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Taliban Call Reconciliation Offer ‘Lunatic’

From those defenders of the faith at Reuters:

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, left, and Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai, right, are seen at the start of a meeting at the Afghanistan Conference in The Hague, Netherlands, Tuesday March 31, 2009.

U.S. reconciliation offer "lunatic": Taliban spokesman

By Sayed Salahuddin

KABUL (Reuters) – Taliban insurgents reject a U.S. offer of "honorable reconciliation," a top spokesman said on Wednesday, calling it a "lunatic idea" and saying the only way to end the war was to withdraw foreign troops

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told an international conference on Afghanistan on Tuesday that those members of the Taliban who abandoned extremism must be granted an "honorable form of reconciliation."

"This matter was also raised in the past," said Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid, referring to comments last month by Obama, who spoke of reaching out to moderate Taliban.

"They have to go and find the moderate Taliban, their leader and speak to them. This is a lunatic idea," Mujahid said by telephone from an unknown location.

Mujahid is one of two spokesman authorized to speak for the Taliban leadership council, headed by Mullah Mohammad Omar.

The 21,000 extra U.S. troops ordered by Obama to join the 70,000 foreign soldiers now fighting insurgents in Afghanistan showed the United States wanted the war to continue, Mujahid said, and the Taliban would keep fighting till they left.

"There is no other way. We want our freedom and respect for our independence," Mujahid said…

When the Taliban calls your idea crazy, maybe it’s time to reconsider them.

Even if (or maybe, especially if) your name is Mrs. Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton.

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24 Responses to “Taliban Call Reconciliation Offer ‘Lunatic’”

  1. Somebody put that woman in a Burka!

    or equip her for a personal visit to Taliban leadership?

  2. Liberals Demise says:

    Last week she insults Christians.
    This week she insults our terrorist enemies. Even the Taliban know there are no “moderate” Taliban.
    Reach a hand out to the moderate Taliban…………Obama……you need to wear a Burka along with the Hildabeast!!
    Come to think of it….I’m offended because dinglebarry wants to reach a hand out to EXTREMIST!! How goofy is that?

  3. proreason says:

    Funny, but somehow in the last 70 days, the Terrorists are beginning to make sense.

    At the very least, they seem to have a better understanding than most Americans of The Moron’s administration.

  4. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Oh..well….now that the TALIBAN calls her crazy…they’re just messing with us.

    Dear Hillary,

    When BOTH sides think you’re crazy, you might have that looked into.

    And after all that kow-towing and apologetic genuflecting to the radical Muslims…and they STILL just won’t play nice.

    My “surprise-o-meter” failed to register anything on this.

    Guess Barry better make a better video next time.

  5. beautyofreason says:

    There are no moderate Taliban. It’s embarrassing when our politically correct leaders need MULTIPLE corrections from our enemies – and Obama still doesn’t get it.

    I’d so as far as to say that “moderate Muslims” in Afghanistan are largely an illusion, period. Yesterday for example, that so-called moderate President Karzai signed off on a law that bans women from leaving the house or seeking medical care without permission from a husband, gives sole child custody to fathers or grandfathers, legalizes child marriage, and legalizes rape within marriage. So worst case scenario, it would now be legal in Afghanistan for an old man to marry a preteen girl, rape her, beat her, deny her medical treatment, and then claim she had an “accident” if she died from the beating.

    I wonder when Hillary will mention this new Afghan law in a country we give billions to support? After all, she made that whole stint about being a feminist during her campaign.

    There are no moderate Taliban and the values of the government of Aghanistan are wanting, to say the least. Just goes to show that Hillary and the new administration don’t understand a thing about our enemies – or our allies. I doubt her groupies on the left give a crap about the treatment of women or Christians in Islamic countries, either.

    • proreason says:

      They are from the world as it was 1,000 years ago, where the feudal lords owned the serfs and deviation from their whims was cause for instant death.

      And Islam is the same way.

      But that’s not the problem.

      George Bush, and people who think like he does, are the problem

  6. dulcimergrl says:

    I’m sure we’re all glad that “cowboy” is out of office so the world will like and respect us again!

    • U NO HOO says:

      Yeah, good thing Bush is gone or he would be escalating Afghanistan.

      Like if Goldwater was elected we wouldn’t get out of Viet Nam for ten years and we’d be bombing the north and Cambodia and Laos or wherever.

  7. U NO HOO says:

    Forget Obama Ben Laden, get out of Afghanistan and double check jet planes around tall buildings and over DC.

    Searching the hills and purported caves of Afghanistan and Pakistan, or wherever, is a quagmire.

    That’s all.

