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Syrian Electronic Army Hacks NYT, Twitter, HuffPo

From the Wall Street Journal:

NYT, Twitter and HuffPo Attacked by Syrian Electronic Army

By Danny Yadron, Shira Ovide and William Launder | August 27, 2013

A pro-Syrian government group appeared to attack more than 10 websites, including Twitter, the New York Times and HuffingtonPost.com, said security researchers citing digital evidence.

The attacks by the Syrian Electronic Army, a group of hackers that supports Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, come as the U.S. is considering action against Syria. In the past, the group has taken action against media organizations and websites it believes are sympathetic to Syrian rebels.

Boy, is their intel bad. The New York Times and the HuffPo are only slightly less supportive of Bashar Assad (and his beautiful sophisticated wife) than Hillary Clinton Iran is.

The websites, including the Huffington Post’s U.K. website, appeared to be compromised Tuesday by the group, said a security researcher who had seen digital evidence. HuffingtonPost confirmed the attack and said there was a “minimal disruption of service.”

With them it’s hard to tell, anyway.

The hackers, meantime, repeatedly claimed they had taken over Twitter’s Internet address, though they appeared to be unsuccessful.

The social media site never appeared to lose service. (The hackers used their own Twitter account to claim they had hacked the social-media website.)

But for a brief time Tuesday evening, twitter.com, one of the most trafficked U.S. websites, at least appeared to be owned by a group called SEA, also the hacking group’s acronym. The website appeared to be registered to sea@sea.sy, according to a security researcher with knowledge of the digital evidence.

“Hi @Twitter, look at your domain, its owned by #SEA : ),” said a post on a Twitter account believed to be run by the Syrian Electronic Army.

The SEA didn’t respond to a request for comment…

The Wall Street Journal knows how to contact them?

A Times spokeswoman on Tuesday tweeted that, based on an initial assessment, the outage appeared to be the result of a “malicious external attack” that the company was working to address. It was unclear who was responsible for the attack, the spokeswoman said in an interview.

The Times is always the last to know.

The website was down for several hours. As of Tuesday night, the Times was publishing on a different Web address.

But this raises the question: won’t bombing Syria recruit more Muslim terrorists? Isn’t that why we have to close Gitmo, at least according to Mr. Obama?

Still, we wish this situation was more clear-cut, like Kosovo and Bosnia were. At least then we knew we were helping Muslims kill Christians.

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