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Sweetness & Light Contest – Who’s Jose Lambiet?

Yesterday I posted an article from the Palm Beach Post which grudgingly reported the fact that all the (bogus) charges of election fraud had been dropped against Ann Coulter.

I also noted that the piece was by the Post’s gossip columnist, Jose Lambiet, who seems to be making a career out of stalking scribing highly tendentious articles about Ms. Coulter.

I have been subsequently informed that some of the local authorities in Palm Beach believe Mr. Jose Lambiet is using a pseudonym.

Of course I have no way of knowing for certain if this is true. And it very well may not be. And if it is, it is not at all illegal of course. But it would perhaps be interesting to know.

So in the interest of truth and in the best traditions of investigative journalism, Sweetness & Light is offering its first ever contest:

The first person to produce Jose Lambiet’s original name, or alternately, positive proof that Jose Lambiet is indeed this gentleman’s given name — will win a Sweetness & Light T-shirt!

Of course any further information on the subject, such as deadbeat dad status, credit problems, tax evasion, immigration violation or outstanding library fines which might have induced Mr. Lambiet to change his name would just be icing on the cake.

(And it might even get you another S&L T-shirt.)

You may post the results of your endeavors here. Or, if you would prefer, email them to me via S&L’s contact form.

But, unlike some newspapers, please do be careful to only post factual material that can be independently substantiated.

Thank you, and may the best man or woman win!

(Contest void where prohibited by law.)

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One Response to “Sweetness & Light Contest – Who’s Jose Lambiet?”

  1. jlam says:

    How can I see the 11 responses? Very interested in the results.

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