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Sweetness & Light – Now We Are Four

Longtime readers may perhaps recall that Sweetness & Light began operation on this day, August 15, 2005.

As it turns out, a recent article noted that more websites were launched in 2005 than any other year in history.

And yet in the four ensuing years, S&L has somehow emerged to become one of the most popular and influential sites on the internet.

Of course a large part of that is directly attributable to having luminaries such as Ann Coulter, Lucianne Goldberg, Thomas Lifson (of the great American Thinker), Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh promoting S&L over the years.

(It is simply amazing to us to be able to write out that previous sentence.)

But the people most responsible for S&L’s success are you who regularly read the site. You who post comments and news items. You who pass along news tips.

Thank you all very much.

And happy birthday to us all!

This article was posted by Steve on Saturday, August 15th, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

37 Responses to “Sweetness & Light – Now We Are Four”

  1. BillK says:

    Congrats, Steve!

    Thanks for creating S&L, without which many of us would have no home and no ability to report the horrifically biased BS that passes for “news” every day.

  2. ThreeBus says:

    Happy Birthday S&L!

  3. grits says:

    Many congratulations!

  4. Congrats Steve.. You and others here seem to find things that only a team of highly trained investigative journalists would in decades past. Thanks for having such a community.

  5. Javert says:

    Here is to many more.

  6. sheehanjihad says:

    as evidenced by the name I started with…I have been here since the site’s inception back in the days when open dissent was considered patriotic by the left…as a way to explain away the professional protesters, the grifters, the anarchists and the crowds of openly hostile liberal screamers who did everything possible to disrupt the previous administration’s efforts to govern, and now people simply know me as “SJ”…..a charter member of the “angry un American mob” that just wants answers to questions that have no answer…and famous for run on sentences as well.

    Sweetness and Light is one of the few sites one can turn to for something that is lacking in today’s media scene: the truth. It is like an oasis in a veritable den if inequity, of leftist propaganda, seemingly alone in a sea of mistruths, outright lies, and a concerted and well funded effort by the democrat machine to rebuild this country into it’s own vision of utopian socialism. Because of sites like S&L, they are failing. They are reaping the harvest of open discontent that they enjoyed for so many years, and lamenting that the conservative base is using the tactics that they themselves taught us all….and then proceeded to proclaim disruptive, loud, and direct questioning of governmental authority as the purest form of “patriotism”.

    The shoe is on the other foot, and that foot resides in the mouths of almost every incumbent politician simply because they cannot openly lie anymore, they arent safely covered by a horribly biased media, and they are being called on every statement they make. It’s called “accountability”, and that is something that almost every politician was assured they would be immune from. They arent. Because of people like YOU!

    I remember fondly making fun of Cindy Sheehan, mainly because she was a fringe lunatic artificially propped up by a bored media who needed something, anything to put on the air every evening, and the snag was the perfect shill. She began to believe their hype, and suffered the fate of so many in similar situations when their 15 minutes of fame run out. The “media” will groom any useful idiot for as long as it sells air time…but once they move on to the next “breaking news crisis”, the useful idiot will be left pondering her future with her tens of followers…such as the fate of that leather faced laconic lunatic who thought she counted. She was fun.

    Now, it simply isnt funny anymore. Because of S&L and the posters who speak the truth, expose the lies, and shred the foolish occasional troll, there is a kind of beacon for those who seek to know what is really happening. We all owe a debt of gratitude to Steve Gilbert..(DB) who has worked tirelessly at the helm to keep this venue open and offer the rest of the country, even the world for that matter, something that is literally non existent in our current Administration: The TRUTH.

    Yeah, this was way too long a post, but I dont get to be on here much anymore, and my sense of humor has diminished due to the stark reality of the dangers presented by our current lack of governing… but it needed to be said. Those of us who were here “way back when” can admire the efforts of a select few to keep America the country it was meant to be. Those who choose to blindly follow a party line continue to do so at their peril. I am pleased to see the palpable fear from Washington….the fabled “Sleeping Giant” is stirring….and I firmly believe that those who have caused this debacle will be taken to task for choosing position and power over the people who elected them. Those same people will replace them. And they know it.

    Politicians cannot serve two masters….and their real masters have returned to the house that belongs to them…not the politicians who have been pretending for years that that house is theirs. I will watch with glee as they are taken down, one by one by the process that the democrats have learned to subvert so expertly….the Elections. Conservatives will turn out in record numbers to offset the votes of the dead, the bussed in activists, the illegals, the multiple voters, the purchased voters….all will be for naught because millions of true Americans will offset that fraudulent effort….it’s gonna be fun.

