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Taliban Kill 50, Despite Musharraf Ouster

From a shocked Associated Press:

Pakistani police gather around the body of a blast victim in Wah. Two suicide bombers killed 57 people when they blew themselves up outside Pakistan’s main military arms factory.

Suicide bombing at Pakistan arms factory kills 50

By MUNIR AHMAD, Associated Press Writer

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan – Twin suicide bombings at a massive weapons factory near Pakistan’s capital killed at least 50 people Thursday, dashing hopes for an end to turmoil following Pervez Musharraf’s ouster as president.

The ruling coalition government, made up of traditional rivals who were united primarily in their determination to force Musharraf from office, meanwhile appeared veering toward collapse.

The two main parties have been unable to bridge key differences, like whether judges fired by the one-time military ruler should be quickly reinstated and who should succeed him as president…

The Taliban claimed responsibility for Thursday’s blasts at the government arms factory 20 miles west of Islamabad, which occurred as workers were heading home.

Maulvi Umar, a spokesman for Pakistani Taliban groups, told The Associated Press the attacks were in revenge for military airstrikes in Bajur, a militant stronghold near the Afghan border.

Similar bombings would be carried out in other major cities, including Islamabad, unless the operations were halted, he said…

This really is a shock — at least to our media.

Giving the terrorists exactly what they want has always stop them from killing more people in the past, hasn’t it?

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