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Super PAC Attacked For Weighing Wright Ad

From a triumphant New York Times:

Magnate Steps Into 2012 Fray on Wild Pitch

May 17, 2012

Joe Ricketts, an up-by-the-bootstraps billionaire whose varied holdings include a name-brand brokerage firm in Omaha, a baseball team in Chicago, herds of bison in Wyoming and a start-up news Web site in New York, wanted to be a player in the 2012 election. On Thursday he was, though not in the way he had intended.

Word that Mr. Ricketts had considered bankrolling a $10 million advertising campaign linking President Obama to the incendiary race-infused statements of his former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., brought waves of denunciation from Mitt Romney, the Obama campaign and much of the rest of the political world.

Exactly what would be so wrong with reminding voters of what Obama’s "spiritual mentor" has said?

Highlighting the perils of mixing partisan politics and corporate citizenship, the reverberations also swept through the Ricketts family’s business empire.

The "perils" being that if you do anything to oppose Obama, he will sic his highly organized Brown Shirts on you:

Liberal groups encouraged like-minded investors to drop their accounts with TD Ameritrade, the brokerage firm Mr. Ricketts founded. His family’s plan to seek public financing for improvements to Wrigley Field, home of their baseball team, the Chicago Cubs, ran into new political opposition

Huh. And in Chicago, too. What a coincidence.

By early afternoon, Mr. Ricketts had announced that he had rejected the ad campaign as out of keeping with his own political style, a day after his aides indicated that it was still under consideration.

In other words, the pressure paid off and Mr. Ricketts caved. What a triumph for Obama’s Chicago style thuggery!

The episode all but ensured that Republicans would remain under intense pressure not to invoke Mr. Wright’s provocative statements so directly for the balance of the campaign.

In other words, if anyone dares to bring up Wright or any other aspect of Obama’s inconvenient past, they will meet the same fate.

And, in a year when the loosened system of campaign finance regulations is encouraging wealthy individuals to weigh in on behalf of candidates and causes, Mr. Ricketts became a case study in the risks of political neophytes with big checkbooks seeking to play at the highest and roughest levels of politics.

In other words, only Democrat billionaires are allowed to exercise their right to political free speech.

After a storied career, Mr. Ricketts, 70, set out to break into the exclusive but growing new fraternity of megarich, conservative “super PAC” donors, people willing — and permitted as never before — to pour millions of dollars into influencing an election…

Which is really what has the New York Times and the rest of the Democrat Party so outraged. Up until now, this has been the exclusive domain of the likes of George Soros and Peter Lewis and Teresa Kerry, et alia.

And this also comes on the heels of the reports by Kimberly Strassel at the WSJ, about how the Obama campaign is already targeting private citizens who have made large donations to the Romney campaign. So Mr. Ricketts’ case is not a unique situation by any means.

He is not registered in either party in Wyoming, where he spends much of his time. He is a fiscal conservative who has grown increasingly frustrated at the economic and tax policies of the Obama administration. He also has supported Democrats who he perceives have a good record on spending restraint.

“Half the time he’s a Libertarian and half the time he’s Rush Limbaugh,” said one associate, speaking on the condition of anonymity

So no wonder the left were so eager to boycott him.

Still you have to wonder if maybe the right should start organizing their own boycotts of Obama’s Super PACs. We could start with the UAW.

And, of course, the New York Times.

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3 Responses to “Super PAC Attacked For Weighing Wright Ad”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    You say UAW. I say criminal mafia protected by the federal apparatus

  2. Petronius says:

    SG : “Exactly what would be so wrong with reminding voters of what Obama’s ‘spiritual mentor’ has said?”

    Nothing, absolutely nothing at all.

    As Daddy used to say, “Son, if you run with sheep-killing dogs, you’ll be known as a sheep-killing dog.”

  3. yadayada says:

    “Joe Ricketts, an up-by-the-bootstraps billionaire…..”

    I wonder how he would have been portayed had he not caved in to the extortion.

    unlike ted kennedy, the self made man, he would probably be referred to as another winner in life’s lottery, oppresser of the downtrodden, living off the backs of the poor, etc

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