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Model Jailed For Photographing Cuban Slums

How can be such a thing? Why discourage folks from documenting the glories of Castro’s proletariat paradise?

From the Australian:

Picture of Helena Houdova

Supermodel nabbed by Cuban police

From correspondents in Havana
January 26, 2006

CZECH supermodel Helena Houdova took a break from the catwalk to visit communist Cuba and was arrested for taking photographs in a slum, she said today.

The former Miss Czech Republic 1999 runs a foundation in New York that supports disadvantaged children in nine countries, and she wanted to see what she could do to help in Cuba.

But on Monday, Cuban security police detained Houdova and her travel companion, Czech psychologist Mariana Kroftova, while they were taking photographs in the poor Havana neighbourhood of Arroyo Naranjo.

The two women were held overnight in police custody and not allowed to call the Czech Embassy.

They were released 11 hours later after signing a letter vowing not to engage in "counter-revolutionary" activities, the model said.

Police confiscated photographic film, but Houdova said she managed to hide the memory card from her digital camera in her bra.

"They screamed at us. We were afraid," Houdova said. "We grew up under communism and know what it is like."

"Something needs to change here," Kroftova said.

The two women were told not to leave Havana until their departure from Cuba on Sunday.

I’m sure Mother Sheehan and Code Pink will have some pretty stern words for Uncle Fidel about this.

Any day now.

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One Response to “Model Jailed For Photographing Cuban Slums”

  1. The Redneck says:

    Wait’ll those pictures hit the net, and then wait for the people who tell us that growing up in Cuba just might be better than growing up in the USA…..

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