maple Leaf Card," the Canadian equivalent of the American green card. Canada’s permanent resident card also offers the option of applying for citizenship after three years. To obtain it, Zhang put the equivalent of €300,000 ($400,000) in a Canadian investment fund.

"I’m taking this step for my children’s sake," Zhang says. The plan is for his wife to settle permanently in Canada with the children. There, they can breathe clean air and attend schools that will teach them to be more cosmopolitan. Zhang himself will hold onto his Chinese citizenship and commute between Beijing and Vancouver since he doesn’t want to lose the source of his wealth back in China

The Global Times, a nationalist mouthpiece of the Communist Party, recently printed an online survey whose results suggest that this exodus of the wealthy sparks jealousy in many of their fellow citizens. The newspaper quoted one anonymous Internet user as saying, "Many of the people who want to emigrate are nothing more than traitors. Leave your money here if you want to emigrate."

This type of name-calling deters those thinking of getting out from talking about it publicly. Zhang, too, offers only a vague hint as to why he wants to give himself and his family this second leg to stand on in Canada. "In an environment where power determines everything, there’s ultimately no clear standard, no feeling of security," he says

Unfortunately, given the way the country is going under Obama, one has to wonder how much longer the US will be all that different.

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8 Responses to “Successful Chinese Emigrating To The West”

  1. Mithrandir says:

    OR…..if you don’t have the $400,000, you could pay for a plane ticket and have your baby in the U.S. and automatically become citizens in PREGNANCY TOURISM that is sweeping the world, and especially Chinese women.

    But if enough minorities become the majority, there is no way anchor-babies will ever go away, and politicians don’t have the guts to even write a proposal on their home computer much less in Congress.

  2. Petronius says:

    “These people long to live in a constitutional state that would protect them from the party’s whims.”

    Me too.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Boy, I’ll bet they’ll be surprised when the apparatchik that used to beat them in the re-training camp shows up to repo their Lexus.

    • JohnMG says:

      They’d better hurry! Four more years of Obamao and they won’t know which country they’re in.

  3. GetBackJack says:

    And if Obama gets another four years, we can expect to see successful Americans immigrating to Red China, for freedom and business opportunities.

  4. wirenut says:

    Sawwie Comrade. No get to states, less you vote Demokat! Or the Klin-toon’s (Clinton’s) owe you money for 2nd term in office. Haw-haw! Made funny. You get? Now best way in, is through Mexico. Don’t let the barbedwire slap you in the ass on the way in.
    Comrade Mao.

  5. canary says:

    corny. The U.S.s new Chinese immigrants will buy up the U.S. companies and send them back to China.
    Why else would China let their most brilliant leave their country.

    Obama’s half-brother got his Physicist degree at Berkley and ended up in China.

    Obama had a big fall out with his brother on his trip to Kenya, when he got his brother alone and chewed him out for not having plans to return to Kenya after he graduated Berkley. How dare him not return to Kenya like Obama pretended he’d do after Harvard following his father’s footsteps. After a paragraph of describing his brother and him eating their sandwiches as Obama drilled him leading to silence.
    Cheap moocher Obama even more bitter that he paid for their lunch, even though it was at his invitation to chew his sibling out. (Probably some sibling retaliation towards his half brother who hated growing up with the violent Obama Sr.whom Obama Jr. missed out on. Obama was bitter he had to grow up in the luxury of living in the U.S. and fancy schools.
    Michelle really ticked Obama off to after their (her’s) first visit to Africa saying she’d sure be glad to get back to the U.S.

  6. wirenut says:

    Sorry Canary, but I would never put “Berkley” after my name, anytime,anywhere. Let alone ‘Havvadud’. You just don’t get there from the mid-west, buddy! Food and fuel rein here. I know you will stay on point. The price of freedom goes up, everytime our liberties takes a hit. Secure our borders! We are on the same page. I could care less about
    someone’s private life. It’s what this SOB. is doing to my Country, Now, that worries me so.

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