    So congratulations Steve Gilbert. You have done what so many have been unable to do: expose those who’s lives are dedicated to a “world order”, and allow those of us who still believe in America a voice that would otherwise go unheeded. Yeah, the post is long, but since I dont post much anymore, I thought I would inject as much as possible. All of you. I am proud to be a part of America that the left has hoped would never rise again. It is…and you are responsible. Now, I have to go flag myself for this obvious un-America and “fishy” post. Then sit with the 590A1 and smile.

  7. rocketman says:

    Happy Birthday S&L. I remember back in ’05 when I surfed upon the site for the first time. I said to myself “Self, this is a site you need to bookmark”. Been with ya all the way Steve.

  8. Liberals Demise says:

    I found this site quite by accident and have found a home where I can rest my weary heart. I believe it was October of last year and I’m a better man for it. I have found new friends and have even shared a smile with this community called “Sweetness and Light.”
    Thanks Steve for being that beacon of light in a otherwise dark, dark tunnel of liberalism. I also want to thank all of the contributors to our little ‘think tank’. For it is you that brings the “LIGHT” to all the “SWEETNESS”.
    Happy Birthday!!

    Semper Fidelis!

  9. RightWinger says:

    Double congrats Steve! I check out a lot of blogs, but this the first one I visit almost every day I’m on the internet. I know I’ll learn more truth here in one day than a year of MSM propoganda spit in my face.

  10. BigOil says:

    S&L is the first blog I ever read – and continues to be my favorite stop each day.

    Steve is a great example of the influence a single person can have in our country. Something we should all keep in mind as the battle for our liberty quickly reaches a tipping point.

  11. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    SJ, no need for apologies on your posts. I enjoy them along with everyone else’s to include the occasional trolls who slip through the cracks and give us their lame, but humorous asinine remarks. I too only found this site by accident and liked what I saw. I don’t know how I could get through the week with this present administration without reading the posts from you, LD, PR, Catie, Caliegirl, Petronius, Bronze Professor, Neocon Mom, and the others. You guys and gals make it the highlight of my morning after I come off from working the night shift. I read this site first before I go to Drudge, or Townhall. Great Site. Keep up the great work S.G.

  12. proreason says:

    Congrats Steve.

    To the everlasting chagrin of the Statists, free speech lives.

    For now.

  13. TwilightZoned says:

    Happy birthday to S & L and congrats, Steve!

    Another lost lamb who found the site by accident. I love the fact the articles posted keep me up to date, even two to three days ahead of FNC in some cases.

    Steve and the regulars here are the most intelligent group of individuals I have had the pleasure of blogging with and you all have my utmost respect and gratitude for helping maintain my sanity through logic and humor.

    • Helena says:

      “I love the fact the articles posted keep me up to date, even two to three days ahead of FNC in some cases.”

      You said it. I’m forever telling the TV talking heads “Where’ve you been? I read it days ago on S&L.”

  14. neocon mom says:

    I credit Rush Limbaugh to turning me on to S&L–I had heard him referring to it for some time, and after my first visit a few months ago, I was hooked.

    Steve Gilbert, you are a genius. You shine the light on incompetence, hypocrisy and lies presented by the left via the mainstream media through their OWN writings. Your own brief commentary is the soul of wit. Contrast this to the Soros funded “Media Matters” which prefers to provide lengthy “translation” of and commentary on Limbaugh and any other conservative talkers

    Steve, you make it look easy, which makes you one of the greats. Thanks for being a standard bearer of Conservatism in these troubled times.

  15. MinnesotaRush says:

    Ditto, ditto, ditto!!! Happy, happy birthday S&L!!! Many thanks to you, Steve for all that you do here!!!

    God bless!!!

  16. Helena says:

    Happy Birthday! S&L is such a relief from the noise of the day, like cool water in a desert – to sip is to be refreshed and strengthened to continue the journey. Many congrats, SG.

  17. OneMoreRound07 says:

    Happy birthday S&L!!

  18. Squito says:

    I’ve rarely posted here (probably less than ten times in total), but… THANK YOU so much for this site, Steve. At least every three days I come to this site, as well as American Thinker and Coulter’s, and as the others said, it’s absolutely wonderful to see the TRUTH and not the constant doublespeak from the media.

    I should thank O-uhhh-bama just once because I found this site accidentally while trying to do some research on him early on in the campaign. I’ve never seen a site as thought-provoking and satirical as this one. Living in a town where most people, especially around my age, couldn’t tell Sarah Palin from a SNL comedian and 75% seem to be government-moochers, I have to say this place provides a beam of hope (or sweetness and light) for one ever-pessimistic conservative girl.

    Keep up the good work, sir!

  19. Warmonger Infidel says:

    Wow……I may be wrong, but as I look through the names on the happy birthday list, I think only SJ and me were here back in 2005 talking about Cindy and her band of nuts. The site has really grown up since then.

