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Taliban Kept Afghan Women From Voting

From those champions of women everywhere, the Associated Press:

Afghan women voters line up to cast their ballots at a polling station in Kabul Thursday Aug. 20, 2009.

Afghan elections seen as a setback for women

By Nahal Toosi And Noor Khan, Associated Press Writer Mon Aug 24

KABUL – For women, Afghanistan’s recent elections appear to have been more of a setback than a step forward.

Early reports strongly suggest that voter turnout fell more sharply for women than for men in Thursday’s polls. Election observers blame Taliban attacks, a dearth of female election workers and hundreds of closed women’s voting sites.

Some worry the result could be a new government that pays even less attention to women’s concerns in a country where cultural conservatism already restricts female participation in public life.

Amid Taliban threats, both women and men appear to have voted in lower numbers than in previous elections. One election official estimated overall turnout at 40-50 percent, down from 70 percent in the last presidential election in 2004.

Women voters, however, faced additional obstacles, observers said.

At least 650 polling stations for women did not open, according to the Free and Fair Elections Foundation of Afghanistan, the country’s top independent vote monitoring group. In the southern province of Uruzgan, only 6 of 36 women’s polling stations opened, the group said.

That was partly because authorities couldn’t find enough female staffers.

In some areas, "there were women who came to polling stations, and found no women workers there and went away. They didn’t cast their votes," said Nader Nadery, the head of the group…

Afghan women have made great advances since a U.S.-led invasion ousted the Taliban government in 2001. Under the Taliban, women were banned from school and could not leave their homes without a male relative. Today, millions of girls are getting an education, while some women hold elected office.

But as the Taliban have re-emerged, especially in the nation’s south and east, women have again become favorite targets. Female government officials regularly report receiving threats to their safety. Some women leaders, including a prominent policewoman, have been assassinated.

At the same time, the government has taken steps deemed anti-woman, most notably passing a law that appeared to legalize marital rape. After an international outcry, the law was revised, though activists say the new version still has problems…

Was it the elections that were a setback for women, or the threats from the Taliban? Or, perhaps, Sharia Law?

Or Mr. Karzai’s unfortunate tendency to kowtow to both.

You could be excused for being confused if you only read the headline and glanced at the article.

Once again we must observe that the Taliban could have given the Democrat’s own terrorist group, the KKK, some lessons in voter intimidation.

Or even the DNC’s New Black Panthers.

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2 Responses to “Taliban Kept Afghan Women From Voting”

  1. beautyofreason says:

    “That was partly because authorities couldn’t find enough female staffers. ”

    I’m not surprised. A new provision to their shariah law bans women from leaving the house without the permission of a husband. It also gives sole child custody to fathers and allows child marriage, as well as mandatory sex every four days – for all Shi’ite wives. When females came out to protest this bill they were met by a crowd of male and female Muslim zealots who pelted the protesters with stones and screamed that the dissenters were “slaves of the Christians.” The women in favor of the rape laws wore full burqas and shouted that Islam protects women’s rights. Uh huh. Stockholm.

    Why didn’t we write the constitution of Afghanistan, instead of allowing it to become a shariah law cesspit? Maybe the country is too backwards to change.

  2. canary says:

    It also gives sole child custody to fathers and allows child marriage, as well as mandatory sex every four days – for all Shi’ite wives.

    This is the exact practice of Obama’s male ancestors in Kenya. Use cows to buy young virgins, hunt them down and rape them. Such proud African Americans.

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