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Taliban Hiring Kids To Be Suicide Bombers

From the Washington Times:

Taliban buying children for suicide bombers

Sara A. Carter

July 2, 2009

Pakistan’s top Taliban leader, Baitullah Mehsud, is buying children as young as 7 to serve as suicide bombers in the growing spate of attacks against Pakistani, Afghan and U.S. targets, U.S. Defense Department and Pakistani officials say.

A Pakistani official, who spoke on the condition that he not be named because of the sensitive nature of the topic, said the going price for child bombers was $7,000 to $14,000 – huge sums in Pakistan, where per-capita income is about $2,600 a year.

"[Mehsud] has turned suicide bombing into a production output, not unlike [the way] Toyota outputs cars," a U.S. Defense Department official told reporters recently. He spoke on the condition that he not be named because of ongoing intelligence efforts to catch Mehsud, a prime target for a U.S. and Pakistani anti-Taliban campaign…

Suicide bombings have become frequent in Pakistan in the past year, including high-profile attacks on hotels frequented by Westerners, as well as on Pakistani police and military installations. There has also been a spate of such attacks directed at U.S.-led forces in Afghanistan.

The U.S. official said the price depends on how quickly the bomber is needed and how close the child is expected to get to the target.

"[Mehsud] produces these suicide bombers, which are sold or bartered, which can be used by [Afghan Taliban leader Mullah] Omar’s Taliban or … other groups," the U.S. official said.

In some cases, he said, the children are kidnapped and then sold to Mehsud.

Using child suicide bombers "is the grim reality of the Taliban Frankenstein that now threatens to overwhelm the Pakistani state," said Bruce Riedel, a Brookings Institution scholar who chaired a review of Pakistan-Afghanistan strategy for President Obama.

Efforts to reach a spokesman for Mehsud were not successful…

In other conflicts, such as that between Israel and the Palestinians, suicide bombers are generally older, at least in their late teens or early 20s.

Suicide attacks mounted by Mehsud have killed prominent officials and politicians, including former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, and hundreds of civilians…

It looks like the Taliban has their own version of a jobs stimulus package.

Still, this is news that you just won’t see from those champions of the faith in our watchdog media.

Indeed, note this sentence:

"[Mehsud] has turned suicide bombing into a production output, not unlike [the way] Toyota outputs cars," a U.S. Defense Department official told reporters recently.

Notice that this Defense Department official spoke to more than one reporter.

So why is it only the Washington Times reported this?

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7 Responses to “Taliban Hiring Kids To Be Suicide Bombers”

  1. tranquil.night says:

    “[Mehsud] has turned suicide bombing into a production output, not unlike [the way] Toyota outputs cars,


    The Taliban have a leg up on curbing health care costs as well. Now that’s preventative care. Or would you call this a 40th trimester abortion?

    • jobeth says:

      “Or would you call this a 40th trimester abortion?”

      LOL…Actually I’m all for that for the Taliban themselves! And I’m normally against abortion…but I’ll make an exception in this case.

  2. jobeth says:

    Oh, come on….All Obalmy has to do is to sit down and talk to ’em. They’ll stop then.

    That IS what he said should be done isn’t it?

    (MAJOR sarc)

    How much do you want to bet that there will be a lot of little girls in this bunch. Ol’ dad, can make a “killing” (pun intended) and lose a mouth to feed all in one go.

    And the little boys? If they aren’t strong and perfect in body, what a glorius way to serve “Alla” and make daddy rich at the same time.

    What a deal! (sarc)

  3. Howard Roark says:

    Whether it’s Palestinians using pre-pubescent boys to hide behind while they pelt the Israeli police and soldiers, or the many Arab boys used as winning lottery tickets by mothers who are so proud to send their offspring off to jihad (as they gleefully accept payoff checks from the sponsors), we can all see why the Middle East is the backwater stone age cauldron of evil that it is.

  4. Dangerous says:

    Sick and twisted. These people are sub-human.

    Here’s a thought; someone should write The One a cheque for his two little ones on behalf of the Taliban. One of two things will happen:

    1 – We have yet another demonstration of how he doesn’t care about anyone outside his family.
    2 – He finally gets some profit off his two little “punish[ments]” and we get confirmation he doesn’t even care about the people inside his family either. Oh wait, wasn’t there a brother in Kenya living on a dollar a day, and an aunt living in public housing…

  5. Liberals Demise says:

    They saw a way to do as California………..pay off in I.O.U.’s!!

  6. GL0120 says:

    I am truly surprised that TCO has not praised the Taliban for their efforts to lower the cost of health care, check population growth, raise the standard of living for poor families, and lower the unemployment rate.
    After all, these are the same goals that he proclaims as his own.
    Perhaps this is the real purpose behind his efforts to create his own volunteer corp?

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