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Taliban End All Music On Pakistan Buses

From those defenders of the faith at the Associated Press:

In this picture released exclusively to Reuters on January 17, 2009, Taliban militants are seen with their weapons in an undisclosed location in Afghanistan January 16, 2009.

Taliban demands end to music on Pakistan buses

By RIAZ KHAN, Associated Press Writer

PESHAWAR, Pakistan – Bus drivers in northwest Pakistan have begun removing audio and video equipment from their vehicles after Taliban militants threatened suicide attacks against those who played music or movies for their passengers, an industry official said Tuesday.

Transport workers in Mardan town received letters this week from militants saying that buses offering such entertainment were guilty of spreading "vulgarity and obscenity," Walid Mir, general secretary of the town’s transport union, told The Associated Press.

The militants said they would check the buses and that suicide attacks would be carried out against vehicles that still had audio and video equipment — prompting union members to act quickly, Mir said.

The Taliban letter complained that traveling in buses that provide audiovisual entertainment was a "source of mental agony for pious people," according to a text obtained by AP.

"It is obligatory on us to stop such violations. We request you to remove the vulgar systems … otherwise suicide bombers are ready," the letter said.

Mardan lies in the Northwest Frontier Province just outside Pakistan’s volatile tribal belt where extremists among the Taliban, al-Qaida and local groups are waging a violent campaign against authorities in a bid to impose their strict interpretation of Islam…

"Certainly, we can look into it if we receive a complaint," Mardan police chief Syed Akhtar Ali Shah said.

Mir said the transport companies had no plans to make a report.

"We did not report it to police because it is a matter of human lives. What can the police can do? It involves the lives of hundreds of passengers, and we do not want to put them in danger," Mir said.

How soon before the Taliban are calling all of the shots in Pakistan?

Including the nuclear ones?

Remember, Mr. Obama vowed to invade Pakistan if there was any danger of their nuclear weapons falling into the hands of terrorists.

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5 Responses to “Taliban End All Music On Pakistan Buses”

  1. beautyofreason says:

    So bus companies are simply bowing down to the Taliban and the Pakistani police are accepting it ?

    Shame. I didn’t realize that the populace was so willing to bow down to these thugs’ demands. Evil spreads.

  2. oldswimcoach says:

    Finally the Taliban and I are in agreement! Whenever I watch network TV or hear Rap music I want to blow myself up too!

    • caligirl9 says:

      LOL oldswimcoach, I have got to agree with you there, but please add pop music in the ilk of Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna and Beyonce, etc. to the list of blow-up worthy “music.”

      Love the handle! I used to coach swimming too, but at the summer recreation level. It’s how I gave back to my community.

  3. So music and entertainment are a source of greater agony than death, bloody/fleshy ripped shards of metal, and hundreds of mounring family members? I’m becoming more and more convinced that our side would not only be doing the world a favor…but we would actually be doing a favor to those who follow this abhorrent religion by sending leaflets over Mecca warning all those who cherish life to leave…then eradicate the source of this ‘mental agony’ once and for all in a glowing ball of beautiful white light.

    Eliminate the source that causes people to believe death in a fireball is preferable to listening to music on a bus ride through the country.

  4. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    The taliban is only angry because the buses haven’t been showing their favorite movies as of late, i.e. Khalid Does Khandahar, Kabul Durham, I was A Teenage Martyr,…

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