    Happy Birthday S & L, to Steve and all the posters who have come and gone since then. It’s a birthday I share with the site, except mine is 60 years older!

  20. jobeth says:

    Let me join the others in saying thank you Steve for this site. And happy 4th Birthday to S&L!

    When things get so crazy out there and I want to crawl under a bed for safety, I can count on you and the rest of the posters to give me hope for balance. Just by knowing you all are around and are viewing an insane world with sanity is a strength to many of us out here.

    I have a horrible feeling with the new Czar in the Obalmy administration who will be controlling the medias, such as talk radio and conservative TV such as Fox, we are in for a hard time. Getting truth will be more important than ever in the future. We will NEED the great service you provide Steve. Again thanks! As Hannity would say…”You are a great American” As are the regulars here on the blog.

    May you and this blog and all its readers and contributors be around for many, many more years!

    Love you all!

  21. catie says:

    Happy Birthday S & L!

  22. Curmudgeon says:

    I came here through the link on Ann Coulter’s site, and well remember SJ’s rants on “the snag” from long ago. I am so very thankful for this site. Keep up the great work!

  23. texaspsue says:

    “And happy birthday to us all!”

    YeeHaw! Congratulations SG and Happy Birthday S&L. I have lots of favorites but, this is the best website, EVAH! Ya’ll are fine Human Beings and Great Americans. :-)

    [I also got here through a link at Ann Coulter’s website]

  24. stevierae54 says:

    I, too, don’t get here much anymore, but do occasionally lurk to see if sj and warmonger are still around. I am delighted to see that both gentlemen are still here!

    Can’t believe it’s been 4 years! SJ, I, too, miss your wickedly brilliant rants regarding “the snag!” Good times!

    Happy anniversary (or birthday) S & L! Congrats, Steve (who I still think of as DB.)

    Hi texaspsue and warmonger!

    Where are some of the oldtimers–wirenut, englishqueen, and others from those early days–are you still around?

  25. stevierae54 says:

    I, too, don’t get here much anymore, but do occasionally lurk to see if sj and warmonger are still around. I am delighted to see that both gentlemen are still here!

    Can’t believe it’s been 4 years! SJ, I, too, miss your wickedly brilliant rants regarding “the snag!” Good times!

    Happy anniversary (or birthday) S&L! Congrats, Steve (who I still think of as DB.)

    Hi texaspsue and warmonger!

    Where are some of the oldtimers–wirenut, englishqueen, and others from those early days–are you still around?

    • artboyusa says:

      HI Stevie – good to hear from you – and all the other oldtimers too! Four years – wow. Congratulations to Steve and to everyone for this site, which for me at least helps keep life worth clinging to…

  26. stevierae54 says:

    Sorry for duplicate post–can’t remember whether the edit function allows one to delete….

  27. Howard Roark says:

    Happy Birthday, S&L! Thanks, Steve, for your tireless work and dedication to the Truth. And a hearty thank-you to the many contributors here who foster a much-needed sense of camaraderie.

  28. dulcimergrl says:

    Happy Birthday S&L! I first found this site after Hurricane Katrina, when I smelled a rat with all the bogus coverage going on in NO. S&L was and is breath of fresh air and truth. Keep it up!

    And it’s good to see so many old-timers posting on this story…howdy y’all! :-)

  29. Kilmeny says:

    How I’ve enjoyed hanging around here; the informative posts, the lively opinions, the occasional silliness (Cindy, hon, I’m talkin’ about you). You deserve the kudos, Steve, can’t wait for the next four. Happy Birthday, S&L.

  30. Rusty Shackleford says:

    As one of the newest members here, congrats on four years, Steve. I had no idea I shared a significant birthday such as this. I turn 48 today. I hope I have 48 more.


    • dulcimergrl says:

      Happy Birthday, Rusty! I hope you live to be another 48 more too, but, as a fellow diabetic, you must know we need to be on the lookout lest we get our feet amputated when we least expect it! ;-)

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      “Somebody’s dad is wavin’ right there”

      I love that video….First time I saw it I fell out!

      Thanks for the b-day wishes…but of course, this is about Steve’s site and I personally am soooo glad it’s here. For a curmudgeon in training, like myself, I need all the help I can get….I will try not to sing on a Kia.

      And dulcimergirl, thanks. Ain’t nobody gittin’ these feets. Days mine. And…in good shape still. I’ve been lucky so far.

  31. Liberals Make Great Speedbumps says:

    Well late to the party as usual. Thanks for this great site Steve. I have to stop by at least once daily to try and keep my sanity during these trying times. S&L is my safe harbor in a raging sea of liberal insanity!

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