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Taliban Set New Hostage Deadline – Yet Again

From their comrades in arms at Reuters:

Taliban set new hostage deadline

KABUL (Reuters) – Taliban leaders set 0730 GMT (3:30 a.m. EST) on Monday as the last deadline for the Korean hostages, a rebel spokesman said on Sunday, and said the group will start killing the captives if Taliban prisoners were not freed by then.

“Since the talks between us, the Kabul administration and Korean government have reached deadlock and they are not honest … so, we will start killing the hostages if they do not start releasing our prisoners by tomorrow at 12 o’clock,” Qari Mohammad Yousuf said.

Gee, this is almost a pattern with these terrorist thugs.

And yet Mr. Karzai claims their actions are un-Islamic. Which is hard to believe, since kidnapping and killing infidels is spelled out in the Koran.

Still, it gives our watchdog media an opportunity to show endless pictures of crying relatives:







The South Koreans must pull out of Afghanistan. Indeed, all of the foreign forces must withdraw.

These people are suffering.

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