  8. caligirl9 says:

    I would like to blame Hillary’s nuttiness on perimenopause/menopause, but she’s long past that time.
    Therefore, it’s just plain nuttiness and a lack of understanding any sort of reality.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      caligirl9……….Frau Hildabeast is just too smart fer her britches.
      A regular Cliff Claven from “Cheers”.

  9. Enthalpy says:

    Your points get right to it! The idea that words spoken by members of the Taliban have meaning is lost on our brain trust member, Mrs. Clinton. Zabihullah Mujahid suggested that Mrs. Clinton’s “lunatic idea” of an “honorable form of reconciliation” was rejected in favor of the withdrawal of foreign troops as the solution. Mujahid said, “They have to go and find the moderate Taliban, their leader and speak to them.” Mrs. Clinton’s quest for the moderate Taliban will no doubt take her to the partially pregnant woman where they can discuss reproductive rights as well. Sheesh.

  10. Yarddog1 says:

    All of these complete idiots need to watch a couple of beheadings to see how “moderate” these barbarians really are. I have seen them. The guys holding the victims down and the guy doing the hacking do not appear to be very compassionate or understanding.

  11. Reality Bytes says:

    “the only way to end the war was to withdraw foreign troops”


    Just a thought.

    Seriously, I don’t understand the premise of this story. Petraeus’ plan isn’t to negotiate with the insurgents. It is the same as the Iraqi solution. Drive a wedge with security between those pricks and the rank and file they live among. How many times throughout history does this have to be proven right before politicans understand it? Forget I mentioned it. If they don’t understand the benefits of tax cuts, how can we expect them to get this?

  12. caligirl9 says:

    So if there are “moderate” Taliban that must mean there were “moderate” Nazis, right? “Moderate” KKK?

    I know there was an article posted her that offered a definition of a “moderate” Taliban according to some goofball in TOTUS’ circle… the concept is still a crock ‘o crap.

  13. MinnesotaRush says:

    “They have to go and find the moderate Taliban, their leader and speak to them. This is a lunatic idea,” Mujahid said by telephone from an unknown location.”

    Memo from George Bush and Richard (Dick) Cheney to o-blah-blah and ‘team’.

    We told you that there are NO moderate Taliban .. or terrorists. Try to get it.

  14. jobeth says:

    “Taliban call reconciliation offer “lunatic”: ”

    Yikes! I just realized the Taliban and I agree on something!

    Quick!…The end is near!!! Run for your lives!

  15. Warmonger Infidel says:

    Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid is right…..she is a lunatic……actually a criminal lunatic. Never thought I would agree with one of these murdering islamic terrorists (yes i recognize “islamic terrorist” is redundant).

  16. GL0120 says:

    TCO and Hillary are working on a comedy act, right?
    I mean seriously folks, the Taliban locked young girls in a school, set it on fire, and refused to allow anyone to rescue them.
    Their crime – females are not permitted to get an education under Taliban rule.
    And we have officials of our government seeking a moderate faction of the Taliban?
    What would that be, a group that would have only given the girls third degree burns instead of burning them alive?

    • caligirl9 says:

      Maybe they’d give them pain medication or a meal?
      Sorry for the flippant attitude, but there ain’t no moderate Taliban. They are what they are. the “moderate” ones have no doubt been weeded out.
      Plus, I don’t imagine the Taliban are in any sort of mood to negotiate shite with Hillary Clinton. If they disrespect and kill their own sisters, wives, mothers and daughters, why would anyone think they’d respect a word of what comes out of the Hildebeast’s mouth

    • jobeth says:

      “If they disrespect and kill their own sisters, wives, mothers and daughters, why would anyone think they’d respect a word of what comes out of the Hildebeast’s mouth”

      Can you just imagine that meeting?

      What does she think would happen to her, when he asks her to “come into my meeting room…Oh you needn’t to bring anyone with you”

      Anyone who would treat their own women like they do would just bristle at the very thought of a “talk” with HER.

      Gads! She too arrogant and pushy even for US.

      Hey! maybe…..just maybe….naw…I can’t wish that even on her! LOL

  17. Reality Bytes says:

    SG – we’re dealing with symantics. Either that or Obama is confused about the Petraues’ plan announced while Bush was still in office wherein the Iraqi solution was to be employed vis-a-vis dividing the rank & file population from the terrorists by ramping up security, restablishing necessities & standing up local governance. It worked there as well as Germany, Japan and everywhere else where we kicked the piss out of the bad guys.

    Then again, with Obama’s bowing and scraping before the king of Saudia Arabia, maybe the new plan is to guarantee the terrorists security instead.

  18. Reality Bytes says:

    Caution Graphic Violence: Ah, the good ol’ days when the grown ups ran things.




    And this one is why we’re there – so we won’t have to go back:


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