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Taliban Launch Summer Offensive In Afghanistan

From BBC News:

Afghanistan attacks mark Taliban’s summer offensive

12 May 2014

Kabul’s international airport came under attack on Monday as the Taliban announced the start of their annual summer offensive. Two rockets hit the airport but did not cause any casualties. There were also attacks on the US airbase in Bagram, at a courthouse in Jalalabad in the east and elsewhere.

Afghanistan is in transition, with a new president to be elected next month and foreign forces due to leave by the end of 2014.

If the Taliban allow elections to be held.

The BBC’s David Loyn in Kabul says the offensive has begun now the poppy harvest is in and the Taliban can recruit fighters more easily.

These devout Muslims have such high morals.

The Taliban offensive began with attacks before dawn on Monday first on the huge Bagram airbase north of the capital. One rocket fell outside the base, and three others were launched, but did not cause any damage. Two rockets were then launched at Kabul airport, but did not cause any casualties and the airport remains open. Gunmen then moved into a complex of government buildings, including a court, in the eastern city of Jalalabad, after a suicide attacker blew open the gates.

The International Crisis Group report found that last year was one of the most violent since 2001, and that as international troops withdrew, Afghan forces suffered their worst casualties since the conflict began. "For the first time, the insurgents inflicted almost as many casualties on Afghan security forces as they suffered themselves in 2013." …

This is what success looks like for Obama. And this is a war he used to say we had to win.

The attacks come as a think tank, the International Crisis Group (ICG), issued a stark warning that without more funding for Afghan forces, the Taliban might make big gains after the departure of international troops.

Translation: Karzai and his cronies want to pad their Swiss bank accounts even more before turning the country over to the Taliban.

The ICG said that while the Taliban are unlikely to retake major cities, the balance of power in rural areas is on a knife edge.

Taliban leaders said last week that the offensive, which will be the last before Nato combat troops withdraw from Afghanistan, would cleanse "the filth of the infidels" from the country…

Gee, that sounds like hate speech. It also sounds like Boko Haram. But we don’t fight Muslim terrorists anymore. We negotiate with them. As Joe Biden says, the Taliban are not even our enemy.

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One Response to “Taliban Launch Summer Offensive In Afghanistan”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    The day the US Military finally gets a chance to fight with the gloves off it will probably be directed at us.

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