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Support For ‘Obama-Care’ Hits New Low

We almost missed this report from ABC News, buried as it was on their ‘Numbers’ section:

New Low in Support for Health Care Reform

December 13, 2010

Coinciding with a federal judge’s ruling invalidating a key element of the health care reform law, an ABC News/Washington Post poll finds support for the landmark legislation at a new low – but division on what to do about it.

The law’s never been popular, with support peaking at just 48 percent in November 2009. Today it’s slipped to 43 percent, numerically its lowest in ABC/Post polling. (It was about the same, 44 percent, a year ago.) Fifty-two percent are opposed, and that 9-point gap in favor of opposition is its largest on record since the latest debate over health care reform began in earnest in summer 2009.

More also continue to “strongly” oppose the law than to strongly support it, 37 percent to 22 percent.

What to do about it is another question: People who don’t support the law fragment on how to proceed, with a plurality in this group, 38 percent, saying they’d rather wait and see before deciding on a direction. Among the rest, 30 percent would repeal parts of the law, while about as many, 29 percent, favor repealing all of it

Er, so in other words 69% of the respondents favored repealing all or some of the bill. Way to try to cover up that detail, Mr. Langer.

Health care reform has lacked broad support – as also was the case when it last was debated in 1994 – given the public’s conflicting priorities and concerns.

While many aspects of the reform law win broad backing, its rules, funding mechanisms and the issue of government involvement raise doubts. And while many Americans are concerned about their future costs and coverage, most are satisfied with their current coverage, care and even costs – raising fears that a new system could do more harm than good.

The law’s individual mandate, requiring that nearly all adults must buy health insurance or face a fine, has been particularly unpopular; in a poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation last month, 68 percent of adults said that element should be repealed.

If that aspect of Obama-care is removed, a) there would be no way to fund the rest of the provisions, and b) the insurance companies would go bankrupt even sooner.

For if people aren’t required to buy insurance, they will wait until they get sick or hurt to do so.

Views on reform are marked by sharp partisanship. Eighty-six percent of Republicans in the new ABC/Post poll, produced for ABC News by Langer Research Associates, oppose the health care law; that subsides to 47 percent of independents and 27 percent of Democrats. But support among Democrats (67 percent) is far exceeded by opposition across the aisle. And intensity of sentiment is far higher among Republicans – 69 percent “strongly” oppose the law, while just 41 percent of Democrats strongly favor it…

So, in other words, Obama-care has strong bi-partisan opposition. Just as it always has.

By the way, as Newsbusters point out, even the Washington Post, who commissioned this poll along with ABC News, decided not to publish the results.

Why is that?

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