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After Ten Years, Sweetness & Light Is Taking ‘A Hiatus’

Where does the time go?

As of Saturday August 15th, S&L will have been laboring in the vineyard that is the internet for a full ten years. So I am taking a little break. Maybe even a big break. I will keep you posted.

I want to thank the extended S&L family for your interest and comments and generous financial support over the years.

Thank you all very much. And the best of wishes to you and our country.


This article was posted by Steve on Thursday, August 13th, 2015. Comments are currently closed.

17 Responses to “After Ten Years, Sweetness & Light Is Taking ‘A Hiatus’”

  1. captstubby says:

    congratulations Steve and Company.
    for being a beacon out there to set our common sense compasses on.
    like Zeno of Citiums Greek stoa ( the porch),
    where men and women could exchange thoughts and ideas,
    to learn from and grow.
    that the highest good, is based on experience, knowledge, and moral integrity.
    and for your indulgence,
    tolerance at the times i did none.

    thank you.

  2. chainsaw says:

    BZ x10. Well done S&L and many thanks!!

  3. heykev says:

    Congratulations Steve!
    Love being a member of S&L and reading your posts daily.
    You’ve been one busy and productive bee.

  4. danbohlen says:

    Many thanks I read daily and often post links to facebook. My “friends” probably think I’m crazy. I think you and I are like on Old testament prophets, crying out in a lonely desert. Maybe with the right info we can save this country from libetards…

  5. mr_bill says:

    Huge thanks and congrats to you, Steve! Your thoughtful and witty commentary on the news articles is the highlight of my mornings.

  6. Melly says:

    HAPPY anniversary!
    I and the country cannot do without your commentary. Period.
    Enjoy your respite.

  7. Mithrandir says:

    Thanks for putting up with my rantings / ramblings.

    My tin-foil hat isn’t always on straight, so I’m sure the CIA’s beams caused me to write things that made me sound, um, eclectic. (If you say nothing, I will just assume the CIA is the cause of this “hiatus.”)

    Suggested Reading:
    Liberal Fascism
    The Liberal Mind: Causes of Political Madness

    Rest in Peace…..well, you know what I mean…

  8. Noyzmakr says:

    Happy Anniversary!!
    Sorry to see S&L go. It’s been a helluva ride.
    We know you’ll still be fighting the good fight.
    Godspeed SG.

  9. Reality Bytes says:


  10. BillK says:

    Steve, enjoy your rest and I hope you’ll be back.

    I still remember when I first found and started contributing to S&L, and sadly all the news stories that used to shock me have now become the norm.

    Thanks for everything, Steve; you’ll be missed.

  11. Petronius says:

    Salve, Steve! Salvete omnes! And thank you so much for all you have done. A hundred times thank you.

  12. GetBackJack says:

    Now cracks a noble heart. Good night sweet prince:
    And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!
    Why does the drum come hither?
    March within.

    You will be missed and we expect you back, bub


  13. Chrispbass says:

    Mega thanks to you and yours for being a light in the darkness.

  14. yadayada says:

    I have truly cherished the hours spent reading your blog and the wisdom and pith from your commentary and those who participate herein. enjoy your respite.
    and please return soon, one does not light a lamp and cover it with a basket.


  15. Curmudgeon says:

    Thank you, Steve, for the good you have done. God bless you and refresh you in your rest.

  16. Airmail56 says:

    You need to take care of your health and Family first. Please don’t be gone too long

  17. specialed says:

    Sad to see you back away. You have good stuff!

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